The Story of Our Cats

Our first cat, Nelli was originally my sister's cat, but Nelli didn't get along with her other cat and used to piss all around the apartment. That's how we got her.

The next february, something strange happened, and Nelli seemed to have acquired real appetite. The reason was, obviously, those nights away from home. And so, the Kittens were produced.

Three of the kittens were given away, but one, Unelma remained, and continues to have fun in our house. Also, we have been getting progress reports about Lempi, the other kitten of the female variety besides ours.

Something new going on here.

During winter nothing really happens.

	  SHHHHHH!	  Stop that vacuuming!   Human's best friend.
			   The cat is scared
			     half to death!

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