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Season 1

"Encounter At Farpoint"

"And now a personal request, sir. Permission to clean up the bridge ?"

	-- Worf about Q in ST:TNG "Encounter At Farpoint"
"I am a Klingon, sir. For me to seek escape while my captain goes into battle--"
"You are a Starfleet officer, Lieutenant."
"Aye, sir."
	-- Worf and Picard in ST:TNG "Encounter At Farpoint"
"Commander, signal the following in all languages and in all frequencies: 'We surrender.'"
	-- Picard to Lt.Cmdr Troi in ST:TNG "Encounter At Farpoint"
"The prisoners will not be harmed, .. until they are found guilty."
	-- Q in ST:TNG "Encounter At Farpoint"
"Have you got some reason you want my atoms scattered all over space, boy?"
	-- Admiral ["McCoy"] to Data in ST:TNG "Encounter At Farpoint"
"Hold it right there, boy!"
"Sir ?"
"What about my age ?"
"Sorry, sir. If that subject troubles you--"
"Troubles me ? What's so damned troublesome about not having died ?"
	-- Admiral ["McCoy"] and Data in ST:TNG "Encounter At Farpoint"
"I don't see no points in your ears, boy. But you sound like a Vulcan."
"No, sir. I am an android."
"Almost as bad."
	-- Admiral ["McCoy"] and Data in ST:TNG "Encounter At Farpoint"
"I thought it was generally accepted, sir, that Vulcans are an advanced and most honorable race."
"They are, they are. Damned annoying at times."
	-- Data and Admiral ["McCoy"] in ST:TNG "Encounter At Farpoint"
"Well, This is a new ship, but she's got the right name. Now you remember that, you hear?"
"I will, sir."
"You treat her like a lady, and she'll always bring you home."
	-- Admiral ["McCoy"] and Data in ST:TNG "Encounter At Farpoint"
"Lieutenant. Do you intend to blast a hole in the viewer?"
	-- Picard to Worf in ST:TNG "Encounter At Farpoint"
"We do exactly what we'd do if this Q never existed. We're going to be damned. Let's be damned for what we really are."
	-- Picard in ST:TNG "Encounter At Farpoint"
"I am superior, sir, in many ways. But I would gladly give it up, to be human."
"Nice to meet you, Pinocchio."
	-- Data and Riker in ST:TNG "Encounter At Farpoint"
"Just hoping this isn't the usual way our missions will go, sir."
"Oh no, Number One, I'm sure most will be much more interesting. Let's see what's out there. Engage."
	-- Riker and Picard in ST:TNG "Encounter At Farpoint"

"The Naked Now"

"Well, hello, Enterprise, welcome. I hope you have a lot of pretty boys on board, because I'm willing, and waiting. In fact, we're going to have a real blowout here."

	-- Tsiolkovsky Crewmember in ST:TNG "The Naked Now"
"Indications of what humans would call, 'A wild party'?"
	-- Data to Riker in ST:TNG "The Naked Now"
"You were right, someone blew out the hatch. They were all sucked out into space."
"Correction, sir. That's, 'Blown out'."
"Thank you, Data."
"A common mistake, sir."
	-- Riker and Data in ST:TNG "The Naked Now"
"If you were any more perfect, Data, I'd have to write you up in a Starfleet medical textbook."
"I am already listed in several bio-mechanical texts, Doctor."
"Yes, of course."
	-- Beverly and Data in ST:TNG "The Naked Now"
"This ought to be easy for someone written up in bio-mechanical texts."
	-- Riker to Data in ST:TNG "The Naked Now"
"Picard": "Attention all decks, all divisions. Effective immediately, I have handed over control of this vessel to Acting Captain Wesley Crusher."
Picard: "'Acting Captain'?"
Wesley: "Thank you, Captain Picard, thank you. And with that order dawns a brave new day for the Enterprise."
	-- "Picard", Picard and Wesley in ST:TNG "The Naked Now"
"What I want now is gentleness, and joy, and love. .. From you Data, you are fully functional, aren't you ?"
"Of course, but .."
"How fully ?"
"In every way of course. I am programmed in multiple techiques. A broad variety of pleasuring."
"Oh, you jewel, that's exactly what I hoped."
	-- Yar and Data in ST:TNG "The Naked Now"
"So you mean I'm drunk! I feel strange, but also good."
"Because! Because, you have lost the capacity for self-judgement. Now alcohol does this, Wesley."
	-- Wesley and Picard in ST:TNG "The Naked Now"
"Ah, good, Data. At least you're functioning."
"Fully, Captain."
"Data, intoxication is a human condition. Your brain is different, not the same as--"
"We are more alike than unlike, my dear Captain. I have pores, humans have pores. I have fingerprints, humans have fingerprints. My chemical nutrients are like your blood. If you prick me, do I not .. leak?"
	-- Picard and Data in ST:TNG "The Naked Now"
"Captain, can I see you in your ready room? It's a private matter. No, actually, it's an urgent one!"
	-- Beverly to Picard in ST:TNG "The Naked Now"
"Right now I find you extremely, extremely .. of course we haven't time for that sort of thing."
"What sort of thing?"
"Oh, god, would I love to show you."
	-- Beverly and Picard in ST:TNG "The Naked Now"
"Dammit, Captain, my DEAR Captain. You owe me something, you do realize that, don't you? I'm a woman. I haven't had the comfort of a husband, a man."
"Not now, doctor, please."
	-- Beverly and Picard in ST:TNG "The Naked Now"
"Worf, you do know what to do. Take us .. uh .."
"Take us out of here."
	-- Picard and Riker in ST:TNG "The Naked Now"
"Data, we have eight or nine minutes at most. Can you finish by then?"
"No, this will take slightly more time than we have, sir."
	-- Riker and Data in ST:TNG "The Naked Now"
"It's only fair to mention Wesley in a log entry, sir."
"Fair is fair. And let's credit his science teacher too."
	-- Riker and Picard in ST:TNG "The Naked Now"
"Data, I'm only going to tell you this just once. It never happened."
	-- Yar in ST:TNG "The Naked Now"
"I put it to you all. I think we shall end up with a fine crew, if we avoid temptation."
	-- Picard in ST:TNG "The Naked Now"

"Code Of Honor"

"Damn. Where are the callouses we doctors are supposed to grow over our feelings?"
"Perhaps the good ones never get them."

	-- Beverly and Picard in ST:TNG "Code Of Honor"
"But I warn you, if you get hurt, I'll put you on report, Captain."
	-- Riker to Picard in ST:TNG "Code Of Honor"
"Shaving is a human art form, Data. Technological perfection can shave too close."
	-- Geordi in ST:TNG "Code Of Honor"
Data: "From any particular point of view, sir ?"
Picard: "On the perspective Lt. Yar using them in combat with Lutan's wife."
Data: "Most interesting. Could this be Human Joke Number 663?"
Geordi: "Negative, Data. That's a captain's order."
	-- Data, Picard and Geordi in ST:TNG "Code Of Honor"
"I'm sorry, this is becoming a speech."
"You're the captain, sir. You're entitled."
	-- Picard and Troi in ST:TNG "Code Of Honor"


"Mister Data."
"You're circling the room like a buzzard."

	-- Picard and Data in ST:TNG "Haven"
"Could you please continue the petty bickering? I find it most intriguing."
	-- Data in ST:TNG "Haven"
Lwaxana: "Captain! Even Zelo never had such thoughts about me! You may energize."
Deanna: "That was meant as a joke, Captain."
Picard: "I was not amused."
	-- Lwaxana and Deanna Troi and Picard in ST:TNG "Haven"

"Where No One Has Gone Before"

"Is Mister Kosinski what he seems? A joke?"
"No. It's too cruel."

	-- Wesley and Traveler in ST:TNG "Where No One Has Gone Before"
"You're telling me it's a kittycat?"
"Yes. I suppose you could call it that."
	-- Yar and Worf in ST:TNG "Where No One Has Gone Before"
"Up until now, if you forgive this, you've been .. uninteresting. It's only now that your lifeform merits serious attention."
	-- Traveler in ST:TNG "Where No One Has Gone Before"
[Wesley was made an acting ensign.]
"Sir, shall I send for Doctor Crusher?"
"Why, someone's ill?"
	-- Riker and Picard in ST:TNG "Where No One Has Gone Before"

"The Last Outpost"

"Possibility, a malfunction in their engines, sir?"
"Breaks my heart."

	-- Data and Geordi in ST:TNG "The Last Outpost"
"Yankee traders, I like the sound of that."
"Well, sir, I doubt they wear red, white, and blue, or look anything like Uncle Sam."
	-- Riker and Data [about Ferengi] in ST:TNG "The Last Outpost"
"I say put all available power into a full-out combined phaser and photon torpedo salvo. Destroy their ability to sustain this forcefield, sir."
"Yes! Hit them hard and hit them fast."
	-- Yar and Worf in ST:TNG "The Last Outpost"
Data: "Apologies, Captain. I seem to have reached an odd .. functional impasse. I am .. stuck."
Picard: "Then get unstuck and continue with the briefing."
Data: "Yes sir. That is what I am trying to do, sir. But the .. solution eludes me."
Geordi: "My hero."
	-- Data, Picard and Geordi in ST:TNG "The Last Outpost"
"What do you make of these?"
"Crystalline, mostly inert. Nothing to write home about."
"Excuse me?"
"Slang, sir. I did use it correctly, did I not ?"
	-- Riker and Data in ST:TNG "The Last Outpost"
"It's true. You work with your females, arm them, and force them to wear clothing. Sickening!"
	-- Letek in ST:TNG "The Last Outpost"
"And they shamelessly clothe their females, inviting others to unclothe them. The very depth of perversion."
	-- Mordoc in ST:TNG "The Last Outpost"
"Not a moment too soon Jean. .. I mean, 'Captain'."
	-- Beverly to Picard in ST:TNG "The Last Outpost"

"Lonely Among Us"

"Indubitably, my good woman."

	-- Data to Yar in ST:TNG "Lonely Among Us"
"It's elementary, my dear Riker. Sir."
	-- Data in ST:TNG "Lonely Among Us"
"Captain Picard, you are now relieved of duty. I judge you to be disabled and mentally incapacitated."
	-- Beverly in ST:TNG "Lonely Among Us"
"What the devil am I doing here?"
"Sounds like our captain."
	-- Picard and Riker in ST:TNG "Lonely Among Us"
"Security Team Two reports they've discovered a puddle of blood outside the Celle quarters, and they can't find one of the delegates."
"Lieutenant, this couldn't have waited a moment?" [To Picard] "It's good to see you, sir." [To Riker] "The problem is that one of the cooks has just been asked to broil reptile for the Anticans, and it looks like the Celle delegate."
	-- Yar and Riker in ST:TNG "Lonely Among Us"


"Shall we go there now or remain and play?"
"At love. Unless you don't enjoy that."

	-- Rivan and Riker in ST:TNG "Justice"
Ensign: "Sir, I see something coming out of the ship."
Data: "Verified, sir. Something very small." [..]
Ensign: "Intruder relay 2 shows something."
Picard: "Why is everything becoming 'something' or 'whatever'?"
	-- Ensign, Data and Picard in ST:TNG "Justice"
"I want to do something too, with you."
"Uh, what?"
"It's something you can teach me. Will you?"
"Uh, well, actually, there are some games I don't quite know yet."
	-- Edo Girl and Wesley in ST:TNG "Justice"
"I am not concerned with pleasure, Commander. I am a warrior."
"Even Klingons need love now and then."
"For what we would consider love, sir, I would need a Klingon woman."
"What about plain old basic sex? You must have some need for that."
"Of course, but with the females available to me, sir, Earth females, I must restrain myself too much. They are quite fragile, sir."
"Worf, if anyone else had said that, I'd suspect he was bragging."
"Bragging, sir?"
	-- Worf and Riker in ST:TNG "Justice"
"Sharing an orbit with God is no small experience."
	-- Troi in ST:TNG "Justice"
"Data, don't babble."
"Babble, sir ? I am not aware that I ever babble, sir. It may be that from time to time I have considerable information to communicate and you may question the way in which I organize it--"
"Please, organize it into brief answers to my questions, we have very little time. Do they accept our precence at this planet ?"
"Undecided, sir."
"Data, please feel free to volunteer any important information."
	-- Picard and Data in ST:TNG "Justice"
"You are right, sir. I do tend to babble."
	-- Data to Picard in ST:TNG "Justice"
"Would you choose one life over one thousand, sir?"
"I refuse to let arithmetic decide questions like that."
	-- Data and Picard in ST:TNG "Justice"
"There can be no justice so long as laws are absolute. Even life itself is an exercise in exceptions."
"When has justice been as simple as a rulebook?"
	-- Picard and Riker in ST:TNG "Justice"

"The Battle"

Kazako: "And the android was mentioned too. What is its price? We would like to .. purchase it."
Picard: "He is not for sale. Commander Data is a .. is a ..
Riker: "Is second hand merchandise and you wouldn't want it."
Data: "Second hand, sir ? Oh, of course, a human joke."

	-- Kazako, Picard, Riker and Data in ST:TNG "The Battle"
"As you humans say, 'I'm all ears!'"
	-- Kazako [1st officer of DaiMon Bok] to Riker in ST:TNG "The Battle"
"What is wrong with me ?"
"I wish the hell I knew, Captain. But something unusual has definitely been happening to you."
"Why do doctors always say the obvious as if it's a revelation?"
"Why do captains always act like they are immortal ?"
	-- Picard and Beverly in ST:TNG "The Battle"
"In revenge, there never is [profit]. Let the dead rest, and the past .. remain the past."
	-- Picard in ST:TNG "The Battle"

"Hide And Q"

"No, Lieutenant Worf. You make no move against him unless I order it."
"Pity, you might've learned an interesting lesson Macrohead, with a microbrain."

	-- Picard and Q in ST:TNG "Hide And Q"
"It is so frustrating to be controlled like this."
"Lieutenant. Tasha, it's all right."
"What in the hell am I doing, crying?"
"Don't worry, there's a new ship's standing order on the bridge. When one is in the penalty box, tears are permitted."
	-- Yar and Picard in ST:TNG "Hide And Q"
"Perhaps we all are remembering the old saying: Power corrupts .."
".. and absolute power corrupts absolutely."
	-- Picard and Riker ST:TNG "Hide And Q"
"Let us pray for understanding and for compassion."
"Let us do no such damn thing."
	-- Q and Picard in ST:TNG "Hide And Q"

"The Big Goodbye"

"You spell 'knife' with a 'k'."
"I spell 'knife' with an 'n', but then I never could spell."

	-- Troi and Picard in ST:TNG "The Big Goodbye"
"Senseless killing is immoral. But killing for a purpose, can quite often be ingenious."
	-- Cyrus Redblock in ST:TNG "The Big Goodbye"
"It was a nice place to visit, Number One, but I wouldn't want to die there."
	-- Picard in ST:TNG "The Big Goodbye"
"Lt. .. Take us out of orbit."
"Aye sir"
"And Mister LaForge .."
"Sir ?"
"Step on it."
	-- Picard and Geordi in ST:TNG "The Big Goodbye"


"And these small projections?"
"An android alarm clock. Is that amusing?"

	-- Beverly and Data in ST:TNG "Datalore"
"If you had an off switch, Doctor, would you not keep it a secret?"
"I guess I would."
	-- Data and Beverly in ST:TNG "Datalore"
"It's Data, Mom. I heard you know how to turn him on."
"This is very serious !"
"So just tell me to, 'Shut up, Wesley', and I will."
"You're being very unfair, Wes."
	-- Wesley and Beverly in ST:TNG "Datalore"
"How sad, dear brother. You make me wish I were an only child."
	-- Data to Lore in ST:TNG "Datalore"
"Data, you all right ?"
"Yes sir, I'm fine." [Contraction!]
"Then get rid of that damn twitch and put on the correct uniform."
"Yes, Captain."
	-- Picard and Data in ST:TNG "Datalore"

"Angel One"

"Klingons appreciate strong women."

	-- Worf in ST:TNG "Angel One"
"What is it that you think that you're rescuing me from? My shipmates and I have all taken wives. A few even have children. You can't rescue a man from a place that he calls his home."
	-- Ramsey in ST:TNG "Angel One"
"No power in the universe can hope to stop the force of evolution. Be warned. The execution of Mister Ramsey and his followers may elevate them to the status of martyrs. Martyrs cannot be silenced."
	-- Riker in ST:TNG "Angel One"


"Rest assured, Commander. We will be victorious, at whatever the cost."
"Worf, it's just a game, a friendly little competition. You work up a sweat, you have a few laughs and you make new friends."
"If winning is not important, then Commander, why keep score?"

	-- Worf and Riker in ST:TNG "11001001"
"I think he's pulling your leg. Believe it or not, Worf is developing a sense of humor."
"I hope so, for their sake. Good luck."
	-- Yar and Riker in ST:TNG "11001001"
"What's a knockout like you doing in a computer-generated gin-joint like this?"
	-- Riker to Minuet in ST:TNG "11001001"

"Too Short A Season"

"The quest for youth, Number One, so futile. Age and wisdom have their graces too."
"I wonder if one doesn't have to have age and wisdom to appreciate that, sir."
"I hope not, Number One."

	-- Picard and Riker in ST:TNG "Too Short A Season"

"When The Bough Breaks"

"Our children are not for sale, at any price."

	-- Beverly in ST:TNG "When The Bough Breaks"
"Data, find a way to defeat that shield."
"That may be impossible, sir."
"Things are only impossible until they are not."
"Yes, sir."
	-- Picard and Data in ST:TNG "When The Bough Breaks"

"Home Soil"

"Ugly Bags Of Mostly Water we try at peace, you do not listen. Bag who drill in Sand Of Home had to die."

	-- Lifeform in ST:TNG "Home Soil"

"Coming Of Age"

"It's a good thing you're cute, Wesley, or you could really be obnoxious. See you later."
"Did you hear what she said, Mordock? She said I was cute."
"Is that good, Wesley?"
"Yes, I think."

	-- Oliana Mirren, Wesley and Mordock in ST:TNG "Coming Of Age"
"Thinking about what you can't control only wastes energy and creates its own enemy."
	-- Worf to Wesley in ST:TNG "Coming Of Age"
"Only fools have no fear."
	-- Worf to Wesley in ST:TNG "Coming Of Age"
"Do you want this to become violent?"
	-- Wesley to Rondon in ST:TNG "Coming Of Age"
"There is nothing wrong with Captain Picard or the ship's logs. Therefore, there must be something wrong with your original assumption."
"That is not acceptable, Mister Data."
"Acceptable or not, sir, it is the truth."
	-- Data and Lt.Cmdr Remmick in ST:TNG "Coming Of Age"
"You don't like me very much, do you?"
"Is it required, .. sir?"
	-- Lt.Cmdr Remmick & Worf in ST:TNG "Coming Of Age"
"My personal feelings about Captain Picard are irrelevant to this investigation, and None of your business."
	-- Beverly to Lt.Cmdr Remmick in ST:TNG "Coming Of Age"

"Heart Of Glory"

"Why do you mock me? Why do you wish to anger me?"
"Only to see if it is still possible."
"It is."

	-- Worf and Korris in ST:TNG "Heart Of Glory"
"That is not our way. Cowards take hostages. Klingons do not."
	-- Worf to Yar in ST:TNG "Heart Of Glory"
"Do not deny the challenge of your destiny. Get off your knees and soar. Open your eyes and let the dream take flight."
	-- Korris to Worf in ST:TNG "Heart Of Glory"
"My brother, it is you who does not see. You look for battles in the wrong place. The true test of a warrior is not without, it is within."
	-- Worf to Korris in ST:TNG "Heart Of Glory"
"How did they die?"
"They died well."
	-- K'Nera and Worf in ST:TNG "Heart Of Glory"

"The Arsenal Of Freedom"

Troi: "What happened to all the people?"
Worf: "War?"
Data: "Disease?"
Geordi: "A dissatisfied customer?"

	-- Troi, Worf, Data and Geordi ST:TNG "The Arsenal Of Freedom"
"We got it. You'll see it, here in Minos, where we live by the motto: 'Peace through superior firepower'. To be totally armed, is to be totally secured. Remember, the early bird that hesitates gets worms."
	-- The Peddler in ST:TNG "The Arsenal Of Freedom"
"Who sent you here to look me ?"
"Your mother. She's worried about you."
"Tell me about your ship, Riker. It's the Enterprise, isn't it ?"
"No, the name of my ship is the 'Lollipop'."
"I have no knowledge of that ship."
"It's just been commissioned. It's a good ship."
"Refresh me, would you, Riker. What's its size, its complement ?"
"Who is here with you ?"
"What's the armament of Lollipop ?"
	-- "Captain Rice" and Riker in ST:TNG "The Arsenal Of Freedom"
"Mister LaForge, when I left this ship it was in one piece. I would appreciate you returning it to me in the same condition."
	-- Picard to Geordi in ST:TNG "The Arsenal Of Freedom"


"Where will it take us, Mister LaForge ?"
"The Opraline system."
"An interesting choice. Why ?"
"Curiosity, I've never been there."

	-- Riker and Geordi in ST:TNG "Symbiosis"

"Skin of Evil"

"Hello, my friends. You are here now watching this image of me because I have died. It probably happened while I was on duty, and quickly, which is what I expected. Never forget I died doing exactly what I chose to do. What I want you to know is how much I loved my life, and those of you who shared it with me. You are my family, you all know where I came from and what my life was like before. But Starfleet took that frightened, angry young girl and tempered her. I have been blessed with your friendship, and your love."

	-- Yar Hologram in ST:TNG "Skin of Evil"
"Ah, Worf. We are so much alike, you and I. Both warriors, orphans who found ourselves this family. I hope I met death with my eyes wide open."
	-- Yar Hologram in ST:TNG "Skin of Evil"
"My friend Data, you see things with the wonder of a child. And that makes you more human than any of us."
	-- Yar Hologram in ST:TNG "Skin of Evil"
"Captain Jean-Luc Picard, I wish I could say you've been like a father to me, but I've never had one so I don't know what it feels like. But if there was someone in this universe I could choose to be like, someone who I would want to make proud of me, it's you. You who have the heart of an explorer and the soul of a poet. So, you'll understand when I say, 'Death is that stage in which one exists only in the memory of others', which is why it is not an end. No goodbyes, just good memories. Hailing frequencies closed, sir."
	-- Yar Hologram in ST:TNG "Skin of Evil"
"Sir, the purpose of this gathering .. confuses me."
"Oh? How so?"
"My thoughts are not for Tasha, but for myself. I keep thinking, how empty it will be without her presence. Did I miss the point?"
"No you didn't Data. You got it."
	-- Data and Picard in ST:TNG "Skin of Evil"

"We'll Always Have Paris"

"Hickup ?"
"Actually, sir, that may be an incorrect analogy."
"How so, Data ?"
"A hickup is a spasmatic inhalation with closure of the glottis accompanied by a peculiar sound. If we want to continue this analogy to a body function, what occured would be best represented by .."

	-- Picard and Data in ST:TNG "We'll Always Have Paris"
"This is where we started, if we are us."
"Oh, we are us, sir, but they are also us. So indeed, we are both us."
	-- Riker and Data in ST:TNG "We'll Always Have Paris"


Data: "You are aware, Counselor, that the Holodeck can be programmed to recreate an oceanic environment."
Troi: "Data, it's just not the same. Have you even been for a real moonlight-swim ?"
Data: "One can swim in moonlight ?"
Troi: "How about you, Mister Worf ?"
Worf: "Swimming is too much like .. bathing."

	-- Data, Troi and Worf in ST:TNG "Conspiracy"
Keel: "Where did we first meet ?"
Rixx: "Answer the question."
Picard: "Tau Ceti III. It was a bar .. rather an exotic one, as I remember. What do I win?"
	-- Captains Keel, Rixx and Picard and ST:TNG "Conspiracy"
"Starfleet's finest. Fancy meeting you here."
	-- Picard in ST:TNG "Conspiracy"
"Startling. Quite extraordinary in fact."
"Direction unclear. Please repeat request."
"That was not a request, I was simply .. talking to myself. .. A human idiosyncrasy, triggered by a fascination with particular set of facts, or sometimes brought about by senility, or used as a means of weighing information before reaching a conclusion, or as a--"
"Thank you, sir, I comprehend. .. Please specify how you would like to proceed, sir."
"Please continue with record scan. .. Intriguing."
	-- Data and Computer in ST:TNG "Conspiracy"
"Do Klingons fear death as much as humans? I could snap your neck in a second, but it wouldn't be as much fun."
	-- Admiral Quinn to Worf in ST:TNG "Conspiracy"

"The Neutral Zone"

"Welcome to the twenty-fourth century."

	-- Picard to Claire Raymond in ST:TNG "The Neutral Zone"
"What do you guys do ? I mean, you don't drink, and you ain't got no TV. It must be kind of boring, ain't it ?"
	-- L.Q. "Sonny" Clemens to Data in ST:TNG "The Neutral Zone"
"Well, we won't be inviting these Romulans to our party, will we?"
"No. That would not be .. appropriate."
	-- L.Q. "Sonny" Clemens and Data in ST:TNG "The Neutral Zone"
"Silence your dog, Captain."
	-- Commander T'Bok about Worf in ST:TNG "The Neutral Zone"
"Matters more urgent caused our absence. Now, witness the result. Outposts destroyed, expansion of the Federation everywhere. Yes, we have indeed been negligent, Captain, but no more."
	-- Commander T'Bok in ST:TNG "The Neutral Zone"
"Your presence is not wanted. Do you understand my meaning, captain? We .. are back."
	-- Commander T'Bok to Picard in ST:TNG "The Neutral Zone"

Season 2

"The Child"

Picard: "Counselor Deanna Troi is pregnant. She..She is going to have a baby."
Riker: "A baby? .. This is a surprise."
Troi: "More so for me."

	-- Picard, Riker and Troi in ST:TNG "The Child"
"I don't mean to be indelicate, but who's the father?"
	-- Riker in ST:TNG "The Child"
"Da-ta, look at this."
"What ?"
"My name, it is pronounced 'Deita'."
"Oh ?"
"You called me Da-ta."
"What's the difference ?"
"One is my name, the other is not."
	-- Dr. Pulaski and Data in ST:TNG "The Child"

"Where Silence Has Lease"

"You do this every day ?"
"No, commander. Usually my calisthenics are more .. intense. Those sessions are too personal to be shared."
"I'll bet they are."

	-- Riker and Worf in ST:TNG "Where Silence Has Lease"
"Like the rat said: 'Keep the cheese. I just want out of the trap.'"
	-- Geordi in ST:TNG "Where Silence Has Lease"
"Captain, sensors show nothing out there. Absolutely nothing."
"Sure is a damn ugly 'nothing'."
	-- Data and Geordi in ST:TNG "Where Silence Has Lease"
Nagilum: "I understand. The masculine and the feminine."
Picard: "It is the way in which we propagate our species."
Nagilum: "Please, demonstrate how it is accomplished."
Pulaski: "Not likely."
	-- Nagilum, Picard and Pulaski in ST:TNG "Where Silence Has Lease"
"To understand death, I must amass information on every aspect of it. Every kind of dying. The experiments shouldn't take more than a third of your crew, maybe half."
	-- Nagilum in ST:TNG "Where Silence Has Lease"
Computer: "Riker, William T., do you concur ?"
Riker: "Yes, absolutely, I do indeed concur wholeheartedly!"
Computer: "Auto desctruct cancelled."
Picard: "Simple 'yes' would have sufficed, Number One."
	-- Computer, Riker and Picard in ST:TNG "Where Silence Has Lease"
"And Ensign, if you encounter any holes .. steer clear."
	-- Riker to Wesley in ST:TNG "Where Silence Has Lease"

"Elementary, Dear Data"

"Thank you for the tea and crumpets. I guess I'll be going."

	-- Pulaski to Moriarty ST:TNG "Elementary, Dear Data"

"The Outrageous Okona"

"Life is like loading twice your cargo weigth into your space craft. If it's canaries and you can keep half of them flying all of the time, .. you are all right."

	-- Captain Thadium Okona in ST:TNG "The Outrageous Okona"
"And reduce speed. Drop main shields as well."
"May I ask why, sir?"
"In case we decide to surrender to them, Number One."
	-- Picard and Riker in ST:TNG "The Outrageous Okona"
"Good evening, Ladies and Germs."
"I come from a town so small we had a fraction for a zip-code."
"It was so small in fact, we didn't have a Godfather of crime, we had a Nephew."
	-- Data in ST:TNG "The Outrageous Okona"
"Say goodbye, Data."
"'Goodbye, Data.'"
	-- Wesley and Data in ST:TNG "The Outrageous Okona"
"Take my Worf, please."
	-- Data in ST:TNG "The Outrageous Okona"

"Loud As A Whisper"

"And you don't resent it?"
"The VISOR or being blind ? No, since they are both part of me and I really like who I am, there is no reason to resent either one."

	-- Scholar and Geordi in ST:TNG "Loud As A Whisper"
"The real secret is turning disadvantage into advantage."
	-- Riva in ST:TNG "Loud As A Whisper"

"The Schizoid Man"

"It's no secret that I don't like people much, and I like doctors even less."
"That's funny. I thought most doctors were people."
"Then you are wrong. Ask any patient."

	-- Doctor Graves and Troi in ST:TNG "The Schizoid Man"
"I thought you didn't like people."
"Women aren't people, they are women."
	-- Troi and Doctor Graves in ST:TNG "The Schizoid Man"
"Excuse me, sir. Are you a Romulan?" [Growl] "Hardly."
	-- Kareen Brianon and Worf in ST:TNG "The Schizoid Man"
"I'll let you know a little secret, sonny. I don't really believe I will be dying."
"But the doctor--"
"Oh, I'll die, but I won't really be dead. You see, I believe I've learned to transfer the wealth of my knowledge into a computer. Before I die, I plan to transfer my great intellect into this machine, thus cheating the Grim Reaper of his greatest prize."
	-- Doctor Graves and Data in ST:TNG "The Schizoid Man"
"Doctor, what was your impression of Graves ?"
"He seemed brilliant, egocentric, arrogant, chauvinistic."
"Sounds familiar ?"
	-- Picard and Doctor Lt. Selar in ST:TNG "The Schizoid Man"
"May I ask a question ?"
"I think you just did."
"Quite correct. Then may I ask another question after this one ?"
"You can ask me anything you want."
"Why am I lying on the floor, in this undignified position, with the four of you standing over me, displaying expressions of--"
	-- Data and Geordi in ST:TNG "The Schizoid Man"
"I trust I did nothing unbecoming to a Starfleet officer."
"Does wrestling with a Klingon targ ring a bell ?" [..]
"Did I win ?"
	-- Data and Riker in ST:TNG "The Schizoid Man"

"Unnatural Selection"

"They died of natural causes."
"Natural causes ? What in Nature could cause that ?"
"For the record, Captain, they died of old age."

	-- Dr. Pulaski and Picard in ST:TNG "Unnatural Selection"
"Commander Data has a way with computers."
	-- Pulaski in ST:TNG "Unnatural Selection"
"As androids go, you're in a class by yourself."
	-- Pulaski to Data in ST:TNG "Unnatural Selection"

"A Matter Of Honor"

"It is my understanding that one of the duties of the first officer on a Klingon vessel is to assassinate his captain."
"Yes, sir."
"Wouldn't that bring about chaos ?"
"Of course not. When and if the captain becomes weak or unable to perform, it is expected that his honorable retirement should be assisted by his first. Your second officer will assassinate you for the same reasons."
"This method of attrition could take a little getting used to."

	-- Riker and Worf in ST:TNG "A Matter Of Honor"
"I want to ensure your return to THIS ship."
"Sentimental, Lieutenant Worf?"
"Efficiency, Commander."
	-- Worf and Riker in ST:TNG "A Matter Of Honor"
"Didn't mean to offend you."
"You didn't .. yet."
	-- Ensign Mendon and Worf in ST:TNG "A Matter Of Honor"
"Ensign Mendon, .. you may impress me."
	-- Worf in ST:TNG "A Matter Of Honor"
"Although we run a peaceful mission, we are ready to into a battle instantly. I know I can count on every Klingon warrior in this crew to serve and die in that battle. So I ask you again, Commander Riker, where are your loyalties ?"
"I've been assigned here to serve this ship and to obey your orders, and I will do exactly that."
"Will you take oath to that effect ?"
"I just did."
	-- Captain Kargon and Riker in ST:TNG "A Matter Of Honor"
"There's something you wanted to say to me, Lieutenant ?"
"Yes, sir. .. I do not believe you."
	-- Riker and Klag in ST:TNG "A Matter Of Honor"
"Yes. .. But, it's still moving."
"Gagh is always best when served live. .. Would you like something easier?"
"Easier ?"
"Yes. If Klingon food is too strong for you, perhaps we could get one of the females to breast-feed you."
	-- Riker and Klag in ST:TNG "A Matter Of Honor"
"They are inquisitive. They would like to know how you would endure."
"Endure what ?"
"Them." [Pause] "One, or both ?"
	-- Klag and Riker in ST:TNG "A Matter Of Honor"
"It is an expectation for any officer to be ordered to die at any time."
"For a Klingon perhaps, but Riker's people do not volunteer for death so easily. He may be a spy, but he is no coward."
"That only proves he's intelligent. And you might not be as stong as you used to be."
	-- Captain Kargon and Klag in ST:TNG "A Matter Of Honor"
"Hold where you are, Klag! I've relieved Captain Kargon. He was acting in an irrational manner. I'm your captain now."
	-- Riker in ST:TNG "A Matter Of Honor"
"Enterprise, this is Captain William Riker of the Klingon vessel Pagh. I order you to lower your shields and surrender."
	-- Riker in ST:TNG "A Matter Of Honor"
"I learned quite a bit."
"Apparently not when to duck."
"When not to duck would be more accurate."
	-- Riker and Picard in ST:TNG "A Matter Of Honor"
"You come from a very brave and unique people. I'm glad you're here on the Enterprise."
"Thank you, Commander. And .. welcome home."
	-- Riker and Worf in ST:TNG "A Matter Of Honor"

"The Measure Of A Man"

"Phillipa Louvois, and back in uniform. It's been ten years, but seeing you again like this .. makes it seem like fifty. If we weren't around all these people, do you know what I would like to do ?"
"Break a chair across my teeth?"
"After that."
"Oh, ain't love wonderful?"

	-- Picard and Captain Louvois in ST:TNG "The Measure Of A Man"
"It brings a sense of order and stability to my universe to know that you're still a pompous ass .. and a damn sexy man."
	-- Captain Louvois to Picard in ST:TNG "The Measure Of A Man"
"He has rights!"
"All this passion over a machine?"
	-- Picard and Captain Louvois in ST:TNG "The Measure Of A Man"
Wesley: "Data, you're supposed to rip the wrapping off."
Data: "With the application of a little care, Wes, the paper can be utilized again."
Troi: "Data, you're missing the point." [Data rips the now unwrapped paper apart]
	-- Wesley, Data and Troi in ST:TNG "The Measure Of A Man"
"Data is a toaster."
	-- Captain Louvois in ST:TNG "The Measure Of A Man"
"The Commander is a physical representation of a dream, an idea conceived by the mind of a man. His purpose ? To serve human needs and interests. He's a collection of neural nets and heuristic algorithms. His responses dictated by an elaborate software program written by a man. This hardware built by a man. And now .. and now a man will shut him off. Pinocchio is broken .. his strings have been cut."
	-- Riker [about Data] in ST:TNG "The Measure Of A Man"
"Consider that in the history of many worlds, there have always been disposable creatures. They do the dirty work."
	-- Guinan to Picard in ST:TNG "The Measure Of A Man"
"I would prefer not to answer that question, sir. I gave my word."
"Under the circumstances, I don't think Tasha would mind."
"She was special to me, sir. We were .. intimate."
	-- Data and Picard in ST:TNG "The Measure Of A Man"
"Your Honor, Starfleet was founded to seek out new life. Well THERE it sits!"
	-- Picard in ST:TNG "The Measure Of A Man"
"It is the ruling of this court that Lieutenant Commander Data has the freedom to choose."
	-- Captain Louvois in ST:TNG "The Measure Of A Man"
"You are a wise man, my friend."
"Not yet, sir. But with your help, I am learning."
	-- Riker and Data in ST:TNG "The Measure Of A Man"

"The Dauphin"

"That's a super-conducting magnet, isn't it?"

	-- Salia to Wesley in ST:TNG "The Dauphin"
"Now, I don't know if she'll have time for you, Wes. She's destined to rule an entire world."
	-- Riker to Wesley in ST:TNG "The Dauphin"
"Do not be fooled by her looks. The body is just a shell."
	-- Worf to Riker about Salia in ST:TNG "The Dauphin"
"I suppose it had to happen to you, it usually does at about this age."
"What usually does?"
"Glands, erupting with hormones. Happens to all of us."
	-- Geordi and Wesley in ST:TNG "The Dauphin"
"That is how a Klingon lures a mate."
"Are you telling me to go to yell at Salia?"
"No. Men do not roar. Women roar. Then they hurl heavy objects. And claw at you."
"What does the man do ?"
"He reads love poetry. .. He ducks a lot."
"Worf, it sounds like it works great for the Klingons, but .. I think I need to try something little less .. dangerous ?"
"Go to her door, beg like a human."
	-- Worf and Wesley in ST:TNG "The Dauphin"
"It should be that simple, Wesley. Judging by her appearance, it is likely you and Salia are biologically compatible. Of course, there could be a difference in the histocompatibility complex in the cell membrane, but--"
"Data, I want to meet her, not dissect her."
	-- Data and Wesley in ST:TNG "The Dauphin"
"Now, the first words out of your mouth are the most important. You may want to start with something like this here." [To Guinan] "You are the most beautiful woman in the galaxy." [To Wesley] "But that might not work."
"Yes! Yes, it would."
	-- Riker and Guinan in ST:TNG "The Dauphin"
"Just because a girl runs out doesn't mean she doesn't wish you to follow."
	-- Guinan to Wesley in ST:TNG "The Dauphin"
"I'm never going to feel this way about anyone else."
"You're right."
"I didn't expect you to say that."
"There'll be others. But every time you feel love it will be different. Every time it's different."
"Knowing that doesn't make it any easier."
"It's not supposed to."
	-- Wesley and Guinan in ST:TNG "The Dauphin"


"It's a time-honored way of practicing medicine. With your head, and your heart, and your hands. So, jump to it." [About using a splinter]

	-- Pulaski to a med. officer in ST:TNG "Contagion"
[Geordi gets an electric shock from the engineering panel]
"This is yet another example of how our actions have random results."
"Thanks Data, I noticed."
	-- Data and Geordi in ST:TNG "Contagion"
"Fate .. protects fools, little children, and ships named Enterprise."
	-- Riker in ST:TNG "Contagion"
[Shields and torpedoes arming and disarming spontaneously]
"In another time and place this could be funny."
	-- Troi in ST:TNG "Contagion"
"If it becomes necessary to fight, could you locate me some rocks to throw at them?"
	-- Riker to the weapons officer in ST:TNG "Contagion"
"That was NOT manual override."
	-- Data in ST:TNG "Contagion"
"The victors invariably write the history to their own advantage."
	-- Picard in ST:TNG "Contagion"
"How do I override the doors ?"
"Blue .. blue .. blue."
"I hope that's not a stutter."
	-- Picard and Data in ST:TNG "Contagion"
"Geordi, if we shut down, then we're gonna be bringing down the shields. And we are hanging nose to nose with a Romulan battle-cruiser."
"Hey, Commander, whether it is Romulan phasers or our own warp engines, we are just as dead."
"Make it so."
	-- Riker and Geordi in ST:TNG "Contagion"
"Well, Number One. I can see why you want to keep the away-missions to yourself. That's where the excitement is. So what's been happening here ? Same old routine, I suppose."
	-- Picard to Riker in ST:TNG "Contagion"

"The Royale"

"Hey, you are not one of those card-count fellows, are you ?"
"The number of the cards and their values remain quite constant. What would be the purpose in counting them ?"

	-- A player and Data in ST:TNG "The Royale"
"No woman is worth dying for. Killing for, not dying for."
	-- Mickey D in ST:TNG "The Royale"

"Time Squared"

"You're saying I should just sit down, shut up, and wait."
"Well, I wouldn't have put it exactly like that."

	-- Picard and Riker in ST:TNG "Time Squared"
"Release him."
"Do you know what you're doing?"
"No. Release him."
	-- Picard and Pulaski in ST:TNG "Time Squared"
"Lot of questions, Number One. Damned few answers."
"Maybe none of it was real. Perhaps we were all part of a shared illusion."
"Or maybe, we were thrown back in time so that we would be able to take another roll, make .. make a different choice. Well, they say if you travel far enough you will eventually meet yourself. Having experienced that, Number One .. it's not something I would care to repeat."
	-- Picard and Riker in ST:TNG "Time Squared"

"The Icarus Factor"

"Career ?"
"That is trouble. You choose your enemies, you choose your friends, but family .. that's in the stars."
"So I've heard."

	-- Chief O'Brien and Riker in ST:TNG "The Icarus Factor"
Worf: "With all due respect, BE GONE! .. sir." [Data leaves]
Data: "He seems .. quite sincere in his desire for solitude."
Geordi: "Seeing is believing, ha ?"
	-- Worf, Data and Geordi in ST:TNG "The Icarus Factor"
"If I were not a complete[?] professional, and an android, I would find this entire procedure insulting."
	-- Data in ST:TNG "The Icarus Factor"
"You know, it's a shame there's no ambo-jitsu ring nearby.
"Really ? There is, deck 12, gymnasium."
"We could clear the air, once and for all."
"You're on."
	-- Kyle and Will Riker in ST:TNG "The Icarus Factor"
"I'm just glad that humans have progressed beyond the need for barbaric displays."
"Have they? Commander Riker and his father are in the gymnasium about to engage in a barbarism of their own."
	-- Pulaski and Troi in ST:TNG "The Icarus Factor"

"Pen Pals"

"So what are you saying? That the Dremans are fated to die?"
"I think that's an option that we should be considering."
"Well consider it considered and rejected."

	-- Geordi and Riker in ST:TNG "Pen Pals"
"Data! Data, where are you? Why won't you answer? Are you angry with me? Please, please, I'm so afraid! Data! Data, where are you ?"
"Wait. Oh, Data. No, whisper from the dark has now become a plea. We cannot turn our backs."
	-- Sarjenka and Picard in ST:TNG "Pen Pals"
"In for a penny, in for a pound, is that what you're saying, Mister Data?"
"Yes, sir."
"Oh, hell. Go."
	-- Picard and Data in ST:TNG "Pen Pals"
"O'Brien, take a nap. You didn't see any of this, you're not involved."
"Right, sir. I'll just be standing over here, dozing off."
	-- Riker and O'Brien in ST:TNG "Pen Pals"

"Q Who"

"Hot chocolate, please."
"Heh, we .. we don't ordinarily say 'please' to food dispensers around here."
"Well, since it is enlisted as intelligent circuitry, why not ? After all, working with so much artificial intelligence can be inhumanising, right ? So why not combat that tendency with a little, simple courtesy ? Ah! Thank you."

	-- Ensign Sonya Gomez and Geordi in ST:TNG "Q Who"
"We agreed you would never trouble my ship again."
"I always keep my arrangements, sir. Look .. we're nowhere near your vessel."
	-- Picard and Q in ST:TNG "Q Who"
"Ah, the redoubtable Commander Riker .. and Microbrain! Growl for me .. let me know you still care."
	-- Q in ST:TNG "Q Who"
"I add a little excitement, a little spice to your lives, and all you do is complain! Where is your adventurous spirit, your imagination ? Think, Picard, think! Think of the possibilities."
	-- Q in ST:TNG "Q Who"
"Why? Why, to give you a taste of your future, a preview of things to come. Con permiso, capitan? The hall is rented, the orchestra engaged. It's time to see if you can dance."
	-- Q in ST:TNG "Q Who"
"You can't outrun them. You can't destroy them. If you damage them, the essence of what they are remains .. they regenerate and keep coming. Eventually, you'll weaken. Your reserves will be gone. They are relentless."
	-- Q in ST:TNG "Q Who"
"If we all die .. here, now .. you will not be able to gloat! You wanted to frighten us .. we're frightened. You wanted to show us that we are inadequate .. for the moment, I grant that. You wanted me to say that I need you .. I *need you*!"
	-- Picard in ST:TNG "Q Who"
"If you can't take a little bloody nose, maybe you had better go back home and crawl under your bed. It's not safe out here! It's wondrous, with treasures to satiate desires both subtle and gross. But it's not for the timid."
	-- Q to Picard in ST:TNG "Q Who"
"Maybe Q did the right thing for the wrong reason."
"How so ?"
"Well, Perhaps what we most needed was a kick in our complacency to prepare us for what lies ahead."
	-- Picard and Guinan in ST:TNG "Q Who"

"Samaritan Snare"

Geordi: "Ah, Captain Picard. Nice day for a little trip."
Picard: ""

	-- Geordi and Picard in ST:TNG "Samaritan Snare"
"We are far from home."
"Aren't we all? But you sent out a mayday. Do you need help ?"
"We are Pakleds. Our ship is the Mondor. It is broken. We are far from home. We need help."
	-- Grebnedlog and Riker in ST:TNG "Samaritan Snare"
"Let me guess. Their rubber band broke, right?"
	-- Geordi in ST:TNG "Samaritan Snare"
"What brings you so far from home ?"
"We look for things."
"What were you looking for ?"
"Things we need."
"Can you be more specific ?"
"Things that make us go. We need help."
"What is the nature of your mission ?"
"We look for things."
	-- Riker and Grebnedlog in ST:TNG "Samaritan Snare"
"We look for things."
"So I've heard."
	-- Reginod and Geordi in ST:TNG "Samaritan Snare"
"He is smart."
	-- Reginod in ST:TNG "Samaritan Snare"
"I had this one Nausican down in this .. somewhat devious joint-lock when unbeknownst to me one on his chums drew his weapon and .. impaled me through the back. Curious sensation actually. Not much pain, shock certainly at the sight of a .. serrated metal sticking through my chest. Certain giddy warmth. In fact I do .. actually remember that I laughed out loud. Well, it had pierced my heart of course."
	-- Picard to Wesley in ST:TNG "Samaritan Snare"
"I was no hero, Wesley. I was an undisciplined, loud-mouthed, opinionated young man who was way out of his league. That was a very hard and painful lesson that day, but I learned it well. I hope you never have to learn it the same way."
	-- Picard in ST:TNG "Samaritan Snare"
"We want to be nothing if not persistent."
	-- Grebnedlog in ST:TNG "Samaritan Snare"
"Furthermore, any rumors of my brush with death are greatly exaggerated, is that clear ?"
	-- Picard in ST:TNG "Samaritan Snare"

"Up The Long Ladder"

"I'm fine."
"You are not fine, you fainted."
"I did not faint. Klingons do not faint."

	-- Worf and Pulaski in ST:TNG "Up The Long Ladder"
"How would Commander Riker feel if he had the measles?"
"Pretty silly."
	-- Worf and Pulaski in ST:TNG "Up The Long Ladder"
"This is my security chief, Lieutenant Worf."
"I don't suppose security is much of a problem for you."
	-- Picard and Danilo O'Dell in ST:TNG "Up The Long Ladder"
"What the hell was that thing?"
"Automated fire system. A force field contains the flame until the remaining oxygen has been consumed."
"Ah. What if I'd been under that thing?"
"You would have been standing in the fire."
"Yeah, well, leaving that aside for the moment, I mean what would have happened to me?"
"You would have suffocated and died."
"Yeah, ah .. sweet mercy."
	-- Worf and Danilo O'Dell in ST:TNG "Up The Long Ladder"
"And what are you staring at? Have you never seen a woman before?"
"I thought I had."
	-- Brenna O'Dell and Riker in ST:TNG "Up The Long Ladder"
"That isn't necessary. The ship will clean itself."
"Well, good for the bloody ship."
	-- Riker and Brenna O'Dell in ST:TNG "Up The Long Ladder"
"William, is something wrong ?"
"What do you mean ?"
"Do you not like girls ?"
"Of course I do. Is there a special technique to this foot-washing ?"
"You generally start at the top, and work your way down."
"I think I can handle that."
"Mmm. I was hoping you might."
	-- Brenna O'Dell and Riker in ST:TNG "Up The Long Ladder"
"You see lad, every moment of pleasure in life has to be purchased by an equal moment of pain."
	-- Danilo O'Dell to Worf in ST:TNG "Up The Long Ladder"
"Madam, have you ever considered a career in security?"
"If it's anything like baby-sitting, I'm an authority."
	-- Worf and Brenna O'Dell in ST:TNG "Up The Long Ladder"
"It's not a question of harm. One William Riker is .. unique, perhaps even special. But a hundred a him .. a thousand of him .. diminishes me in ways I can't even imagine."
	-- Riker in ST:TNG "Up The Long Ladder"
"It's a match made in heaven."
"Unfortunately, it will have to be a shotgun wedding."
	-- Pulaski and Riker in ST:TNG "Up The Long Ladder"
"For three hundred years we have denied the carnal side of our nature. How can we learn to put that aside?"
"Eh, well, you .. you put a young couple together .. and .. you let nature take its course."
	-- Granger and Danilo O'Dell in ST:TNG "Up The Long Ladder"
"I must be out of my mind."
"Starfleet would probably agree with you."
	-- Picard and Pulaski in ST:TNG "Up The Long Ladder"


"What a handsome race."

	-- Worf [about Antedeans] in ST:TNG "Manhunt"
"Judging a being by its physical appearance is the last major human prejudice, Wesley."
	-- Data in ST:TNG "Manhunt"
"Oh! Jean-Luc, what naughty thoughts, but how wonderful you still think of me like that."
	-- Lwaxana Troi in ST:TNG "Manhunt"
"Delegates? Last time I saw something like that, it was being served on a plate."
	-- Lwaxana Troi in ST:TNG "Manhunt"
"Well, well, well. And you Jean-Luc. I wasn't aware you had such handsome legs."
	-- Lwaxana Troi in ST:TNG "Manhunt"
"I assumed that my senior bridge officers would be attending."
"You never assume anything where Lwaxana Troi is concerned. Betazoid women are full of surprises."
	-- Picard and Lwaxana Troi in ST:TNG "Manhunt"
"It's only at mid-life that a Betazoid female becomes .. well .. fully sexual if you know what I mean."
	-- Troi to Pulaski in ST:TNG "Manhunt"
"It's something Troi warned me about when we first started to see each other. A Betazoid woman, when she goes through this phase .. quadruples her sex drive."
"Or more."
"Or more? You never told me that."
"I didn't want to frighten you."
	-- Riker and Troi [to Picard] in ST:TNG "Manhunt"
"More ambience, less substance."
	-- Picard [to Holodeck computer] in ST:TNG "Manhunt"
"Now that's more like it. Your thoughts, they're primal, savage. I like that in a man."
"I am not a man."
	-- Lwaxana Troi and Worf in ST:TNG "Manhunt"
"Well, troubles. We've got some, Captain. It seems that a certain woman both wealthy and beautiful now thinks that she's going to marry me."
	-- Riker in ST:TNG "Manhunt"
"Ah, well. I didn't find a mate, but I did save the conference as well as your reputations. All in a day's work, I suppose."
	-- Lwaxana Troi in ST:TNG "Manhunt"
"Jean-Luc! Shame on you for thinking such a thing!"
	-- Lwaxana Troi in ST:TNG "Manhunt"

"The Emissary"

"You took my last chip, you could at least smile, Worf."
"Smiling would break his concentration."

	-- Pulaski and Geordi in ST:TNG "The Emissary"
"Fifty ? You were bluffing."
"Klingons never bluff."
"Yeah, right."
	-- Geordi and Worf in ST:TNG "The Emissary"
"Klingons are not supposed to mind hardships. Nonetheless, I am delighted to be out of that damned coffin."
	-- K'Ehleyr in ST:TNG "The Emissary"
"Whoever said getting there was half the fun never rode in a Class VIII probe."
	-- K'Ehleyr in ST:TNG "The Emissary"
"Worf, so this is where you've been hiding. I told you we'd meet again. Aren't you going to greet me ?"
"I have nothing to say to you."
"Haven't changed a bit, hmm? Well, I missed you too."
	-- K'Ehleyr and Worf in ST:TNG "The Emissary"
"Sir, I suggest Commander Riker or Data would better serve Special Emissary K'Ehleyr."
"Are there any personal reasons that you don't want the assignment?"
"Any professional reasons?"
"No. .. I withdraw my request, Captain."
	-- Worf and Picard in ST:TNG "The Emissary"
"You are late."
"Sorry, I had to make myself beautiful."
"I fail to understand why."
	-- Worf and K'Ehleyr in ST:TNG "The Emissary"
"I don't bite. Well .. that's wrong. I do bite."
	-- K'Ehleyr to Worf in ST:TNG "The Emissary"
"You are not even looking at me."
"I am familiar with your appearance."
	-- K'Ehleyr and Worf in ST:TNG "The Emissary"
"There are always options."
	-- Worf to K'Ehleyr in ST:TNG "The Emissary"
"Upon due consideration of the problem and careful examination of all possible OPTIONS, my original recommendation stands! Meeting adjourned!"
	-- K'Ehleyr to Worf in ST:TNG "The Emissary"
"You're upset."
"Your finely honed Betazoid sense tell you that?"
"Well .. that and the table."
	-- Troi and K'Ehleyr in ST:TNG "The Emissary"
"Lieutenant, I order you to relax."
"I AM relaxed! .. Yes, sir."
	-- Picard and Worf in ST:TNG "The Emissary"
"Some calisthenics programs are better than others."
	-- K'Ehleyr in ST:TNG "The Emissary"
"I've noted that some people use humor as a shield. They talk much, yet say little."
"Whereas others take a simpler approach, say nothing."
"When one does not have the words."
"Or is loathe to speak them."
"Why didn't we do this six years ago?"
"We were not ready."
"I was."
"No. We were both too young, too unaware. We lacked commitment."
"Perhaps we lacked the courage as well."
	-- Worf and K'Ehleyr in ST:TNG "The Emissary"
"Poor android, whose behavior do you find more perplexing? Human or Klingon?"
"At the moment, I would find it difficult to choose."
"So would I."
	-- K'Ehleyr and Data in ST:TNG "The Emissary"
"Klingons do not surrender."
	-- Worf in ST:TNG "The Emissary"
"Sensors show lifeforms aboard, but I am unable to ascertain whether they are awake or dorment. However their propulsion system is inactive so I would hypothesize that the crew is asleep. [Klingon vessel firing] However, I could be in error."
	-- Data in ST:TNG "The Emissary"
"I will tolerate no further insubordination. Drop your shields immediately."
"And if I refuse?"
"Then die in ignorance. I can waste no more time on you."
	-- Worf and Captain K'Temoc in ST:TNG "The Emissary"
"How did you like command?"
"Comfortable chair."
"And you wore it well."
	-- Riker, Worf and K'Ehleyr in ST:TNG "The Emissary"

"Peak Performance"

"Starfleet is not a military organization. It's purpose is exploration."

	-- Picard in ST:TNG "Peak Performance"
"You care to surrender now, captain?"
	-- Riker to Picard in ST:TNG "Peak Performance"
"Captain, he needs an attitude adjustment."
	-- Pulaski about Kolrami in ST:TNG "Peak Performance"
"You're outmanned, you're outgunned, you're outequipped. What else have you got?"
"Join me."
"The honor is to serve."
	-- Riker and Worf in ST:TNG "Peak Performance"
"I've wagered heavily in the ship's pool that you'll take him past the sixth plateau."
"And if I don't ?"
"I will be .. irritated."
	-- Worf and Riker in ST:TNG "Peak Performance"
"It is possible to commit no mistakes and still lose. That is not a weakness, that is life."
	-- Picard to Data in ST:TNG "Peak Performance"
"Just remember, Enterprise, .. Captain Riker has never lost."
	-- Riker in ST:TNG "Peak Performance"
Data: "On the captain's command, we will fire 4 photon torpedoes directly at the Hathaway. One millisecond after its detonation, the computer will trigger your warp jump."
Geordi: "I think I hate this plan. Data, we are not even sure our warp jump will work."
Data: "If the warp engines fail to function, the result could be .. unfortunate."
Worf: "Very unfortunate. We will be dead."
	-- Data, Geordi and Worf in ST:TNG "Peak Performance"
"It is a matter of perspective, Doctor. In the strictest sense, I did not win .. I busted him up."
	-- Data in ST:TNG "Peak Performance" after a game of Strategema

"Shades Of Gray"

Riker: "I am Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the U.S.S. Enterprise."
Picard: "Delighted you're feeling better, Captain. The .. Admiral and I were worried about you."
Data: "Captain, I do not believe you have the authority to promote me to the rank of admiral."

	-- Riker, Picard and Data in ST:TNG "Shades Of Gray"

Season 3


"I'm not sure I want my mother to be flying through space with me. No, I take that back. I am sure, I wouldn't want her."

	-- Dr. Stubbs in ST:TNG "Evolution"

"The Ensigns Of Command"

"But is not honesty always the preferred choice ?"
"Excessive honesty can be disasterous particularly in a commander."
"Knowing your own limitations is one thing, advertizing them to a crew can damage your credibility as a leader."

	-- Data and Picard in ST:TNG "The Ensigns Of Command"
"This is the most incredible android I have ever seen."
"Have you seen many ?"
"Actually, no. You are the first."
	-- Ard'rian and Data in ST:TNG "The Ensigns Of Command"
"What's your memory capacity ? How many operations per second ? I have a million questions."
"I am afraid I have not time to answer million questions. I have a mission to accomplish."
	-- Ard'rian and Data in ST:TNG "The Ensigns Of Command"
"Captain. We can do it. We can modify the transporters."
"It will take 15 years and a research team of a hundred .."
"Mister LaForge. .. I believe we will postpone it."
	-- Geordi and Picard in ST:TNG "The Ensigns Of Command"

"The Survivors"

"Number One, I have the distinct impression we are being toyed with."

	-- Picard in ST:TNG "The Survivors"
"Well, what do you think, Mr. Worf ?"
"Good tea. Nice house."
	-- Rishon Uxbridge and Worf in ST:TNG "The Survivors"
"We're going to beam them aboard, directly onto the Bridge."
"But Captain, will they not protest?"
"Let them."
	-- Picard and Data in ST:TNG "The Survivors"
"Are eleven thousand people worth fifty billion? Is the love of a woman worth the destruction of an entire species?"
	-- Kevin Uxbridge in ST:TNG "The Survivors"

"Who Watches The Watchers"

"A very sensible people. For example, Mintakan women precede their mates. It's a signal to other women."
"'This man is taken, get your own'?"
"Not precisely. More like, 'If you want his services, I'm the one you have to negotiate with.'"
"What kind of services?"
"All kinds."
"They are a sensible race."

	-- Troi and Riker in ST:TNG "Who Watches The Watchers"
"I believe I have seen The Overseer. He is called 'The Picard'."
	-- Liko in ST:TNG "Who Watches The Watchers"
"The Mintakans are beginning to believe in a god, and the one they've chosen is you."
	-- Riker to Picard in ST:TNG "Who Watches The Watchers"
"That's the problem with believing in a supernatural being. Trying to determine what he wants."
	-- Troi in ST:TNG "Who Watches The Watchers"
"If you believe I am all-powerful, then you cannot hurt me. If, however, I am telling the truth .. and I .. am mortal .. you will kill me. But if the only proof you will believe is my death, then shoot."
	-- Picard in ST:TNG "Who Watches The Watchers"

"The Bonding"

"Did they also teach that every Klingon hopes to die in the line of duty as your mother did ?"

	-- Worf to Jeremy Aster in ST:TNG "The Bonding"

"Booby Trap"

Picard: "Didn't anybody here build ships in bottles when they were boys?"
Worf: "I did not play with toys."
Data: "I was never a boy."
O'Brien: "I did, sir."
Picard: "Thank you, Mr. O'Brien. .. Proceed."

	-- Picard, Worf, Data and O'Brien in ST:TNG "Booby Trap"
"As a woman, what's the first thing you look at ?" [in a man]
"His head."
"His mind. Of course."
"No, his head. I am attracted to bald men."
"Why ?"
"Maybe because a bald man was kind to me once. When I was hurting. Took care of me."
	-- Geordi and Guinan in ST:TNG "Booby Trap"
"I just don't get it, Guinan. I can field strip a fusion reactor. I can realign a power transfer tunnel. Why can't I make anything work with a woman like Christy? It's like .. I don't know what to do. I don't know what to say."
"You're doing fine with me."
"You're different."
"No, you're different."
"But I'm not trying now."
"That's my point."
	-- Geordi and Guinan in ST:TNG "Booby Trap"
"Commander. We should be going like a bat out of hell."
	-- Geordi in ST:TNG "Booby Trap"
"Great, another woman who won't get personal with me on the Holodeck."
	-- Geordi in ST:TNG "Booby Trap"
"I am not used to having people question my judgement."
"And I'm not used to dying."
	-- Doctor Brahms and Geordi in ST:TNG "Booby Trap"
"Don't go away. I mean, Computer, save program."
	-- Geordi in ST:TNG "Booby Trap"

"The Enemy"

"Shoes are getting full of sand. I just hate that, don't you?"

