Hedgehog - A younger brother for BOAR

BOAR - An Advanced DSP/FPGA Emulation System

The People

In Charge:
Jouni Isoaho (no longer at TUT)
Pasi 'Albert' Ojala (no longer at TUT)
Henrik 'Leopold' Herranen(no longer at TUT)
Vesa Köppä (no longer at TUT)
Jarkko Oksala (no longer at TUT)
Xilinx & DSP programming and testing:
Harri Hakkarainen (no longer at TUT)

BOAR Intro

Pictures of BOAR: Both 1, Both 2, Plugged in, Debugging

The source code is available for private non-profit use: boar.zip .

User's Manuals

Programmer's Manuals

Other Manuals

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