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Operating System Software Installation

BOAR operating system installation proceeds in two parts:

  1. EPROM programming
  2. Software uploading into EEPROM

EPROM Programming

The BOAR operating system software which is installed into the EPROM comes in one file called exec, which is in a.out format. The corresponding raw data file is called exec.raw. Because BOAR uses two 8-bit EPROM chips, this data is split into two files called exec.even and exec.odd. These files contain the more significant and less significant bytes, respectively. Because of the big-endian architecture, more significant word halves reside in even addresses, but connect to the top halve of the databus.

Preparing the EEPROM

The code in the EPROM chip contains a Flash EEPROM filesystem, a device called ROM:. Initially it contains nothing and must be formatted before you can install software on it. Use the format command in the shell to format the rom-disk.

A number of programs are included in the EPROM:

Uploading the Software

A number of programs should be uploaded to the ROM-disk.
An example rom:s/shell-startup
set TIMEZONE +0300
set term vt100
alias cp copy
alias mv rename
alias df info
alias dir "ls -lg"
alias l ls
alias cat type
alias more type
assign c: rom:c
assign s: rom:s
c:dates set0
path rom:xil rom:fortune rom:c
cd ram: