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Babylon 5 Quotes

Quote Policy

I try to provide a fair selection of quotes from the episodes. However, your judgement may differ from mine. Quotes that end up in the quote file are generally:
  1. Funny or hilarious - humor generally gets in, but not the ones with long setups
  2. Thought-provoking - universal truths or theories
  3. Presumably arc-related - at least in my book
  4. Providing information - something else we should know
On the other hand, I still try to avoid spoilers where possible. Usually on the first (second) viewing I only collect a moderate number of quotes and expand on that later. If I have missed a quote you consider important, just mail me, preferably with the information about the general message of the quote, who's talking, in which episode, and doing what. I reserve the right to decide what gets added and when :-)

Spelling Disclaimer

Although I'm quite fluent in English, I'm not infallible and certainly can't decipher every odd remark that is in the show. So I'd be quite grateful for any corrections you may have.

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