	-- Geordi in ST:TNG "The Enemy"
"I never lie when I've got sand in my shoes, Commodore."
	-- Geordi in ST:TNG "The Enemy"
"Welcome to Galorndon Core, where no good deed goes unpunished."
	-- Geordi in ST:TNG "The Enemy"
"Lieutenant, I understand your feelings about the Romulans. But this is not the time or the place."
"If you had seen them kill your parents, you would understand, Doctor, it is always the time and place for those feelings."
	-- Beverly and Worf in ST:TNG "The Enemy"
"Without it [the VISOR] you are blind ?"
"How did this happen ?"
"I was born that way."
"And your parents let you live?"
	-- Bochra and Geordi in ST:TNG "The Enemy"
"If the situation were reversed, would you not die to avoid capture?"
"I don't know, I might. If I thought it was necessary, if the stakes were high enough,, but they'd have to be pretty damn high. I guess I'd make a pretty lousy Romulan."
"I no more wish to die than you do."
"Bochra, there are times when it's necessary to die for one's ideals. Do you believe this is one of those times ?"
	-- Bochra and Geordi in ST:TNG "The Enemy"
"For what it's worth, I understand your bitterness."
"With respect, sir, you cannot."
	-- Riker and Worf in ST:TNG "The Enemy"
"I am asked to give up the very lifeblood of my mother and my father to those who murdered them.
"So you blame all Romulans for that?"
"Forever ? What if someday the Federation made peace with the Romulans?"
"That's what your people said a few years ago, about humans. .. Think how many died on both sides in that war. Would you and I be here now like this? If we hadn't been able to let go of the anger and the blame. Where does it end, Worf? If that Romulan dies, does his family carry the bitterness on another generation ?"
"Then you believe I should."
"What I believe, doesn't matter."
	-- Worf and Riker in ST:TNG "The Enemy"
"Commander, both our ships are ready to fight. We have two extremely powerful and destructive arsenals at our command. Our next actions will have serious repercussions."
	-- Picard in ST:TNG "The Enemy"
"I assure you, I intended no deception."
"Of course not."
"You doubt my good faith ?"
"Let's just say my faith would be strengthened by a gesture from you. Such as powering down your disruptors."
	-- Tomalak and Picard in ST:TNG "The Enemy"
"Close call."
"Too close, Number One. Brinkmanship is a dangerous game."
	-- Riker and Picard in ST:TNG "The Enemy"

"The Price"

"God forbid I should miss my first look at the wormhole."

	-- Troi in ST:TNG "The Price"
Goss: "My name is Daimon Goss. And these are my counsels Kole and Doctor Arridor. We'll need chairs."
Picard: "I'm Captain Picard of the Enterprise. I am serving as host for these proceedings."
Goss: "Good. Then see to it we get some chairs."
Picard: "Let me explain."
Goss: "Fine, fine. Just have your Klingon servant get us some chairs."
Worf: "I'm in charge of security."
Goss: "Then who gets the chairs?"
Picard: "Daimon, due to the delicate nature of these negotiations, all parties have agreed that one representative will suffice. Now, I will be happy to provide your counsels with accommodations, and you may have MY chair."
	-- Daimon Goss, Picard and Worf in ST:TNG "The Price"
"I never play the opening rounds anyway, inconsequential. Besides, there are much better things to negotiate on this ship. Like dinner tonight?"
"What about your travelling companion?"
"My travelling companion is .. travelling. I sent her home."
"Why ?"
"You know why."
	-- Devinoni Ral and Troi, "The Price"
"You must play poker, Commander."
"Poker? That a game of some sort?"
	-- Doctor Mendoza and Riker in ST:TNG "The Price"
"Doctor, you surprise me. I have no wish to kill anyone. A short term crippling will suffice."
	-- Daimon Goss in ST:TNG "The Price"
"Am I moving too fast for you?"
"No, I'm moving too fast for me."
"I like that better."
"I haven't been able to stop thinking about you all day."
"You must have had a nice day."
"Anticipation is fun."
	-- Devinoni Ral and Troi in ST:TNG "The Price"
"A card game doesn't exactly prepare me for this."
"Yes, the stakes are higher, but then isn't that where the game gets interesting, Commander?"
	-- Riker and Picard in ST:TNG "The Price"
"You know, you are very good at this. Very good. Much better than you realize."
"No, I hope I am better than you realize."
	-- Devinoni Ral and Riker in ST:TNG "The Price"
"Deanna is just the woman to bring some meaning to your sorry existence, if you're smart enough to take it. I doubt that you are."
	-- Riker in ST:TNG "The Price"

"The Vengeance Factor"

"Captain, I am detecting life readings from the planet surface. As well as several small areas of thermal radiation and carbondioxide emissions indicative of combustion."
"Camp fires, Data."
"Is that not what I said ?"

	-- Data and Wesley in ST:TNG "The Vengeance Factor"
"Your ambushes would be more successful if you bathed more often."
	-- Worf in ST:TNG "The Vengeance Factor"

"The Defector"

"You are lucky this is not a Klingon ship. We know how to deal with spies."

	-- Worf to Jarok in ST:TNG "The Defector"
"You find something amusing?"
"Lieutenant Worf. I like him. To be more accurate I understand him, Warrior .. proud, fearless, living only for combat. Exactly the type that will get us all killed if we're not careful."
	-- Riker and Jarok in ST:TNG "The Defector"
"Oh, what a fool I've been to come looking for courage in a lair of cowards."
	-- Jarok in ST:TNG "The Defector"
"One world's butcher is another world's hero. Perhaps I am neither one."
	-- Jarok in ST:TNG "The Defector"
"You've made your choices, sir! You're a traitor! Now, if the bitter taste of that is unpalatable to you, I am truly sorry. But I will not risk my crew because you think you can dance on the edge of the Neutral Zone."
	-- Picard in ST:TNG "The Defector"
"I .. will never see my child smile again. She will grow up believing that her father is a traitor, but she will grow up. If you act, Picard, if we stop this war before it begins."
	-- Jarok in ST:TNG "The Defector"
"You see, Picard, after we dissect your Enterprise for every precious bit of information, I intend to display its broken hull in the center of the Romulan capitol as a symbol of our victory. It will inspire our armies for generations to come. And serve as a warning to any other traitor who would create ripples of disloyalty."
	-- Tomalak in ST:TNG "The Defector"
"I urge you, Captain Picard, surrender. Consider the men and women you would lead into a lost cause."
"If the cause is just and honorable, they are prepared to give their lives. Are you prepared to die today, Tomalak?"
"I expected more than an idle threat."
"Then you shall have it. Mr. Worf."
	-- Tomalak and Picard in ST:TNG "The Defector"
"You will still not survive our assault."
"And you will not survive ours. Shall we die together?"
	-- Tomalak and Picard in ST:TNG "The Defector"

"The Hunted"

"I am afraid the prisoner has eluded us, sir."
"Eluded the Enterprise ?"

	-- Data and Picard in ST:TNG "The Hunted"
"'Matter of internal security', the age old cry of the oppressor."
	-- Picard in ST:TNG "The Hunted"
"Danar! You ARE cunning. You must have Klingon blood."
	-- Worf in ST:TNG "The Hunted"
"You were programmed to survive. You can survive at the Luna V settlement."
"To survive is not enough! To simply exist is not enough."
	-- Nayrok and Roga Danar in ST:TNG "The Hunted"
"I have all the information I need for my report. Your prisoner has been returned to you, and you have a decision to make .. whether to try and force them back or welcome them home. In your words, this is not our affair. We cannot interfere in the natural course of your society's development. And I'd say it's going to develop significantly in the next few minutes."
	-- Picard in ST:TNG "The Hunted"

"The High Ground"

Picard: "Why her?"
Worf: "Sir, I believe she was the intended target of the abduction."
Riker: "Why would they want to take a Federation hostage? Their fight doesn't involve us."
Worf: "It does now."

	-- Picard, Worf and Riker in ST:TNG "The High Ground"
"History has shown us that strength may be useless when faced with terrorism."
	-- Picard in ST:TNG "The High Ground"
"How do I combat an enemy that fails to register on any scanner, until they're literally standing in front of you, pointing a phaser at your head?"
	-- Alexana Devos in ST:TNG "The High Ground"
"You don't sound very optimistic."
"I know my enemy, Commander. They don't leave much room for optimism."
	-- Riker and Alexana Devos in ST:TNG "The High Ground"
"What's the point of not eating? You're the only one who's suffering. Do I look like it's bothering me? .. Okay, it's bothering me."
	-- Finn to Beverly in ST:TNG "The High Ground"
"Believe it or not, I always considered myself moderate."
"What changed your mind?"
"Being stationed here for six months. Watching the body count grow. The three assassination attempts on my life."
"Well, that'll change your point of view."
	-- Alexana Devos and Riker in ST:TNG "The High Ground"
"In a world where children blow up children, everyone's a threat."
	-- Alexana Devos in ST:TNG "The High Ground"
"Beverly, it is our obligation to think of escape."
"He's prepared to kill you."
"An excellent reason to escape."
	-- Picard and Beverly in ST:TNG "The High Ground"
"Already another one to take his place. It never ends."
"He could've killed you. He didn't. Maybe the end begins with one boy putting down his gun."
	-- Alexana Devos and Riker in ST:TNG "The High Ground"

"Deja Q"

"I stand before you defrocked. Condemned to be a member of this lowest of species. A normal, imperfect, lumpen human being."

	-- Q in ST:TNG "Deja Q"
Data: "Sir, he is reading as fully human."
Q: "What is there, an echo in here?"
Troi: "I am sensing an emotional presence, Captain. I would normally describe it as being terrified."
Q: "How rude."
	-- Data, Q, and Troi in ST:TNG "Deja Q"
Q: "I have no powers. Q, the ordinary."
Picard: "Q, the liar, Q, the misanthrope."
Q: "Q, the miserable, Q, the desperate! What must I do to convince you people?"
Worf: "Die."
Q: "Oh, very clever, Worf. Eat any good books lately?"
	-- Q, Picard, and Worf in ST:TNG "Deja Q"
"Mister Worf, throw him in the Brig."
"Delighted, Captain."
	-- Picard and Worf in ST:TNG "Deja Q"
"You will walk or I will carry you."
"Given the option, I'll .. I'll walk."
	-- Worf and Q in ST:TNG "Deja Q"
"It was a mistake. I never should've picked human. I knew it the moment I said it. To think of a future in this shell, forced to cover myself with a fabric because of some outdated human morality. To say nothing of being too hot or too cold, growing feeble with age, losing my hair, catching a disease, being ticklish, sneezing, having an itch, a pimple, *bad breath*." [To Worf] "Having to bathe."
"Too bad!"
	-- Q and Worf in ST:TNG "Deja Q"
"'Klingon'! I should have said 'Klingon'. In my heart of hearts, I am a Klingon, Worf."
	-- Q in ST:TNG "Deja Q"
"Be quiet! Or disappear back where you came from."
"I can't disappear .. any more than you can win a beauty contest."
	-- Worf and Q in ST:TNG "Deja Q"
"Truthfully, Jean-Luc, I've been entirely preoccupied by a most frightening experience of my own. A couple of hours ago, I realized that my body was no longer functioning properly. I felt weak. I could no longer stand. The life was oozing out of me. I lost consciousness."
"You fell asleep."
	-- Q and Picard in ST:TNG "Deja Q"
"This is getting on my nerves, now that I have them!"
	-- Q in ST:TNG "Deja Q"
Q: "This is incredible."
Geordi: "You see something here, Q?"
Q: "I think I just hurt my back. I'm feeling pain. I don't like it. Uh, what's the right thing to say? 'Ow'?" Data and Geordi: "Ow."
Q: "OW! I can't straighten up."
	-- Q, Data and Geordi in ST:TNG "Deja Q"
"Can you recommend a way to counter the effect?"
"Simple. Change the gravitational constant of the universe."
	-- Data and Q in ST:TNG "Deja Q"
"Ow, I think."
"Now what?"
"There's something wrong with my stomach."
"It hurts?"
"It's making noises."
"Maybe you're hungry."
	-- Q and Beverly in ST:TNG "Deja Q"
"They simply have no sense of humor. A character flaw with which you can personally identify."
"I say we turn him over to them."
"Oh, well, I take it back. You do have a sense of humor, a dreadful one at that."
	-- Q and Riker in ST:TNG "Deja Q"
"Who does he think he is, giving me orders?"
"Geordi thinks he is in command here, and he is correct."
	-- Q and Data in ST:TNG "Deja Q"
"There are creatures in the universe who would consider you the ultimate achievement, android. No feelings, no emotions, no pain. And yet you covet those qualities of humanity. Believe me, you are missing nothing. But if it means anything to you, you're a better human than I."
	-- Q in ST:TNG "Deja Q"
"It's a perfectly good shuttlecraft."
	-- Picard in ST:TNG "Deja Q"
"I'm forgiven! My brothers and sisters of the Continuum have taken me back. I'm immortal again! Omnipotent again!"
	-- Q and Riker in ST:TNG "Deja Q"

"A Matter Of Perspective"

Geordi: "Then the pieces just started falling together."
Data: "We now know what is causing the bursts and why the science station exploded, sir."
Wesley: "And we also know who killed Doctor Apgar."

	-- Geordi, Data and Wesley in ST:TNG "A Matter Of Perspective"

"Yesterday's Enterprise"

"It's an Earth drink. Prune juice."
"Warrior's drink!"

	-- Guinan and Worf in ST:TNG "Yesterday's Enterprise"
"You always drink alone. It wouldn't hurt you to seek out a little .. companionship."
"I would require a Klingon woman for .. companionship. Earth females are too fragile."
"Not all of them. There are a few on this ship that would find you .. tame." [Laughs] "Impossible."
"You never know until you try."
"Then I will never know."
"I was merely concerned for the .. safety of my crewmates."
"Drink your prune juice."
	-- Worf and Guinan in ST:TNG "Yesterday's Enterprise"
"This is not a ship of war. This is a ship of peace."
	-- Guinan in ST:TNG "Yesterday's Enterprise"
"Captain, you need atleast another 24 hours."
"Nonsense, doctors always overprotect their patients."
"And captains always push themselves too hard."
	-- Beverly and Captain Garrett in ST:TNG "Yesterday's Enterprise"
"Sir, if you would like my opinion--"
"I think I'm aware of your opinion, Commander. This is a briefing, I'm not seeking your consent."
	-- Riker and Picard in ST:TNG "Yesterday's Enterprise"
"Who knows if we're even dead or alive."
	-- Geordi in ST:TNG "Yesterday's Enterprise"
"To be honest with you, Picard, a significant number of my crewmembers have expressed a desire to return even knowing the odds. Some because they can't bear to live without their loved ones. Some because they don't like the idea of slipping out in the middle of a fight."
	-- Captain Garrett in ST:TNG "Yesterday's Enterprise"
"One more ship will make no difference in the here and now, but 22 years ago one ship could have stopped this war before it started."
	-- Picard in ST:TNG "Yesterday's Enterprise"
"Let's make sure history never forgets the name .. 'Enterprise'."
	-- Picard in ST:TNG "Yesterday's Enterprise"
"Federation ship Enterprise, surrender and prepare to be boarded."
"That'll be the day."
	-- Klingon Commander and Picard in ST:TNG "Yesterday's Enterprise"

"The Offspring"

Troi: "It's not like Data to be so secretive."
Wesley: "And cautious. He's got that lab locked every minute."
Geordi: "Now how would you know that?"

	-- Troi, Wesley and Geordi in ST:TNG "The Offspring"
"Data, I would like to have been consulted."
"I have not observed anyone else on board consulting you about their procreation, Captain."
	-- Picard and Data in ST:TNG "The Offspring"
"I fail to understand how a five-foot android with heuristic learning systems and the strength of ten men can be called a child."
"You've never been a parent."
	-- Picard and Troi in ST:TNG "The Offspring"
"Why is the sky black?"
	-- Lal in ST:TNG "The Offspring"
"I can give her attention, Doctor, but I am incapable of giving her love."
"Now why do I find that so hard to believe?"
	-- Data and Beverly in ST:TNG "The Offspring"
"Father says that I would learn a great deal from working with someone as old as you."
".. You are hired."
	-- Lal and Guinan in ST:TNG "The Offspring"
"What are they doing?"
"It's called flirting."
"They seem to be communicating telepathically."
"They're both thinking the same thing, if that's what you mean."
	-- Lal and Guinan in ST:TNG "The Offspring"
"Guinan, is the joining of hands a symbolic act for humans?"
"It shows affection. Humans like to touch each other. They start with the hands, and go from there."
"He's biting that female!"
"No, he's not biting her. They're pressing lips together. It's called 'kissing'."
"Why are they leaving?"
"Lal, there are some things your father's just going to have to explain to you when he thinks you're ready."
	-- Lal and Guinan in ST:TNG "The Offspring"
"Commander, what are your intentions toward my daughter?"
"Your daughter? Nice to meet you."
	-- Data and Riker in ST:TNG "The Offspring"
"Captain, are we talking about breaking up a family? Isn't that a rather sentimental attitude about androids?"
"They are living, sentient beings. Their rights and privileges in our society have been defined, I helped define them."
	-- Admiral Haftel and Picard in ST:TNG "The Offspring"
"She is capable of running over sixty-trillion calculations a second, and you have her working as a cocktail waitress."
	-- Admiral Haftel in ST:TNG "The Offspring"
"Lal is my child. You ask that I volunteer to give her up. I cannot. It would violate every lesson I have learned about human parenting. I have brought a new life into this world and it is my duty, not Starfleet's, to guide her through these difficult steps to maturity. To support her as she learns. To prepare her to be a contributing member of society. No one can relieve me from that obligation. And I cannot ignore it. I am .. her father."
	-- Data in ST:TNG "The Offspring"
"There are times, sir, when men of good conscience cannot blindly follow orders. You acknowledge their sentience, but you ignore their personal liberties .. and freedom. Order a man to hand his child over to the state. Not while I'm his captain."
	-- Picard in ST:TNG "The Offspring"
"A malfunction .. emotional awareness."
	-- Picard in ST:TNG "The Offspring"

"Sins Of The Father"

"One does not patronize a Klingon warrior."

	-- Riker in ST:TNG "Sins Of The Father"
"This is not a Klingon ship, sir."
"No, Commander, it is not. If it were a Klingon ship, I would have killed you for offering your suggestion."
	-- Riker and Kurn in ST:TNG "Sins Of The Father"
"Are you adjusting to your new environment, Commander?"
"I find the constraints a bit difficult to conform to. Just a short while ago I had to stop myself from killing Commander Riker."
	-- Troi and Kurn in ST:TNG "Sins Of The Father"
"No offense, sir."
"None taken. I never killed anyone at the supper table, Mister LaForge."
	-- Geordi and Kurn in ST:TNG "Sins Of The Father"
"I am a Klingon. If you doubt it, a demonstration can be arranged."
"That is the response of a Klingon. The response I would expect .. from my older brother."
	-- Worf and Kurn in ST:TNG "Sins Of The Father"
"On this ship, you are my commander and I obey. In Council Chambers, you are my cha'DIch. You do not insist, you obey."
	-- Worf in ST:TNG "Sins Of The Father"
"You claim a birthright you have forsaken?"
"I have not forsaken my heritage. I am Klingon. My heart is of this world. My blood is as yours."
	-- Duras and Worf in ST:TNG "Sins Of The Father"
"It is a good day to die, Duras, and the day is not yet over."
	-- Worf in ST:TNG "Sins Of The Father"
"This is not your world, human. You do not command here."
"I'm not here to command."
"Then you must be ready to fight .. something Starfleet does not teach you!"
"You may test that assumption at your convenience."
	-- Duras and Picard in ST:TNG "Sins Of The Father"
"It is too dangerous, you must not go alone."
"Hey, I'm your cha'DIch."
	-- Worf and Picard in ST:TNG "Sins Of The Father"
"It is good to see you again."
"You are still fat, K'Mpec."
	-- K'Mpec and Kahlest in ST:TNG "Sins Of The Father"
"There will be another day, Commander. Do not forget what he does here today. Do not let your children forget."
	-- Picard to Kurn in ST:TNG "Sins Of The Father"


"As far as I know, I am perfectly healthy."

	-- Fake-Picard to Beverly in ST:TNG "Allegiance"
"The replica was convincing ?"
"Very convincing, but .. not perfect."
"Not perfect in what way ?"
"Well, sir. I find it hard to believe that you are that good a singer."
"Singer ? .. I look forward to reading you report. At least I think I do."
	-- Picard and Riker in ST:TNG "Allegiance"

"Captain's Holiday"

"Tell me, number one. Is the entire crew aware of this little scheme to send me off on holiday ?"
"I believe there are two ensigns stationed in deck 39 who know nothing about it."

	-- Picard and Riker in ST:TNG "Captain's Holiday"
Riker: "Have I mentioned how imaginative the Raisian women are, sir ?"
Troi: "Too often, Commander."
	-- Riker to Picard in ST:TNG "Captain's Holiday"
"She is a greedy and unscrupulous woman.. A perfect mate for a Ferengi."
	-- Sovak to Picard about Vash in ST:TNG "Captain's Holiday"
"Promise me you will try and stay out of trouble."
"I always try .."
	-- Picard and Vash in ST:TNG "Captain's Holiday"
"I told you he'd have a great time."
	-- Riker in ST:TNG "Captain's Holiday"

"Tin Man"

"Individually they were both so .."
"Wounded, isolated."
"Yes, but no longer. Through joining, they have been healed. Grief has been transmuted to joy, lonelyness to belonging."

	-- Data and Troi [about Tam and Gomtu] in ST:TNG "Tin Man"

"Hollow Pursuits"

"Good, I look forward to your report, Mister broccoli. .. Barclay."

