Pennut1.jpeg - The kittens are one day old.
Nelli4.jpeg - Here is the proud mother
Pennut2.jpeg - It is time to eat ..
Pennut3.jpeg - .. and time to sleep.
Henrik1.jpeg - They also get visitors.

Pennut4.jpeg - And after couple of weeks their eyes open.
Kanto.jpeg - It's time to move.

Eetu.jpeg - Eetu is trying to walk, but it's hard to keep the stomach up.
Santtu1.jpeg - Santtu is having similar problems.
Unelma1.jpeg - Unelma (bottom) and Lempi (top) prefer sitting up.
Family1.jpeg - However, it doesn't take much time to learn how to walk and climb.

Eetu2.jpeg Lempi1.jpeg Santtu2.jpeg Unelma2.jpeg
Unelma3.jpeg - To go boldly where no cat has gone before
Hanging.jpeg - Just hanging around is not enough for cats.
Unelma4.jpeg - Playing with a mouse is real fun!
Unelma5.jpeg - Eating the mouse is much more fun!

See what is going on with Lempi and Unelma later on.