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A Babylon 5 -inspired poem

A genuine treasure for me
a loved one of my own would be.
By giving a hug and comforting,
when I am feeling sad,
she cheers me up again by saying:
It can not be that bad.
- Pasi Ojala 19.11.1997


"To get a life you have to lose a life."
- Pasi Ojala 19.11.1997

"Life is inevitable."
- Pasi Ojala 13.8.1998

"Heart over mind -- I can't touch unless I mean it."
- Pasi Ojala 1999

"The truth gives you a great high, but
it can also cause a temporary hangover."
- Pasi Ojala 23.5.2000

"Half a day in half a year,
Short bright moments in the darkness
Making it ever darker.
Before the sun rises again."
- Pasi Ojala 4.4.2002

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