	-- Picard in ST:TNG "Hollow Pursuits"
"I mean, I .. I am the guy who writes down things to remember to say when there's a party, and then when he finally gets there, he winds up alone, in the corner, trying to look comfortable examining a potted plant."
	-- Lieutenant Barclay ST:TNG "Hollow Pursuits"

"The Most Toys"

"Well, I always thought he would outlive us, by centuries."

	-- Geordi about Data in ST:TNG "The Most Toys"
"'He was a man .. take him for all in all .. we shall not look upon his like again.'"
	-- Picard in ST:TNG "The Most Toys"
"It must give you great pleasure."
"No, sir. It does not. I do not feel pleasure. I am only an android."
	-- Kivas Fajo and Data in ST:TNG "The Most Toys"


"Is it logical for a Vulcan to cry ?"

	-- Picard to Sarek in ST:TNG "Sarek"

"Menage A Troi"

"Oh, Jean-Luc, Jean-Luc! Come, have a drink with me, tell me what you have been up to."
"Perhaps later Lwaxana. Mister Data and I were about to show Raittan Grax the .. the new door-mechanisms on the aft turbo lifts, if you excuse us."

	-- Lwaxana Troi and Picard in ST:TNG "Menage A Troi"
"The sacred chalice of Rixx is an old clay pot with mould growing inside it."
	-- Deanna to Lwaxana Troi in ST:TNG "Menage A Troi"
"Almost incomprehensible the amount of energy being expended."
"Actually, it is 5.34 times 10 to the 41st Watts, sir. Well within the norm for this type of phenomenon."
	-- Picard and Data in ST:TNG "Menage A Troi"
"Mister Crusher, set course for Betazed. .. Warp nine."
	-- Picard in ST:TNG "Menage A Troi"


"I have much to teach you about women."

	-- Worf to Geordi in ST:TNG "Transfigurations"
Geordi: "Christy, you are not leaving, are you ?"
Christy: "I was just on my way down to the arboretum."
Geordi: "Would you care for some company ?"
Christy: "I would love some, but I didn't know you are interested in that kind of thing."
Geordi: "There are a lot of things you don't know about me." [They leave.] Worf [to Data]: "I have been tutoring him. He learns very quickly."
	-- Geordi, Christy Henshaw and Worf in ST:TNG "Transfigurations"

"The Best Of Both Worlds"

"This is the third time we've pulled out the captain's chair for Riker. He just won't sit down."

	-- Admiral Hanson in ST:TNG "The Best Of Both Worlds"
"Early bird [gets the worm]? I believe Commander Shelby erred. There is no evidence of avian or crawling vermicular lifeforms on Jure IV."
	-- Data in ST:TNG "The Best Of Both Worlds"
"Data was available. I took him. We came."
	-- Lt. Commander Shelby in ST:TNG "The Best Of Both Worlds"
"Will, what the hell are you still doing here?"
	-- Picard in ST:TNG "The Best Of Both Worlds"
"Will, you're ready to work without a net. You're ready to take command. And you know, the Enterprise will go on just fine without you."
	-- Picard in ST:TNG "The Best Of Both Worlds"
"You do an end run around me again, I'll snap you back so hard you think you are a first-year cadet again."
	-- Riker to Shelby in ST:TNG "The Best Of Both Worlds"
"All you know how to do is play it safe."
	-- Lt. Commander Shelby in ST:TNG "The Best Of Both Worlds"
"If you cannot make the big decisions, Commander, I suggest you make room for someone who can."
	-- Lt. Commander Shelby in ST:TNG "The Best Of Both Worlds"
"It's something of a tradition, Guinan, captain touring the ship before a battle."
"Before a hopeless battle, if I remember the tradition correctly."
"Not necessarily. Nelson toured the H.M.S. Victory before Trafalgar."
"Yes, but Nelson never returned from Trafalgar, did he?"
"No, but the battle was won."
	-- Picard and Guinan in ST:TNG "The Best Of Both Worlds"
Data: "We were unable to retrieve him, sir. The captain has been altered by the Borg."
Riker: "'Altered'?"
Worf: "He is a Borg!"
	-- Data, Riker and Worf in ST:TNG "The Best Of Both Worlds"
"I am Locutus, of Borg. Resistance is futile. Your life, as it has been, is over. From this time forward, you will service .. us."
	-- Locutus in ST:TNG "The Best Of Both Worlds"

Season 4

"The Best Of Both Worlds - Part II"

"I like my species the way it is."
"A narrow vision. You will become one with the Borg. You will all become one with the Borg."

	-- Riker and Locutus in ST:TNG "The Best Of Both Worlds - Part II"
"The knowledge and experience of the human, Picard, is part of us now. It has prepared us for all possible courses of action. Your resistence is hopeless .. Number One."
	-- Locutus in ST:TNG "The Best Of Both Worlds - Part II"
"Lieutenant, a few years ago, I watched a freshman cadet pass four upperclassmen on the last hill of the forty-kilometer run at Delulin II. The damnest thing I ever saw, the only freshman to ever win the Academy Marathon. I made it my business to get to know that young fellow, and get to know him very, very well. And I'll tell you something. I never met anyone with more drive and determination or more courage than Jean-Luc Picard. And there is no way in hell that he would assist the Borg."
	-- Admiral Hansen in ST:TNG "The Best Of Both Worlds - Part II"
"Commander Riker, I hereby promote you to the field commission of captain. The Enterprise is your ship now. Congratulations."
	-- Admiral Hansen in ST:TNG "The Best Of Both Worlds - Part II"
"Commander, we don't have to like each other to work well together. As a matter of fact, I'd like you to continue to keep me on my toes."
"Sir, I like to find that as the role of a first officer."
"Damn, you are ambitious, aren't you Shelby?"
	-- Riker and Shelby in ST:TNG "The Best Of Both Worlds - Part II"
"Commander Shelby, prepare to initiate your plan to separate the saucer section when we find the Borg."
"Sir, I must remind you that Captain Picard was briefed on that plan. The Borg will be prepared for it."
"I'm aware of that, Commander. In fact, I'm counting on it."
"Crusher, Carteno, Gleason, report to the battle-bridge."
"Mister Data, Mister Worf, I have a special mission for you."
	-- Riker and Shelby in ST:TNG "The Best Of Both Worlds - Part II"
"Once he was wired into the Borg, they knew everything that he knew. I just hope it goes both ways."
	-- Riker in ST:TNG "The Best Of Both Worlds - Part II"
"A futile maneuver. Incorrect strategy, Number One, to risk your crew and ship to retrieve only one man. Picard would never have approved. You underestimate us, if you believe this abduction is any concern."
	-- Locutus in ST:TNG "The Best Of Both Worlds - Part II"
"As long as these Borg implants are functioning, there's no way I can separate the man from the machine."
"Then perhaps, there is a way I can access the machine, Doctor."
	-- Beverly and Data in ST:TNG "The Best Of Both Worlds - Part II"
"Ensign Crusher, at their current speed, when will they reach Earth?"
"Twenty-seven minutes."
"The soonest we can intercept?" [Sighs] "Forty-two minutes, sir."
	-- Riker and Wesley in ST:TNG "The Best Of Both Worlds - Part II"
"At what point should I shut it down if there's a problem?"
"I do not know. I have never done this before."
	-- O'Brien and Data in ST:TNG "The Best Of Both Worlds - Part II"
"Fascinating. The Borg group consciousness is divided into subcommands, necessary to carry out all functions. Defense, communications, navigation. They are all controlled by a root command."
	-- Data in ST:TNG "The Best Of Both Worlds - Part II"
"Sir, what command shall I attempt to plant?"
"Something straightforward, like 'Disarm your weapons systems.'"
	-- Data and Riker in ST:TNG "The Best Of Both Worlds - Part II"
"Mister Data, what the hell happened?"
"I successfully planted a command into the Borg collective consciousness. It misdirected them to believe that it was time to regenerate. In effect, I put them all to sleep."
"To sleep?"
"Yes, sir."
	-- Riker and Data in ST:TNG "The Best Of Both Worlds - Part II"
"How do you feel?"
"Almost human .. with just .. a bit of a headache."
	-- Troi and Picard in ST:TNG "The Best Of Both Worlds - Part II"
"How much do you remember?"
"Everything. .. including some brilliantly unorthodox strategy from .. a former first officer of mine."
	-- Riker and Picard in ST:TNG "The Best Of Both Worlds - Part II"
"I imagine you'll have your choice of any Starfleet command, sir."
"Everyone is so concerned about my next job. With all due respect, Commander," [To Picard] "Sir, my career plans are my own business, and no one else's. But it's nice to know I have a few options."
"I hope I have the fortune of serving with you again, sir."
	-- Shelby and Riker in ST:TNG "The Best Of Both Worlds - Part II"


"Don't call me 'sir'. I used to work for a living."

	-- Sergey Rozhenko to O'Brien in ST:TNG "Family"
"You are my nephew, Jean-Luc, from the starship Enterprise."
"Then you must be my uncle Rene."
"I am not your uncle, it's the otherway around."
"Too bad, I rather enjoyed the idea."
	-- Rene and Picard in ST:TNG "Family"
"They took everything I was! They used me to kill .. and to destroy .. and I couldn't stop them! I should've been able to stop them. I TRIED SO HARD!"
	-- Picard in ST:TNG "Family"


"One Seven Three Four Six Seven Three Two One Four Seven Six Charlie Three Two Seven Eight Nine Seven Seven Seven Six Four Three Tango Seven Three Two Victor Seven Three One One Seven Eight Eight Eight Seven Three Two Four Seven Six Seven Eight Nine Seven Six Four Three Seven Six LOCK."

	-- Data in ST:TNG "Brothers"
"I am not less perfect than Lore ?"
	-- Data in ST:TNG "Brothers"
"Often-Wrong's got a broken heart .. can't even tell his boys apart."
	-- Lore in ST:TNG "Brothers"
"You know that I cannot grieve for you, sir."
"You will .. in your own way."
	-- Data and Doctor Soong in ST:TNG "Brothers"
"They're brothers, Data. Brothers forgive."
	-- Beverly in ST:TNG "Brothers"

"Suddenly Human"

"This is called a banana split. It's quite possibly one of the greatest things in the universe."

	-- Wesley in ST:TNG "Suddenly Human"
"I fail to understand why this is amusing."
"Access your databanks under humor, subheading slapstick."
"Comedy stressing farce and horseplay. Aw. This no doubt is a variation on pie in the face. "
"Now do you see what's funny ?"
"No, sir, but I will take your word for it. This is very amusing."
	-- Data and Riker in ST:TNG "Suddenly Human"

"Remember Me"

"Wes, time the experiment is over. I want my warp engines back now."
"I'm almost done, Commander."
"'Almost' isn't good enough. You want to be the one to explain when the captain says 'engage' and we just sit here ?"

	-- Geordi and Wesley in ST:TNG "Remember Me"
"Worf, the big guy who never smiles. The Klingon!"
"Will Riker, your first officer! He's .. he's very good at playing poker! Loves to cook .. he listens to jazz music .. plays the trombone!"
"Commander Data, the android who sits at Ops. Dreams of being human .. never gets the punchline of a joke!"
"Deanna Troi, your ship's counselor. Half Betazoid, loves chocolate. The arrival of her mother makes you shudder!"
"O'Brien, Geordi, Worf, Wesley .. my son! They all have been the living, breathing heart of this ship for over three years! They deserve more than to be shrugged off .. brushed aside, just pinched out of existence like that! They all do. They deserve so much more."
	-- Beverly in ST:TNG "Remember Me"
"We will start with the assumption that I am NOT crazy. If I am, it won't matter one way or the other."
	-- Beverly in ST:TNG "Remember Me"
"If there's nothing wrong with ME .. maybe there's something wrong with the universe."
	-- Beverly in ST:TNG "Remember Me"
"Here's a question you shouldn't be able to answer: Computer, what is the nature of the universe ?"
"The universe is a spheroid region, 7 hundred and 5 meters in diameter."
	-- Beverly and Computer in ST:TNG "Remember Me"
Beverly: "Jean-Luc, if I might ask, how many people are there on board ?"
Picard: "1014, including your guest, Doctor Quaice."
Geordi: "Is there something wrong with that count, Doctor ?"
Beverly: "No, that's the exact number there should be."
	-- Beverly, Picard and Geordi in ST:TNG "Remember Me"


"You two have successfully divided the evening between you." [Poker game]
"I suspect conspiracy.. but far be it from me to accuse my superior officers."

	-- Troi and Worf [about Data and Riker] in ST:TNG "Legacy"
"Did she talk at all about the colony ?"
"Only to say that she was lucky to escape.
"It wasn't luck, it was cowardice."
"Cowardice is a term I have never heard applied to Tasha."
	-- Ishara Yar and Data [about Tasha] in ST:TNG "Legacy"
"I don't want to kill you, Data .. but I will."
	-- Ishara Yar in ST:TNG "Legacy"
"In all trust there is the possibility of betrayal. I'm not sure you were prepared for that."
"Were you prepared, sir ?"
"I don't think anybody ever is."
"Then it is better not to trust."
"Without trust, there's no friendship, no closeness, none of the emotional bonds that make us who we are."
"And yet you put yourself at risk."
"Every single time."
	-- Riker and Data in ST:TNG "Legacy"


"My dishonor among Klingons may offend Ambassador K'Ehleyr."
"Lieutenant, you are a member of this crew and you will not go into hiding whenever a Klingon vessel uncloaks."
"I withdraw my request, sir."

	-- Worf and Picard in ST:TNG "Reunion"
"Not even a bite on the cheek for old times' sake ?"
	-- K'Ehleyr to Worf in ST:TNG "Reunion"
"One hour! What is the delay ?"
"There is no delay. It is the time I have chosen."
	-- Duras and Picard in ST:TNG "Reunion"
"Is that it? Just official concern for my well-being."
"You know my feelings."
"Maybe I've forgotten."
	-- K'Ehleyr to Worf in ST:TNG "Reunion"
Worf: "What did your investigations reveal about the explosion ?"
Duras: "It was a bomb."
Worf: "And was your analysis just as insightful ?"
Gowron: "It was a common explosive."
	-- Worf, Duras and Gowron in ST:TNG "Reunion"

"Future Imperfect"

"So, what did you wish for, Will ?"
"Music lessons."

	-- Troi and Riker in ST:TNG "Future Imperfect"
"I said shut up! As in 'Close your mouth and stop talking'."
	-- Riker to Holo-Picard in ST:TNG "Future Imperfect"

"Final Mission"

"What are you doing in such a filthy uniform ?"
"You don't look so ship-shape yourself, sir."

	-- Picard and Wesley in ST:TNG "Final Mission"

"The Loss"

"What ? No seconds ?"
"I have discovered, sir, a certain level of impatience when I calculate a lengthy time interval to the nearest second. However, if you wish .. "

	-- Riker and Data in ST:TNG "The Loss"
"With all due respect, captain. You don't know what you are talking about."
	-- Deanna Troi in ST:TNG "The Loss"

"Data's Day"

"I have good news. Keiko has a made a decision designed to increase her happiness. She has cancelled the wedding."

	-- Data in ST:TNG "Data's Day"
"I don't want to be known as the 'Dancing Doctor' .. again."
	-- Beverly in ST:TNG "Data's Day"
"They don't do a lot of tap dancing at weddings."
	-- Beverly in ST:TNG "Data's Day"
"There may be a correlation between humor and sex. The need for more research is clearly indicated."
	-- Data in ST:TNG "Data's Day"
"I would be chasing an untamed armathoid without cause."
"A wild goose chase?"
	-- Data and Beverly in ST:TNG "Data's Day"
"Feline supplement .. 74."
	-- Data in ST:TNG "Data's Day"

"The Wounded"

"Last time I was in this sector, I was on the Stargazer running at warp speed ahead of a Cardassian warship."
"Running, Captain? You? That's hard to believe."
"Believe it."

	-- Picard and Troi in ST:TNG "The Wounded"
"What, .. what is it?"
"Kelp buds, plankton loaf, and sea berries."
"Oh. Sweetheart, I'm not a fish."
"It is very healthy. I had this each morning when I was growing up."
	-- O'Brien and Keiko in ST:TNG "The Wounded"
"But I'll make something special for you tonight. You'll love it, I promise."
"Okay. Maybe I'll have something special for you tonight too."
	-- O'Brien and Keiko in ST:TNG "The Wounded"
"You must think I've gone mad."
"The thought had occured."
	-- Captain Maxwell and Picard in ST:TNG "The Wounded"
"I will accept the judgement of history."
	-- Picard in ST:TNG "The Wounded"
"Take this message to your leaders, Gul Macet: We are watching."
	-- Picard in ST:TNG "The Wounded"

"Devil's Due"

[Ardra trasports Picard from Enterprise to Ventax II.]
"Captain Picard? Aw, captain, I wasn't expecting you here."
"Neither was I."

	-- Geordi and Picard in ST:TNG "Devil's Due"
"Then sir, may I ask you to explain this." [Makes the planet shake]
"You are out of order."
"Or this." [Makes Picard disappear]
"The advocate will refrain from making her opponent disappear."
"Or this." [Appears as the Devil] "Can you explain it, Picard ?"
"Any more disruptions and I will rule you in contempt of court. Is that understood ?"
	-- Ardra and Data as a judge in ST:TNG "Devil's Due"


"Now, this won't hurt a bit."
"Have you forgotten, Geordi, that my sensory inputs are not programmed to experience pain ?"

	-- Geordi and Data in ST:TNG "Clues"

"First Contact"

"Is this a joke ? Did Lupo and the others from the lab put you up to this ?"

	-- Mirasta Yale to Picard in ST:TNG "First Contact"
"It is far more likely that I am a weather-balloon than an alien."
	-- Riker [as Rivas Jakara] in ST:TNG "First Contact"
"I will have to say that this morning, I was the leader of the universe as I knew it. This afternoon, I am only a voice in a chorus. But I think it was a good day."
	-- Chancellor Durken in ST:TNG "First Contact"
"I believe you."
"Now, will you help me ?"
"If you make love to me."
"What ?"
"I always wanted to make love with an alien."
	-- Lanelle and Riker [as Rivas Jakara] in ST:TNG "First Contact"

"Galaxy's Child"

"Hi. .. I mean, welcome aboard, doctor Brahms. I am Lt.Commander Geordi LaForge, Chief Engineer."
"LaForge.. So you're the one who's fouled up my engine designs."

	-- Geordi and Doctor Leah Brahms in ST:TNG "Galaxy's Child"
"Captain, I'd like to announce the birth of a large baby .. something."
	-- Beverly in ST:TNG "Galaxy's Child"
"Sir, is the appellation 'Junior' to be the life-form's official name ?"
	-- Data in ST:TNG "Galaxy's Child"

"Night Terrors"

"That was Setting Number One. Anyone want to see Setting Number Two?"

	-- Guinan in ST:TNG "Night Terrors"
"Sir. As my final duty as acting captain, I order you to bed. I shall do the same for all personnel."
	-- Data in ST:TNG "Night Terrors"

"Identity Crisis"

"You are worried about Geordi, aren't you?"
"I am an android. It is not possible for me .. "
".. to feel anxiety."
"Starfleet personnel have vanished. Others may be at risk. We must do the best we can to find out why."
"However, I am .. strongly motivated to solve this mystery."

	-- Beverly and Data in ST:TNG "Identity Crisis"

"The Nth Degree"

"I couldn't even GUESS at your I.Q. level now."
"Probably somewhere between twelve-hundred and fourteen-fifty."

	-- Beverly and Barclay in ST:TNG "The Nth Degree"
"Lieutenant, you could very well be the most advanced human being who has ever lived."
	-- Beverly to Barclay in ST:TNG "The Nth Degree"
"What's he done? I mean, we're talking about locking a man up for being too smart."
	-- Geordi in ST:TNG "The Nth Degree"
Picard: "Has Mister Barclay done anything that could be considered .. potentially threatening?"
Troi: "Well, he did make a pass at me last night .. a good one!"
Geordi: "I'd hardly consider that a threat."
Troi: "No, but it's certainly unusual behavior for Barclay."
	-- Picard, Troi and Geordi in ST:TNG "The Nth Degree"


"Vash! How did you get in here ?" [Picard's quarters on the Enterprise]
"I came in through the window."

	-- Picard and Vash in ST:TNG "Qpid"
"Nice legs .. for a human."
	-- Worf about Vash in ST:TNG "Qpid"
"I've just been paid a visit from Q."
"Q? Any idea what he's up to?"
"He wants to do something nice for me."
"I'll alert the crew!"
	-- Picard and Riker in ST:TNG "Qpid"
"Sir, I protest. I am not a merry man!"
	-- Worf in ST:TNG "Qpid"
"I'll have you know I am the greatest swordsman in all of Nottingham!"
"Very impressive. .. There's something you should know."
"And what would that be?"
"I'm not from Nottingham!"
	-- Sir Guy of Gisbourne and Picard in ST:TNG "Qpid"

"The Drumhead"

"Just because there was no sabotage, doesn't mean there isn't a conspiracy on this ship."

	-- Admiral Satie to Picard in ST:TNG "The Drumhead"
"For the first link of chain is forged, the first speech censored, the first thought forbidden, the first freedom denied, chains us all irrevocably."
	-- Judge Aaron Satie [by Picard] in ST:TNG "The Drumhead"
"Villains who dwell their moustaches are easy to spot. Those who cloth themselves in good deeds are well camouflaged."
	-- Picard to Worf in ST:TNG "The Drumhead"

"Half A Life"

"Mrs. Troi. I must protest your unauthorized presence on the bridge."
"What does that little one do, Mr. Wulf ?" [Poking at the console]
"PLEASE Madam, that is a torpedo-launch initiator! .. And it is .. Mr. Worf, not Wulf."

	-- Worf and Lwaxana Troi in ST:TNG "Half A Life"
"It is true that the intellectual efficiency of higher order beings does diminish proportionally with the deprevation of nutritious fuel and .."
	-- Data in ST:TNG "Half A Life"

"The Host"

"Beverly, you are in love."
"Sometimes I wish you weren't so .. emphatic."

	-- Troi and Beverly in ST:TNG "The Host"

"The Minds Eye"

"Joking ? Ah, 'Forced to endure Raisa'. Your actual intent was to emphasize that you did enjoy yourself. Yes, I see how that can be considered quite amusing."

	-- Data in ST:TNG "The Minds Eye"
"You swear well, Picard. You must have Klingon blood in your veins."
	-- Governor Vagh in ST:TNG "The Minds Eye"

"In Theory"

"Data. If I didn't know you better, I would say you are a little .. preoccupied."
"Lt. DeSora just gave me, what would be considered a very passionate kiss in the torpedo-bay."

	-- Guinan and Data in ST:TNG "In Theory"
"Klingons do not pursue relationships. They conquer that which they desire. However, Lt. DeSora serves under my command. If she were mistreated, I would be very displeased. .. Sir."
	-- Worf to Data in ST:TNG "In Theory"
"Captain. I am seeking advice on how to--"
"Yes, I've heard, Data. And I would be delighted to offer any advice I can on understanding women. When I have some, I'll let you know."
	-- Data and Picard in ST:TNG "In Theory"
"You didn't talk to the entire ship about us ?"
"No. In actuality less than 1% of the Enterprise crew was involved."
	-- Jenna DeSora and Data in ST:TNG "In Theory"
"Honey? I'm home!"
	-- Data in ST:TNG "In Theory"


"I've been told that patience is sometimes more powerful weapon than a sword."

	-- Worf in ST:TNG "Redemption"

Season 5

"Redemption - Part II"

"By the same token, I don't think an android is a good choice for a captain."
"I understand your concerns. Request denied." [for transfer]

	-- Lt.Cmdr Christopher Hobson and Data in ST:TNG "Redemption - Part II"


".. more alien cultures I can even remember."
"I have encountered 1754 non-human races in my 10 years in Starfleet."

	-- Troi and Data in ST:TNG "Darmok"

"Ensign Ro"

"Don't you understand ? These are desperate people ready to murder themselves, they don't want to talk."

	-- Ro Laren in ST:TNG "Ensign Ro"
"Am I disturbing you ?"
"Good, you look like someone who likes to be disturbed."
"I rather be alone."
"Oh, no you wouldn't."
"I peg your pardon ?"
"If you wanted to be alone you would've stayed in your quarters."
	-- Guinan and Ensign Ro in ST:TNG "Ensign Ro"
"You are not like any bartender I met before."
"And you're not like any Starfleet officer I met before. But that sounds like the beginning of a .. very interesting friendship."
"I don't stay anywhere long enough to make friends."
"Too late. You just did. .. Excuse me."
	-- Ensign Ro and Guinan in ST:TNG "Ensign Ro"
"Why is it that every time I tell you something you tell me I mean the exact opposite."
"Because you are one of those people who's got their poles reversed."
	-- Ensign Ro and Guinan in ST:TNG "Ensign Ro"

"Silicon Avatar"

"A girlfriend ? Oh, I never knew about that. Of course, the last person he would tell was his mother. What was she like ?"
"He enjoyed her kindness, her gentleness, her physical attributes."

	-- Dr. Kyla Marr and Data in ST:TNG "Silicon Avatar"


"I'm having contractions."
"I believe that is not uncommon in late months of pregnancy."
"No, I mean CONTRACTIONS. I am going into labor."
"You can not. This is not a good time, Keiko."
"It's not open for debate. Like it or not, this baby is coming."

	-- Keiko O'Brien and Worf in ST:TNG "Disaster"
"You are doing very well. I am sure the child will arrive soon."
	-- Worf to Keiko [having a child] in ST:TNG "Disaster"
"That is not the correct port."
"You must hurry, Commander, the containment field has dropped to 16%."
"I am trying. You need a bigger head."
	-- Data and Riker in ST:TNG "Disaster"
"Congratulations. You are fully dilated to ten centimenters. You may now give birth."
	-- Worf to Keiko in ST:TNG "Disaster"
"Computer simulation was not like this. That delivery was very orderly."
"Well, I'm SORRY!"
	-- Worf and Keiko [having a child] in ST:TNG "Disaster"
"Push, Keiko. Push hard. Push, Keiko! Push, push, PUSH!"
	-- Worf and Keiko [having a child] in ST:TNG "Disaster"
"You just can't stay away from the big chair, can you ?"
"I don't think I am cut out to be captain. First officer maybe, I understand there aren't many qualifications."
	-- Riker and Troi in ST:TNG "Disaster"

"The Game"

"Chocolate ice-cream, chocolate fudge and chocolate chips. You aren't depressed, are you ?"
"I'm fine, Commander."

	-- Riker and Troi in ST:TNG "The Game"
"What was your first year like ?" [at the academy]
"Although I did extremely well scholastically, my lack of human understanding often created social obstacles."
"Like what ?"
"I particularly remember the phenomenon of practical jokes, several which I fell victim to."
	-- Wesley and Data in ST:TNG "The Game"
"Law 1: You can only count on yourself."
"Law 17: When all else fails, do it yourself."
"Law 46: Life isn't always fair."
"Law 91: Always watch your back."
	-- Robin Lefler in ST:TNG "The Game"
"A conflict has arisen between the planetary evolution team and the stellar physicists. Each wishes to be the first to use the thermal imaging array."
"Well, tell them to flip a coin. We got to work together on this mission or otherwise we'll never get it done."
"A coin. Very well, I will replicate one immediately."
	-- Data and Geordi in ST:TNG "The Game"

"Unification - Part I"

"They are not removable, are they, Data ?"
"Removable ?"
"Your ears."
"No, doctor. They are fully integrated components."

	-- Beverly and Data in ST:TNG "Unification - Part I"
"He probably figures that we don't get to see a lot of handsome women out this way and someone like you might get a little more co-operation from me. .. He's probably right. What was the name of that ship? T'Pau ?"
	-- Glim Dokachin in ST:TNG "Unification - Part I"

"Unification - Part II"

"I think I'll take this opportunity to remove my ears."

	-- Picard [as a Romulan] in ST:TNG "Unification - Part II"
"Excuse me, I am just finishing up a speech. For you, Mr. Spock. I rather enjoy writing, I don't get to do it very often in this job."
"Perhaps you would be happier in another job."
	-- Sela and Data in ST:TNG "Unification - Part II"
"I hate Vulcans! I hate the logic! I hate the arrogance!"
	-- Sela in ST:TNG "Unification - Part II"
[Data performs a Vulcan nerve-pinch on Sela.]
"Not bad."
	-- Spock to Data in ST:TNG "Unification - Part II"

"A Matter of Time"

"I came to thank you for answering my questions, though I probably should've asked you to limit yourself to 50000 words."
"You did ask me to be thrular."

	-- Rasmussen and Data in ST:TNG "A Matter of Time"
"I hate questionnaires."
	-- Worf in ST:TNG "A Matter of Time"
"To try or not to try. To take a risk or play it safe. Your arguments reminded me how precious the right to choose is. .. And because I was never the one to play it safe, I choose to try."
	-- Picard in ST:TNG "A Matter of Time"
"I assume your handprint will open this door whether you are conscious or not."
	-- Data in ST:TNG "A Matter of Time"

"New Ground"

"Klingon schools are designed to be difficult. The physical and mental hardships faced by the students are meant to built character and strength. .. However. .. If you wish to face a greater challenge, you may stay here with me. It will not be easy, for either of us, but perhaps we can face the challenge together."

	-- Worf to Alexander in ST:TNG "New Ground"

"Hero Worship"

"I am designed to exceed human capacity, both mentally and physically."

	-- Data in ST:TNG "Hero Worship"
"Hello, Timothy. Are you ready to go?"
"Yes, Counselor, I am ready."
"How are you feeling ?"
"I am functioning within established parameters."
	-- Troi and Timothy in ST:TNG "Hero Worship"
Beverly: "Transfer circuits are functioning properly."
Timothy: "Within established parameters?"
Beverly: "Absolutely. Input processing, pattern recognition, all 'within established parameters.'" Data and Timothy: "Thank you, Doctor."
	-- Beverly, Timothy and Data in ST:TNG "Hero Worship"
[Timothy yawns, obviously tired.]
"Perhaps you should return to your quarters."
"I'm fine. The servo mechanisms in my mouth are designed to approximate human movements."
	-- Data and Timothy in ST:TNG "Hero Worship"
"I would gladly risk feeling bad at times if it also meant that I .. could .. taste my dessert."
	-- Data in ST:TNG "Hero Worship"
"Timothy, androids do not lie."
	-- Data in ST:TNG "Hero Worship"
"Sir, drop the shields."
"That's suicide, Data."
"Captain, DROP the shields!"
	-- Data and Riker in ST:TNG "Hero Worship"


"Perhaps you remember the pleasant memories and forget the unpleasant ones."
"No, sometimes the bad memories can be the most intense of all."
"It would seem there is no predictable pattern to human memory."
"'It would seem'."

	-- Data and Geordi in ST:TNG "Violations"
"I have been accused of putting people to sleep with one too many stories, Captain. But this is the first time it's ever been suggested that I might be the cause of someone's coma."
	-- Tarmin in ST:TNG "Violations"

"The Masterpiece Society"

"If we're so brilliant, how come WE didn't invent any of these things ?"
"Well, maybe the necessity really is the mother of an invention. You never really look for something until you need it."

	-- Hannah Bates and Geordi in ST:TNG "The Masterpiece Society"


"A characteristic response to the Kriskoff Gambit is to counter with the El Mitra Exchange, particularly since I have already taken both of your rooks. By missing that opportunity, you have left your king vulnerable."
"We'll see."
"As you wish, Counselor. Check." "Intriguing. You have devised a completely unanticipated response to a classic attack. You will checkmate my king in seven moves."
"Data. Chess isn't just a game of ploys and gambits. It's a game of intuition."
"Hmm. You are a challenging opponent, Counselor."

	-- Data and Troi in ST:TNG "Conundrum"
"The navigators on this ship have been doing flight handling assessments the same way for years, Ensign!"
"And I found a better way."
	-- Riker and Ro in ST:TNG "Conundrum"
"The rules on this ship do not change just because Ro Laren decides they do."
	-- Riker in ST:TNG "Conundrum"
"I don't know who any of you are."
"Neither do I. .. I don't .. I don't even remember who I am."
	-- Riker and Picard in ST:TNG "Conundrum"
"Looks like we're all in the same boat."
"Make that 'the same starship'."
	-- Geordi and Riker in ST:TNG "Conundrum"
"We are on the bridge. .. A good chance this is our ship. Looks like you're the leader." [to Picard]
"Perhaps we should not jump to conclusions. I am decorated as well."
	-- Riker and Worf in ST:TNG "Conundrum"
"Try to pull out the personnel files. It'd be nice if you all had names."
	-- Riker in ST:TNG "Conundrum"
"Have you found out anything that might give us some insight into what happened?"
"Not specifically, but there are two things that seem unusual. The bartender is an artificial lifeform."
	-- Riker and Troi in ST:TNG "Conundrum"
"Your memories are gone as well ?"
"The databanks that identify who I am .. are not functioning."
	-- Riker and Data in ST:TNG "Conundrum"
"I know I didn't get the wrong room."
"I just didn't like the way my quarters were decorated. Besides, I have this funny feeling that maybe I spent most of my off hours here."
"Really ?"
"For all we know, you and I could be married."
"'For all we know', you and I could hate each other."
"Sort of exciting, isn't it ? You just don't know ?"
	-- Ro and Riker in ST:TNG "Conundrum"
"I'm not content simply to obey orders. I need to know that what I'm doing is right."
	-- Picard in ST:TNG "Conundrum"
"One photon torpedo would've ended their war."
"It almost did."
	-- Picard and Riker in ST:TNG "Conundrum"
Riker: "Well, I'm glad that I ran into the, the two of you. When you have no memory of who you are, or who anybody else is, you find yourself in a hairy--"
Ro: "The counselor tells me that at times like that, we might do the things that we've always wanted to do."
Riker: "She said that ?"
Troi: "It's psychologically valid."
	-- Riker, Ro and Troi in ST:TNG "Conundrum"
"Commander, don't worry about it. But as far as I'm concerned, you and I have shared something that we will treasure forever."
	-- Ro to Riker in ST:TNG "Conundrum"

"Power Play"

"You Klingon, attack me. .. Or are you afraid ?"
"I have no fear of death."
"And I have no fear of killing you."

	-- Data [Steven Mullen] and Worf in ST:TNG "Power Play"


"Doctor, I will not attempt to leave sickbay without your approval. The restraining field is not necessary."
"Worf, there is no restraining field."

	-- Worf and Beverly in ST:TNG "Ethics"
"Be my guest. Just don't expect a lot of conversation. He is in full Klingon-mode: honorable, strong and closed-minded."
	-- Beverly in ST:TNG "Ethics"

"The Outcast"

"Nothing will change between us, won't it ?"
"Of course it will. All relationships are constantly changing. But we'll still be friends, maybe better friends."

	-- Riker and Troi in ST:TNG "The Outcast"

"Cause and Effect"

Picard: "Captains log, Stardate 45652.1: The Enterprise has entered an [Voice] area of space known as the Typhoon Expanse. We are the first Starfleet vessel to chart this unexplored region."
Riker: "Sometimes I wonder if he's stacking the deck."
Data: "I assure you, Commander, the cards are sufficiently randomized."
Worf: "I hope so."
Data: "8, Ace, Queen, the dealer receives a 4."
Worf: "No Bet."
Data: "10, 7, no help there. Pair of ladies for the doctor. Dealer receives a 9."

	-- Riker, Data, Worf and Beverly in ST:TNG "Cause and Effect"

"The First Duty"

"When I was at the Academy, we had a Vulcan superintendent who would memorize the personnel files of every single cadet. Knew everything about them. Just like having your parents around all the time."
"My superintendent was a Betazoid, full telepath. When he sent for you to his office he didn't have to ask what you've done."
"You got called to the superintendent's office? That's a story I would like to hear."

	-- Riker and Picard in ST:TNG "The First Duty"

"Cost of Living"

"She thinks the honor of giving away the bride should fall on you."
"Permission for on-board wedding is granted, Number One. Nothing will please me more than to give away Mrs. Troi."

	-- Riker and Picard in ST:TNG "Cost of Living"
"Alexander, eat your food. Wisdom will wait, I assure you."
"I promised. Should I break my promise, father ?"
"A Klingon never breaks his word. .. Where are you going ?"
"You said no Klingon ever breaks his word."
"I didn't mean now. Now, just sit down and eat."
"I don't understand, father. You are confusing me."
"Understand later. Just eat."
	-- Worf and Alexander in ST:TNG "Cost of Living"

"The Perfect Mate"

"My emphatic powers can only sense a man of deep passion and conviction. So controlled, so disciplined. I'm simply curious to know what lies beneath."
"Nothing, nothing lies beneath. .. I'm .. I'm really quite dull."

	-- Kamala and Picard in ST:TNG "The Perfect Mate"
"What is it about me you fear ? Do you find me unattractive ?"
"I find you unavailable."
	-- Kamala and Picard in ST:TNG "The Perfect Mate"
"What ?"
"For your thoughts. Penny for your thoughts."
"Do you have one ?"
"I'm sure the replicator will have one on file."
"Beverly, you mind taking off uniform for a moment ?"
"I need to talk to a friend."
	-- Beverly and Picard in ST:TNG "The Perfect Mate"

"Imaginary Friend"

"Now, I was thinking about something more along the lines of the LaForge Nebula. It has sort of majestetic sound, don't you think ?"
"Given the selections, I prefer FCC147."

	-- Geordi and Data in ST:TNG "Imaginary Friend"
"It is interesting that people try to find meaningful patterns in things that are essentially random. I have noticed that the images they perceive sometimes suggest what they are thinking about at that particular moment. Besides, it is clearly a bunny-rabbit."
	-- Data to Guinan in ST:TNG "Imaginary Friend"

"I, Borg"

"Why do you do this ?"
"I'm just a nice guy at heart. You're feeling better ?"
"You are not Borg."
"That's right. And I hope to stay that way."

	-- 3rd of 5 [Hugh] and Geordi in ST:TNG "I, Borg"

"The Next Phase"

"Commander. The .. The Romulans want a computer. We can not give them access to Federation technology. That is an unacceptable security risk."
"What about a computer core from 30 or 40 years ago ? One the Romulans already are familiar with."
"That would be satisfactory."

	-- Worf and Riker in ST:TNG "The Next Phase"
"Ro ? Boy, am I glad to see you. And I'm really glad that you can see me. It's like .. It's like I'm here but I'm not here."
	-- Ro and Geordi in ST:TNG "The Next Phase"
"I don't have all the answers. I haven't been dead before."
	-- Ro to Geordi in ST:TNG "The Next Phase"
"I never knew what a friend was until I met Geordi. He spoke to me as though I were human. He treated me no differently from anyone else. He accepted me for what I am. And that, I have learned, is friendship."
	-- Data to Worf in ST:TNG "The Next Phase"

"The Inner Light"

"Hey, that's my hobby. Find your own."
"Well, you're the one who taught me. Don't complain if you turn me into a scientist."

	-- Kamin [Picard] and Meribor [daughter] in ST:TNG "The Inner Light"

"Time's Arrow"

"It seems clear that my life is to end in the late 19th century."
"Not if we can help it."
"There is no way anyone can prevent it, sir. At some future date I will be transported back to 19th century Earth where I will die. It has occurred. It will occur."

	-- Data and Riker in ST:TNG "Time's Arrow"
"It's just that our mental pathways have become accustomed .. to your sensory input patterns."
"I understand. I am also fond of you, Commander. And you as well, Counselor."
	-- Riker and Data in ST:TNG "Time's Arrow"
"Do you remember the first time we met ?"
"Of course."
"Don't be so sure. I just mean. .. If you don't go on this mission, we'll never meet."
	-- Guinan and Picard in ST:TNG "Time's Arrow"
"Beam me up."
	-- Worf in ST:TNG "Time's Arrow"

Season 6

"Time's Arrow - Part II"

"I just want you to know I have the outmost respect for the law." [Then punches the police officer into face]

	-- Riker to a police officer in ST:TNG "Time's Arrow - Part II"
"Do you know me ?"
"Very well."
"Do I know you ?"
"Not yet. But you will."
	-- Guinan and Picard in ST:TNG "Time's Arrow - Part II"
"I'll see you in 500 years, Picard."
"And I'll see you in a few minutes."
	-- Guinan and Picard in ST:TNG "Time's Arrow - Part II"

"Realm of Fear"

"You know, maybe ignorance really is bliss. If I didn't know so much about these things, maybe they wouldn't scare me so much."

	-- Barclay [about transporters] in ST:TNG "Realm of Fear"

"Man of the People"

"He has no intention to stop. He feels perfectly justified using her until she dies."
"Then Deanna must die."

	-- Picard and Beverly in ST:TNG "Man of the People"


"Yeah, but locking it into a diagnostic cycle so that the pattern wouldn't degrade and then cross-connecting in the phase inducers to provide regenerative power source, that's absolutely brilliant."
"Well, I think it was only 50 % brilliant. Franklin deserves better."

	-- Geordi and Scotty in ST:TNG "Relics"
"Well, I say this about your Enterprise. The doctors are a fair sight prettier."
	-- Scotty [about Beverly] in ST:TNG "Relics"
Picard: "How are you feeling ?"
Scotty: "I don't know. How am I feeling ?"
Beverly: "Other than a few bumps and bruises I say you feel fine for a man of 147."
Scotty: "And I don't feel a day over a hundred and twenty."
	-- Picard, Scotty and Beverly in ST:TNG "Relics"
"You mind a little advice ? Starfleet captains are like children. They want everything right now and they want it their way. But the secret is to give them only what they need, not what they want."
	-- Scotty to Geordi in ST:TNG "Relics"
"Yeah, well, I told the captain I will have this analysis done in an hour."
"How long will it really take ?"
"An hour."
"Oh, You did't tell him how long it would REALLY take, did you ?"
"But of course I did."
"Oh, laddie. You got a lot to learn if you want the people to think of you as a miracle worker."
	-- Geordi and Scotty in ST:TNG "Relics"
"You are not quite .. human, are you ?"
"No, sir. I am an android. Lieutenant Commander Data."
"Synthetic scotch, synthetic commanders .."
	-- Scotty and Data in ST:TNG "Relics"
"What is it ?"
"It is .. it is .. It is green."
	-- Scotty and Data [about Aldebaran whisky] in ST:TNG "Relics"
"Are you feeling all right ?"
"Never get drunk unless you are willing to pay for it. The next day .."
	-- Geordi and Scotty in ST:TNG "Relics"
"You know, if we can get these engines back on line, we could track them with their impulse ion trail."
"Are you deaft?? The main drive assembly's shot, the inducers are melted, the power couplings are wrecked, we need a week just to get started! But! We don't have a week, so we've no sense crying about it. Come on, we'll see what we can do with your power converter."
	-- Geordi and Scotty in ST:TNG "Relics"
"Shove the deuterium from the main cryo pump to the auxiliary tank."
"The tank can't withstand that kind of pressure."
"Where did you get that idea ?"
"What do you mean 'where did I get that idea' ? It's in the impulse engine specifications."
"Regulation 42-15: 'Pressure variances on the IRC tank storage' ?"
"Forget it. I wrote it. A good engineer is always a wee bit conservative, at least on paper. Just bypass the secondary cutoff valve and boost the flow. It will work."
	-- Scotty and Geordi in ST:TNG "Relics"
"Laddie, every woman has her own charm. You just have to know where to look for it."
	-- Scotty to Riker in ST:TNG "Relics"


"I noticed that many spectators seemed distracted during my presentation. Was my poetry uninteresting ?"
"Well, it was .. very well constructed. Virtual tribute to .. form."
"Thank you. .. And ?"

	-- Data and Geordi in ST:TNG "Schisms"

"True Q"

"Hard to imagine how much energy is harnessed from there."
"Imagination is not necessary. The scale is readily quantifyable. We are presently generating 12.75 billion gigawatts per--"

	-- Amanda Rogers and Data in ST:TNG "True Q"
Geordi:"Are you saying that you created a core breach just to test this girl?"
Q: "A-ha."
Troi: "What would have happened if she couldn't stop it ?"
Q: "Then I would've known she wasn't a Q."
	-- Geordi, Q and Troi in ST:TNG "True Q"


"So, what the hell am I supposed to do now ?"
"You are not supposed to do anything. That's what relieved of duty means."
"Well, I should be doing something instead of just standing around waiting for them to find a cure."
"You're right. Lets go play."
"What ?"
"I haven't been young for a long time and I intend to enjoy every minute of it."

	-- Ro and Guinan [as children] ST:TNG "Rascals"
"I bet you are a jumper. .. A jumper, you know. Someone who jumps up and down on furniture all the time."
"What ?"
"You are a jumper, all right. The quiet ones, they always look so innocent. You think you can turn your back on them - next thing you know, bang, they are bouncing off the bed."
"That is the most ridiculous thing I have even heard. Most of the time I didn't even have a bed."
"But you did have one sometimes. And I bet you jumped on it."
"I most certainly did not."
"Yeah, I can see it in your eyes. You can barely resist the urge. To leap up and start jumping around like a Tarcassian razor-beast."
"Oh yeah. Oh yeah."
"This is ridiculous."
"That's right. And don't you dare join me, Ro Laren. You don't like jumping on beds."
"Oh yeah? I can jump higher!"
	-- Guinan and Ro [as children] in ST:TNG "Rascals"
"How much further do we have to go ?" [crawling in the Jeffries-tubes]
"Oh, about 50 meters. Don't tell me you are tired."
"I'm not as young as I used to be."
	-- Guinan and Ro [as children] in ST:TNG "Rascals"
"Okay, Morta. The Enterprise computer system is controlled by three primary main processor cores, cross-linked with redundant melacord-remastat 14-kiloquad interface modules. The core element is based on an FTL nanoprocessor with 25 bilateral kelalacterals. With 20 of those being slaved into the primary Heisentram terminals. Now, you know what a bilateral kelalacteral is ?"
"Of course I do, human. I am not stupid !"
"No. Of course not. .. This is the isopolivial interface which controls the main feremental drive unit. DON'T touch that, you'll blow up the entire feremental drive."
"What!? .. Wait, what is a .. a feremental drive ? Just explain it to me."
"That is the feremental drive unit. It controls the remastat core and keeps the ontarien metafold at 40 000 KRG's. The feremental drive is powered up--"
	-- Riker and Morta in ST:TNG "Rascals"
"So, one more time. The remastat kiloquad capacity is a function: square-root the intermix ratio times the sum of the plasma injector quotion."
	-- Riker to Morta in ST:TNG "Rascals"

"A Fistful of Datas"

"Father! What did he say ?"
"The captain saw fit to release me from my duties."
"You mean you can go ?"
"I can go."
"Saddle up, father."

	-- Alexander and Worf in ST:TNG "A Fistful of Datas"
"No, no, no! Computer, freeze program."
"What is wrong ?"
"That was too easy! It has to be harder to beat the bad guys. Otherwise it's no fun. .. Computer, increase program difficulty to level 4."
	-- Alexander and Worf in ST:TNG "A Fistful of Datas"
"Feline supplement 127. .. Spot, I have formulated a new mixture of food, specifically designed for your highly selective tastes."
"I find it extremely difficult to predict what you will find acceptable. Perhaps hunger will compel you to try it again."
	-- Data and Spot in ST:TNG "A Fistful of Datas"

"The Quality of Life"

"The exocomp didn't fail the test, it saw right through it."

	-- Beverly to Data in ST:TNG "The Quality of Life"

"Chain of Command, Part I"

"Can I get you some coffee, tea ?"
"Thank you, no, Captain. I'm afraid there is no time for the usual pleasentries. I'm here to relieve you of command of the Enterprise."

	-- Picard and Vice Admiral Alina Nechayev in ST:TNG "Chain of Command, Part I"
"I want you to conduct the exercises personally, Will. Get it done. .. Ow, and get that fish out of the ready room."
	-- Captain Edward Jellico to Riker in ST:TNG "Chain of Command, Part I"
"By the way, .. I prefer a certain .. formality on the bridge. I'd appreciate it if you wore a standard uniform when you are on duty."
	-- Captain Edward Jellico to Troi in ST:TNG "Chain of Command, Part I"

"Chain of Command, Part II"

"Let's drop ranks for a moment. I don't like you. I think you are subordinate, arrogant, willful and I don't think you are particularly good first officer, but you are also the best pilot in the ship."
"Well, Now that the ranks are dropped, Captain. I don't like you either. You ARE arrogant and close-minded. You need to control everything and everyone. You don't provide an atmosphere of trust and you don't inspire these people to go out of the way for you. You've got everyone wound up so tight there's no joy in anything. I don't think you are a particularly good captain."

	-- Captain Jellico and Riker in ST:TNG "Chain of Command, Part II"
"Hang on!"
"Do I want to know how close I was?"
"No. Get ready to deploy the mines."
	-- Riker and Geordi in ST:TNG "Chain of Command, Part II"
"Computer, transfer all command codes to Captain Jean-Luc Picard, voice authorization, Jellico, alfa three one."
"Transfer complete. USS Enterprise now under command of Captain Jean-Luc Picard."
	-- Captain Jellico and Computer in ST:TNG "Chain of Command, Part II"

"Ship in a Bottle"

"Cogito ergo sum. I think. Therefore, I am."

	-- Moriarty in ST:TNG "Ship in a Bottle"
"Policemen. I'd recognize them in any century."
	-- Moriarty in ST:TNG "Ship in a Bottle"
"I ask only that I be allowed to explore this new world. Your vessel, for instance, what sea does she sail? Might we go above deck?"
	-- Moriarty to Picard in ST:TNG "Ship in a Bottle"
"Captain, I have determined how Moriarty was able to leave the holodeck. He never did. Neither did we. None of this is real. It is a simulation. We are still on the holodeck."
	-- Data to Picard in ST:TNG "Ship in a Bottle"
"Just because our transporters are real doesn't mean it's gonna work."
	-- Geordi in ST:TNG "Ship in a Bottle"
"Computer, end program!"
	-- Barclay in ST:TNG "Ship in a Bottle"


"Have the courage to admit your mistakes!"

	-- Worf to Governor Torak in ST:TNG "Aquiel"
"Well, actually, I've been stuck on this station for over nine months, we might just go to some place with activity."
"I know just the place."
	-- Aquiel Uhnari to Geordi in ST:TNG "Aquiel"

"Face of the Enemy"

"Your only chance to get off this ship alive is to do as I say."

	-- Sub-Commander N'Vek to Troi in ST:TNG "Face of the Enemy"
"Why didn't you mention this earlier ?"
"It didn't seem necessary. And on Romulus you learn not to volunteer information. It's a hard habit to break."
	-- Picard and Ensign DeSeve in ST:TNG "Face of the Enemy"
"Are you getting squirmish now, just because things are getting a little more dangerous?"
	-- Troi [as Major Rakal] to N'Vek in ST:TNG "Face of the Enemy"
"Now commander, watch and learn. In order to defeat your enemy, you must first understand them. The Federation wishes to avoid war at all costs, so, I will offer them a diplomatic solution. Get them to lower their shields, and then, destroy them."
	-- Troi [as Major Rakal] to Cmdr Toreth in ST:TNG "Face of the Enemy"


"Welcome to the afterlife, Jean Luc. You're dead!"

	-- Q to Picard in ST:TNG "Tapestry"
"Q, what is going on ?"
"I told you. You're dead, this is the afterlife, and I'm God."
"You are not God!"
"Blasphemy! You're lucky I don't cast you out or smite you or something."
	-- Picard and Q in ST:TNG "Tapestry"
"No. I am not dead. Because I refuse to believe that the afterlife is run by you. The universe is not so badly designed."
	-- Picard to Q in ST:TNG "Tapestry"
Picard: "How would you evaluate me as an officer ?"
Deanna: "Well, hm, your performance records have always been good. You're thrular, dedicated, .."
Riker: "steady, reliable .. punctual."
	-- Lt.(jg) Picard, Troi and Riker in ST:TNG "Tapestry"

"The Birthright"

"Did the table do something wrong ?"

	-- Worf and Troi in ST:TNG "The Birthright"
"Does you hair grow ?"
"I can control the rate of my filament replenishment. However, I have not yet had a reason to modify the length of my hair. Why do you ask ?"
"Oh, just curious."
	-- Doctor Julian Bashir and Data in ST:TNG "The Birthright"
"Is something wrong, doctor ?"
"Well, you're breathing !"
"Yes. I do have a functional respitory system. However, its purpose is to maintain thermal control of my internal systems. I am in fact capable of functioning for extended periods in a vacuum."
"And you have a pulse !"
"My circulatory system not only produces bio-mechanical lubricants, it regulates micro-hydraulic power. .. Most people are interested in my extraordinary abilities; how fast I can compute, my memory capacity, how long I will live. No-one has ever asked me if my hair will grow, or noticed that I can breathe."
"Well, your creator went to a lot of trouble to make you seem human. I find that fascinating."
	-- Data and Doctor Julian Bashir in ST:TNG "The Birthright"
"Data, perhaps we are going about this the wrong way."
"How so ?"
"Well, maybe you had a dream or hallucination."
"I am not capable of either of those functions."
	-- Doctor Julian Bashir and Data in ST:TNG "The Birthright"
"I plan to shut down my cognitive functions for a brief period each day. I hope to generate new internal visions."
"It sounds to me like you are talking about dreaming."
"An accurate analogy."
	-- Data and Doctor Julian Bashir in ST:TNG "The Birthright"

"The Birthright, Part II"

"A place can be safe and still be a prison."

	-- Worf to Ba'el in ST:TNG "The Birthright, Part II"
"Tonight, we eat well."
"Get that off my table."
"You do not kill an animal unless you intend to eat it."
"Get rid of it!"
"I intend to, Tokath, .. but not until it is cooked."
	-- Toq and Tokath in ST:TNG "The Birthright, Part II"
"A Klingon does not run away from his battles."
	-- Worf to Ba'el in ST:TNG "The Birthright, Part II"

"Starship Mine"

Worf: "And captain. Request permission to be excused from Commander Hutchinson's reception."
Picard: ".. Permission granted. I wish I could excuse myself as well."
Geordi: "Captain, permission to--"
Picard: "Mister LaForge! I cannot excuse my whole senior staff! Mr. Worf beat you to it."

	-- Worf, Picard and Geordi in ST:TNG "Starship Mine"


"Whoever you are, you just ruined four hours of work."
"You might've taken the simple precaution of locking the door."
"It is three o'clock in the morning, .. Captain Picard."

	-- Nella Darrin and Picard in ST:TNG "Lessons"
"But your choice in that arpeggio was delightful. Not at all what one would expect."
"Well, Captain, now that I am on your ship, maybe you should start expecting the unexpected."
	-- Picard and Nella Darrin in ST:TNG "Lessons"
"Is there a problem, Geordi ?"
"I heard music."
"Music ? I do not hear anything."
"You're sure ? I know I heard something."
	-- Data and Geordi in ST:TNG "Lessons"

"The Chase"

"You are wondering who we are. Why we have done this. Time has come that I stand before you, the image of a being from so long ago. Life evolved at my planet before all others in this part of the galaxy. We left our world, explored the stars and found none like ourselves. Our civilization thrived for ages, but what is the life of one race compared to the vast stretches of cosmic time. We knew that one day we would be gone, that nothing of us would survive. So, we left you."

	-- A Seeder in ST:TNG "The Chase"

"Frame of Mind"

"Most humanoids have the potential to be irrational. Perhaps you should attempt to access that part of your phyche."

	-- Data to Riker in ST:TNG "Frame of Mind"
"I may be surrounded by insanity, but I am NOT insane."
	-- Riker in ST:TNG "Frame of Mind"


"You know, I've never been to a formal inquiry."
"Well, I'll see if I can arrange one for you. All you have to do is disobey orders, violate medical ethics and cause an interstellar incident."
"Well, I guess that would do it."

	-- Guinan and Beverly in ST:TNG "Suspicions"
"I don't want you to get involved in this."
"Is that an order, doctor ?"
"Too bad you are not my boss anymore."
	-- Beverly and Alyssa Ogawa in ST:TNG "Suspicions"
"Thank you, doctor, this looks like a great racket, but .. I don't play tennis. Never have."
	-- Guinan to Beverly in ST:TNG "Suspicions"

"Rightful Heir"

"If his words hold wisdom and his philosophy is honorable, what does it matter if he returns ? What is important is that we follow his teachings. Perhaps the words are more important than the man."

	-- Kahless in ST:TNG "Rightful Heir"

"Second Chances"

"Lieutenant, I am curious about something. If you met a double of yourself, would you have difficulty interacting with him ?"
"I think so."
"Why ?"
"I am not easy to get along with."

	-- Data and Worf in ST:TNG "Second Chances"
"Next time don't give up so easily."
	-- William Riker to Thomas Riker in ST:TNG "Second Chances"


"I was trying to feed Spot."
"Data's cat!"
"I told him I'll feed him while he's gone. Was putting down the bowl of food, the next thing I know is hissing ball of fur coming at my face. I hate cats."
"I love cats."

	-- Riker and Beverly in ST:TNG "Timescape"
"Captain, I think this is gonna work, but .. it's gonna take some time."
"Well, Mister LaForge. It seem that time is something we have plenty of."
	-- Geordi and Picard in ST:TNG "Timescape"
"Captain, I believe I found the cause of the power surge. There is a warp core breach in progress."
	-- Data to Picard in ST:TNG "Timescape"
"Come in." [Riker looks around from the doorstep] "Where's that cat of yours?"
"Spot is sleeping, sir. Why do you ask?"
"No reason."
	-- Data and Riker in ST:TNG "Timescape"
"I have been testing the aphorism 'A watched pot never boils.' I boiled the same amount of water in this kettle 62 times. In some cases I have ignored the kettle, in others I have watched it intently. In every instance the water reached its boiling point in precisely 51.7 seconds. It appears I am not capable of perceiving time any differently than my internal chronometer."
"Why don't you turn it off ?"
"Sir ?"
"Data, people do not have internal chronometers. Why don't you see what happens if you turn yours off ?"
"Thank you, sir. I will try that."
"Just don't be late for your shift."
	-- Data and Riker in ST:TNG "Timescape"


"Do not patronize me, sir. I invented physics."

	-- Sir Isaac Newton to Data in ST:TNG "Descent"
"The uncertainty principle will not help you now, Stephen. All the quantum fluctuations in the universe will not change the cards in your hand. I call. You are bluffing, and you will lose."
"Wrong again, Albert."
	-- Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking in ST:TNG "Descent"
"Your priority is to safeguard the lives of Federation citizens, not to wrestle with your conscience."
	-- Admiral Nechayev to Picard in ST:TNG "Descent"
"'An artificially created energy conduit'. That could be anything."
	-- Picard about Geordi's report in ST:TNG "Descent"
"We do not assimilate inferior biological organisms -- we destroy them."
	-- Crosis of Borg in ST:TNG "Descent"
"It .. would be unethical to take pleasure in another being's death."
"You didn't answer my question. Did it feel good to kill?"
".. Yes."
"If it is unethical to take pleasure from another being's death, you must be a very unethical person."
	-- Data and Crosis in ST:TNG "Descent"
"The sons of Soong have joined together -- and together, we will destroy the Federation."
	-- Data in ST:TNG "Descent"

Season 7

"Descent, Part II"

"The reign of biological life-forms is coming to an end. You, Picard, and those like you .. are obsolete."

	-- Lore in ST:TNG "Descent, Part II"
"I am not your puppet anymore."
	-- Data to Geordi in ST:TNG "Descent, Part II"
"If your calculations are even slightly off, we hit the atmosphere."
"I just have to make sure my calculations are accurate, Ensign."
	-- Ensign Taitt and Lt. Barnaby in ST:TNG "Descent, Part II"
"Why are you here, Commander Riker? Hasn't the crew of the Enterprise caused enough damage already?"
	-- Hugh in ST:TNG "Descent, Part II"
"Hehe, you decided to go swimming, hehe, and when you jumped out of the boat you sank straight to the bottom."
"I did not have enough bouyancy to get back to the surface."
"You had to walk over a kilometer along the bottom to get back to shore."
"One kilometer fourty-six meters."
"It took almost two weeks to get the water out of your servos."
"I am ready to irradiate your existing brain cells."
	-- Geordi and Data in ST:TNG "Descent, Part II"
"If her calculations are off, that eruption could encompass us."
"Well, I just have to make sure my calculations are accurate, Lieutenant."
	-- Lt. Barnaby and Ensign Taitt in ST:TNG "Descent, Part II"


"Worf, they're going to be here any minute."
"I am having problems !"
"If I didn't know you better, I would say you are procrastinating."
"Klingons do not procrastinate. It is a .. tactical delay."

	-- Riker and Worf in ST:TNG "Liaisons"
"They look like dresses." [Starfleet dress uniforms]
"That is incredible outmoded and sexist attitude. I'm suprised at you. .. Besides, you look good in a dress."
	-- Worf and Riker in ST:TNG "Liaisons"
"Dessert, what is this ?"
"Oh, It's something we eat after the main course. It's usually very sweet, it's usually very bad for you and we eat it purely for pleasure. If you ask me, it's the best part of any meal."
"My people eat only for nourishment."
	-- Ambassador Loquel and Deanna in ST:TNG "Liaisons"
"How is your diplomatic assignment progressing ?"
"I have heard that in moments of diplomatic tension it is often helpful to find elements of commonality."
"Mister Byleth is demanding, temperamental and rude."
"You share all of those qualities in abundance. Perhaps you should build on your similarities."
	-- Data and Worf in ST:TNG "Liaisons"
"This transmitter module has been totally destroyed. How could've that happened. Looks though it has been hit by a phaser blast.
"I used a phaser to cut it free. Maybe I accidentally damaged it."
	-- Picard and Anna in ST:TNG "Liaisons"
Riker: "You look a little sore." [to Worf]
Byleth: "Lieutenant Worf was kind enough to engage me in eleven hours of holodeck battle exercises."
Riker: "Eleven hours !"
Byleth: "Yes, I learned a great deal about the concept of antagonism."
Worf: "It was .. excruciating."
	-- Riker, Ambassador Byleth and Worf in ST:TNG "Liaisons"


"You may experience the emptyness with me, if you wish."

	-- Data to Geordi in ST:TNG "Interface"
"What are you doing ?"
"I will monitor the interface and attempt to keep you safe. I can not have you confined to quarters for something you have not yet done."
	-- Geordi and Data in ST:TNG "Interface"

"Gambit, Part I"

"Sir, they have taken Commander Riker. We must do something. We can not just .. sit here."
"On the contrary, Lieutenant. That is precisely what we must do." [sits down] [Worf also sits down]

	-- Worf and Data in ST:TNG "Gambit, Part I"

"Gambit, Part II"

"You are supposed to verify its authenticity. Then I am supposed to kill you. Then I take your place."
"Will, you always seem to be after my job."

	-- Picard [as Gaylen] to Riker in ST:TNG "Gambit, Part II"
"He's all right. He's only stunned."
"I must admit, I am experiencing a similar sensation."
	-- Troi [about Riker] and Data in ST:TNG "Gambit, Part II"
Picard: "Number one, will you set course for starbase 227. I'll join you on the bridge shortly."
Riker: "Wait a minute. You've been declared dead. You can't give orders around here."
Data: "If we are to adhere to the exact letter of Starfleet regulations, then, technically, sir, you have been declared a renegade. In fact, I believe you are facing 12 counts of court-martial offences. You cannot give orders either, sir."
Picard: "That's quite right, and as I'm supposed to be dead, I'll go and get some sleep and, Mister Data, I suggest that you escort Commander Riker to the brig."
Data: "Aye, sir. [Picard leaves] .. This way, sir."
Riker: "Data, he was joking. You know that, right ? .. Data ?"
	-- Picard, Riker and Data in ST:TNG "Gambit, Part II"


"Something wrong, sir ?"
"I just got a message from Starfleet command."
"Bad news ?"
"You could say that. I have been invited to the annual Starfleet Admirals' Banquet."
"My condolences."
"I managed to avoid it in the past six years, but now it seems my luck has run out."

	-- Riker and Picard in ST:TNG "Phantasms"
"Strange is not a sufficient adjective to describe the experience."
	-- Data [about his nightmare] in ST:TNG "Phantasms"
"It appears Ensign Tyler still has a crush on you. It is clear you did not speak to her."
	-- Data to Geordi in ST:TNG "Phantasms"
"Data, you must be the first person who has come to my office and been excited of the prospect of a new neurosis."
	-- Troi to Data in ST:TNG "Phantasms"
"It is not music."
"Worf, it's better than music. It's jazz."
	-- Worf and Riker in ST:TNG "Phantasms"
"May I ask a personal favor ?"
"Will you take care of Spot for me ?"
"Your animal ?"
"I am afraid if I have another waking dream, I might injure him."
"Of course. Spot, come here."
"Unlike a canine, Spot does not respond to verbal commands."
	-- Data and Worf in ST:TNG "Phantasms"
"He will need to be fed once a day. He prefers feline supplement number 25."
"I understand."
"And he will require water, and you must provide him with a sand box. And you must talk to him. Tell him he is a pretty cat .. and a good cat."
"I will feed him."
"Perhaps that will be enough."
	-- Data and Worf [about Spot] in ST:TNG "Phantasms"
"How long before we have warp power again ?"
"Well, we have got to manufacture a new conduit, that's at least six hours' work."
"Six hours! The banquet will be completely over by then. That's very unfortunate."
"I could try and speed up things a bit."
"No, NO, no. I wouldn't want to sacrifice the safety of the ship."
"Understood, sir."
	-- Picard and Geordi in ST:TNG "Phantasms"
"Data! Sometimes a cake is just a cake."
	-- Troi to Data in ST:TNG "Phantasms"

"Dark Page"

"Your mother .. told me .. of your need."
"Need ?"
"Moment .. a husband. You need a husband. I .. need a wife."

	-- Maques and Deanna Troi in ST:TNG "Dark Page"


"There is a way out of every box, solution to every puzzle. It's just the matter of finding it."

	-- Picard in ST:TNG "Attached"
"So am I."
"What ?"
"I'm thirsty too."
"I didn't say anything about being thirsty."
"I heard you. You said 'I'm very thirsty'."
"I was thinking about it, but I didn't say anything."
	-- Beverly and Picard in ST:TNG "Attached"
"You're right. We can't react on every random thought that crosses the other person's mind."
	-- Picard to Beverly in ST:TNG "Attached"
"This way."
"You don't really know, do you ?"
"What ?"
"I mean, you are acting like you know exactly which way to go, but you are only guessing. Do you do this all the time ?"
"No, but there .. are times when it is necessary for a captain to give the appearance of confidence."
	-- Picard and Beverly in ST:TNG "Attached"

"Force of Nature"

"Why is Spot under the bed ?"
"Probably because she knows if I catch her, I'm gonna kill her."
"Has Spot been misbehaving ?"
"So far, she's broken a vase, a teapot, she's ruined one of my chairs using it as a scratchpost and she has gotten hair-balls all over my carpet."
"These incidents are common to cat-owners. When you borrowed Spot, you said you wanted to experience the full range of feline behavior before getting a cat yourself."

	-- Data and Geordi in ST:TNG "Force of Nature"
"Unfortunately, I have been less than successful." [at training Spot]
"I've got an idea. How about a phaser ? A low stun-setting at just the right moment might do the trick."
"Geordi, I can not stun my cat."
"I was kidding, Data."
	-- Data and Geordi in ST:TNG "Force of Nature"
"What did she train her cat to do ?"
"She had that cat jumping on her arm on command."
"Interesting. Perhaps I can modify your sister's techniques to keep Spot from jumping on the console. Do you know how she was able to train her cat ?"
"Well, as I recall, she walked around for two months with a piece of tuna in her blouse."
	-- Data and Geordi in ST:TNG "Force of Nature"
"Spot. Spot. Spot. Down. Spot. Down. Down. [sigh] Spot. Down. This is down, down is good. This is up. Up is no."
	-- Data in ST:TNG "Force of Nature"
"Don't tell me you are trying to teach the cat to use the console ?"
"It is part of her training program. I am teaching Spot to jump down from the desk on my command."
"How is it going ?"
"I have .. not been .. entirely successful."
	-- Geordi and Data in ST:TNG "Force of Nature"
"Captain, we may be able to get out of here without using the warp engines."
"How, Geordi ?"
"When was the last time you went surfing, Commander ?"
	-- Geordi and Riker in ST:TNG "Force of Nature"


"I wanted to make you female, but your father insisted on a son. Oh, we argued about it endlessly. Right up until we were ready to assemble you."
"How did you decide ?"
"Noonian walked in with your head in his hand."

	-- Doctor Juliana Tainer and Data in ST:TNG "Inheritance"
"Deanna Troi ? Is that who you are going to visit ?"
"Your father would be so pleased."
"Pleased ?"
"Well, he was worried that the sexuality program he designed for you wouldn't work."
"You misunderstand. Counselor Troi is a therapist--"
"Good night. .."
	-- Doctor Tainer and Data in ST:TNG "Inheritance"
"Are you certain you are not saying this because you are my mother ? I have noticed, that parents tend to exaggerate when it comes to their children's accomplishments."
	-- Data to Doctor Tainer in ST:TNG "Inheritance"
Geordi: "Basically, she's a Soong-type android except everything about her is designed to fool you into thinking she's human."
Beverly:"She has tear ducts .. sweat glands .. even veins and capillaries underneath her skin."
Riker: "Why does the scanner read her as human?"
Beverly:"Because she has a feedback processor designed to send out a false biosignal."
Geordi: "Part of her aging program. Not only does she age in appearance like Data, her vital signs change, too."
	-- Geordi, Riker and Beverly in ST:TNG "Inheritance"


"How old are you ?"
"I'm .. old enough."

	-- Picard and Worf in ST:TNG "Parallels"
"So, that would make me your .." [becoming a 'godmother' for Alexander]
"The closest analogy is .. step-sister."
"That would make my mother your step-mother."
"I had not considered that! .. It is a risk I'm willing to take."
	-- Troi and Worf in ST:TNG "Parallels"
"You don't remember any of this, do you ?"
"I do remember. I just remember it differently."
	-- Captain Riker and Commander Worf in ST:TNG "Parallels"
"The rate of quantum incursions is increasing exponentially. At this rate the sector will be completely filled with Enterprises within three days."
"Captain, we are receiving two hundred eighty-five thousand hails."
	-- Lt.Cmdr Data and Lt. Wesley Crusher in ST:TNG "Parallels"

"The Pegasus"

"Oh, you'll be interested to know I've arranged for a Commander Riker Day next month. I'm even considering making an entry myself."

	-- Picard and Riker in ST:TNG "The Pegasus"
"I hope our sudden appearance didn't startle you."
"Not at all. But your unannounced appearance might have unfortunate consequences, it would be an awful shame if your ship would damage due to some misunderstanding."
"I am touched by your concern for my ship, but I doubt WE would ever be in any danger."
	-- Commander Sirol and Picard in ST:TNG "The Pegasus"
"So, how long have you had that beard ?"
"About four years. I got tired hearing how young I looked."
"What was that .. Lieutenant Boyland used to say ?"
"Ensign Babyface."
	-- Admiral Pressman and Riker in ST:TNG "The Pegasus"


"It is the sign .. of LaForge. It is a message to travellers. It is said, when these lines appear and disappear in a pool a water the road ahead will be filled with good fortune."

	-- Worf [about a holodeck malfunction] in ST:TNG "Homeward"

"Sub Rosa"

Picard: "What the hell is going on ?"
Data: "There appears to be condensed suspension of water-vapor. Approximately one degrees Celsius."
Picard: "Fog."
Riker: "It just sort of rolled in on us, sir."

	-- Picard, Data and Riker in ST:TNG "Sub Rosa"

"Lower Decks"

"Wouldn't you like to be a spider under that table ?"
"What ?"
"A spider under the table."
"Is that like a fly on the wall ?"
"I guess so."

	-- Ensigns Sito and Lavelle in ST:TNG "Lower Decks"
"When he's in here, he likes to be treated like a civilian."
"Riker! I bet he sleeps in his uniform."
	-- Ben and Ensign Sam Lavelle in ST:TNG "Lower Decks"
"Sir, I'm little puzzled. Why are we intentionally damaging the shuttle-craft ?"
"We're evaluating hull resiliency. Starfleet requires periodic testing."
"I see. .. I don't believe I am familiar with that requirement."
"Probably because you are not a senior officer."
	-- Ensign Taurik and Geordi in ST:TNG "Lower Decks"
"That would be consistent."
"Consistent with what ?"
"With making it appear that this shuttle had fled an attack."
"What makes you think that's what we are doing ?"
"The pattern of fire you asked for is similar to what might result if the shuttle had fled an attacker while engaged in evasive maneuvers."
"It's an amazing coincidence."
"Yes, sir. It is indeed. Shall we proceed with the testing ?"
	-- Ensign Taurik and Geordi in ST:TNG "Lower Decks"
"It takes courage to say the test is unfair."
	-- Worf to Ensign Sito in ST:TNG "Lower Decks"

"Thine Own Self"

"Quite so, quite so. I'm sure my grandmother would've called our friend here a demon or a spirit or some sort of monster, but current scientific methodology allows us to dismiss such ridiculous superstitions and concentrate on scientific reality."
"Then what do you believe I am ?"
"You are an ice-man."

	-- Doctor Talur and Data [Jayden] in ST:TNG "Thine Own Self"
"The secondary plasma vent has a triple-redundant bypass, which means the primary access junction is routed through .. come in .. would be routed through the fourth transducer matrix."
	-- Deanna Troi in ST:TNG "Thine Own Self"
"Counselor, have you been promoted in my absence ?"
"That's right. Which means, from now on you can call me 'sir'."
"Yes, sir."
	-- Data and Commander Deanna Troi in ST:TNG "Thine Own Self"


"Geordi. What .. does it feel like when a person is losing his mind ?"

	-- Data to Geordi in ST:TNG "Masks"

"Eye of the Beholder"

"We have played poker many times. I have never known you to bluff."
"Well, it wouldn't be much of a bluff if you knew, would it ?"

	-- Worf and Troi in ST:TNG "Eye of the Beholder"


"Everything looks fine, Data. You want to know the sex of the kittens ?"
"I have noticed that many humans prefer not to know in order to experience the surprise during birth. I believe I will preserve the mystery until then."

	-- Nurse Alyssa Ogawa and Data about Spot in ST:TNG "Genesis"
"You are such a sweet little kitten."
"She is to you. However, there have been several .. injuries to other members of the crew who have attempted to care of Spot."
	-- Barclay and Data in ST:TNG "Genesis"
"I'm curious. Who is the father ?"
"I am not certain. Spot has escaped from my quarters on several occasions and there are 12 male felines on board. I intend to run a full DNA-analysis on the kittens once they--"
	-- Barclay and Data in ST:TNG "Genesis"
"What was that ?"
"It is large. Approximately 200 kilograms."
	-- Picard and Data in ST:TNG "Genesis"

"Journey's End"

"Starfleet isn't for me."

	-- Cadet Wesley Crusher in ST:TNG "Journey's End"
"I was right, Captain. You did not take us from our land. And you have wiped clean a very old stain of blood."
	-- Anthwara to Picard in ST:TNG "Journey's End"


"As time passes a boy inevitably becomes a man. But what is not inevitable is that a man becomes a sword."
"What ?"
"No, I meant .. 'warrior'. The path of the warrior begins with the First Rite of the Sentient."

	-- Worf and Alexander in ST:TNG "Firstborn"
Data: "Would you be willing to share your information with us ?"
Gorta: "My personal code of conduct prohibits sharing. But I consider a trade."
Geordi:"Does your personal code of conduct tell you that when you are stranded on a planet with no way off you shouldn't try to cut deals ?"
Gorta: "You have a point."
	-- Data, Gorta and Geordi in ST:TNG "Firstborn"


"So, what do you do?"
"Ahm, I'm between jobs right now."

	-- Picard and Jason Vigo in ST:TNG "Bloodlines"
"Bok is no Daimon. He was relieved of command six years ago. He was unstable, dangerous. We had to confine him to Rog-prison."
"But he's no longer there?"
"He was able to buy himself out about .. two years ago."
	-- Daimon Birta and Picard in ST:TNG "Bloodlines"
"You don't have any choice. I insist on being paid."
	-- 'Daimon' Bok to Picard in ST:TNG "Bloodlines"
"You know, I don't think anyone is born knowing how to be a parent. You just sort of figure it out as you go. But the one quality that tends to be a requirement for parenthood is patience."
	-- Beverly to Picard in ST:TNG "Bloodlines"


"I don't know. I don't think I'm ready to start believing in luck."

	-- Geordi to Data in ST:TNG "Emergence"
"Intelligence that was formed on the Enterprise didn't just come out of the ship's systems. It came from us, from our mission records, personal logs, holodeck programs, our fantasies. Now, if our experiences with the Enterprise have been honorable, can't we trust that the sum of those experiences will be the same ?"
	-- Picard to Data in ST:TNG "Emergence"

"Preemptive Strike"

"You're wanted by Starfleet. They are not going to give you med-kits just because you ask for them."
"I have no intention of asking for them. I intend to take them."

	-- A Maquis member and Lt. Ro Laren in ST:TNG "Preemptive Strike"
"When an old fighter - like me - dies, someone always steps forward to take his place."
	-- Macius to Ro Laren in ST:TNG "Preemptive Strike"

"All Good Things"

"I've always found the Blaxian night the most stimulating experience."
"Worf! We were walking bare-foot on the beach, with balalaika music in the air. Ocean breeze washing over us. Stars in the sky, a full-moon rising. And the most you can say is 'Stimulating' ?"
"It was .. VERY stimulating."

	-- Worf and Deanna Troi in ST:TNG "All Good Things"
"Captain Picard to the bridge. Captain, we've got a problem with the warp core, or the phase inducers or some other damn thing."
	-- Geordi to Picard in ST:TNG "All Good Things"
"How do ya like ya tea?"
"Tea? Earl Grey, hot."
"Of course it's hot! What do you want in it?"
	-- Jessel and Picard in ST:TNG "All Good Things"
"She served it as Earl Grey. I could swear it's Darjeeling."
	-- Picard in ST:TNG "All Good Things"
"We'll all be burning a midnight-oil on this one."
"That would be inadvisable."
"Excuse me?"
"If you intend to ignite a petrolium product on this ship at zero-hundred hours, you will activate the fire suppression system, which would seal off this entire compartment."
"That was just an expression."
"Expression of what ?"
	-- Chief O'Brien and Data in ST:TNG "All Good Things"
"What is a Q?"
"It's a letter in alphabet as far as I know."
	-- Worf and Yar in ST:TNG "All Good Things"
"It's time to put an end to your trek through the stars, make room for other more worthy species."
	-- Q to Picard in ST:TNG "All Good Things"
"Tea. Earl Grey. Hot."
"That beverage has not been programmed into the replication system."
	-- Picard and Computer in ST:TNG "All Good Things"
"Don't you recognize your old stomping grounds ? This is Earth, France. About, oh, 3 and a half billion years ago, give or take an eon or two. Smells awful, doesn't it? All that sulfur and volcanic ash. Really must speak to the maid."
	-- Q to Picard in ST:TNG "All Good Things"
"Goodbye, Jean-Luc. I'm gonna miss you. You had such a good potential, but then again, all good things must come to an end."
	-- Q to Picard in ST:TNG "All Good Things"
"Actually, I .. I used to be quite a card player in my youth, you know."
	-- Picard in ST:TNG "All Good Things"


Season 1

"Encounter At Farpoint"
"The Naked Now"
"Code Of Honor"
"Where No One Has Gone Before"
"The Last Outpost"
"Lonely Among Us"
"The Battle"
"Hide And Q"
"The Big Goodbye"
"Angel One"
"Too Short A Season"
"When The Bough Breaks"
"Home Soil"
"Coming Of Age"
"Heart Of Glory"
"The Arsenal Of Freedom"
"Skin of Evil"
"We'll Always Have Paris"
"The Neutral Zone"

Season 2

"The Child"
"Where Silence Has Lease"
"Elementary, Dear Data"
"The Outrageous Okona"
"Loud As A Whisper"
"The Schizoid Man"
"Unnatural Selection"
"A Matter Of Honor"
"The Measure Of A Man"
"The Dauphin"
"The Royale"
"Time Squared"
"The Icarus Factor"
"Pen Pals"
"Q Who"
"Samaritan Snare"
"Up The Long Ladder"
"The Emissary"
"Peak Performance"
"Shades Of Gray"

Season 3

"The Ensigns Of Command"
"The Survivors"
"Who Watches The Watchers"
"The Bonding"
"Booby Trap"
"The Enemy"
"The Price"
"The Vengeance Factor"
"The Defector"
"The Hunted"
"The High Ground"
"Deja Q"
"A Matter Of Perspective"
"Yesterday's Enterprise"
"The Offspring"
"Sins Of The Father"
"Captain's Holiday"
"Tin Man"
"Hollow Pursuits"
"The Most Toys"
"Menage A Troi"
"The Best Of Both Worlds"

Season 4

"The Best Of Both Worlds - Part II"
"Suddenly Human"
"Remember Me"
"Future Imperfect"
"Final Mission"
"The Loss"
"Data's Day"
"The Wounded"
"Devil's Due"
"First Contact"
"Galaxy's Child"
"Night Terrors"
"Identity Crisis"
"The Nth Degree"
"The Drumhead"
"Half A Life"
"The Host"
"The Minds Eye"
"In Theory"

Season 5

"Redemption - Part II"
"Ensign Ro"
"Silicon Avatar"
"The Game"
"Unification - Part I"
"Unification - Part II"
"A Matter of Time"
"New Ground"
"Hero Worship"
"The Masterpiece Society"
"Power Play"
"The Outcast"
"Cause and Effect"
"The First Duty"
"Cost of Living"
"The Perfect Mate"
"Imaginary Friend"
"I, Borg"
"The Next Phase"
"The Inner Light"
"Time's Arrow"

Season 6

"Time's Arrow - Part II"
"Realm of Fear"
"Man of the People"
"True Q"
"A Fistful of Datas"
"The Quality of Life"
"Chain of Command, Part I"
"Chain of Command, Part II"
"Ship in a Bottle"
"Face of the Enemy"
"The Birthright"
"The Birthright, Part II"
"Starship Mine"
"The Chase"
"Frame of Mind"
"Rightful Heir"
"Second Chances"

Season 7

"Descent, Part II"
"Gambit, Part I"
"Gambit, Part II"
"Dark Page"
"Force of Nature"
"The Pegasus"
"Sub Rosa"
"Lower Decks"
"Thine Own Self"
"Eye of the Beholder"
"Journey's End"
"Preemptive Strike"
"All Good Things"