"Messages from Earth"

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"As Senate hearings into the death of President Luis Santiago enter their sixth week, evidence purporting to be from President Clark's personal physician has surfaced. These records seem to indicate that the illness which prevented President Clark from being aboard Earthforce One when it exploded may have only been a convenient alibi. Representatives for President Clark, speaking before the Senate Investigative Committee today, dismissed these latest allegations, describing them as attempts to destabilize Earth Gov from within and without. In related news, Earthdome Chief of Staff Bill Harris announced that a new alien race only recently detected may pose a significant threat to planetary security. When asked what was being done to counter this threat, Harris said only that extreme measures may be required."
	-- ISN in Babylon 5:"Messages from Earth"
"I've taken the opportunity provided by my incarceration to meditate, to think. Sometimes, I even sing."
"I know, we got a petition."
"For or against?"
"Based on the sound, they think we are torturing you in here."
	-- G'Kar and Garibaldi in Babylon 5:"Messages from Earth"
"In here, Mr Garibaldi, you can not hide from yourself. Everything out there has only one purpose, to distract us from ourselves, what is truly important. There are no distractions in here. We can learn much from silence."
	-- G'Kar to Garibaldi in Babylon 5:"Messages from Earth"
"I'm writing it all down right here.. the war, the fall of Narn, our mistakes, and what must be done to correct them. I expect to have it finished by the time I'm released."
	-- G'Kar to Garibaldi in Babylon 5:"Messages from Earth"
"Seven years ago I was stationed on Mars. We were always getting false leads on artifacts supposedly buried beneath the Martian soil for thousands of years. Nothing ever came of it. And then one day our sonic probes picked up something three hundred feet beneath the surface of Syria Planum. We didn't know what it was. Except that it wasn't a natural formation. And given its depth, it had been there at least a thousand years. It was in the middle of Martian winter, so it took weeks just to dig half of it from the ground. But that much was enough to give me nightmares for the rest of my life. It's the same ship we have been seeing on the news lately, the one that looks like it came straight from hell."
	-- Dr. Mary Kirkish in Babylon 5:"Messages from Earth"
"But back home they're saying they have never seen ships like this before."
"They are lying. I was there."
	-- Sheridan and Dr. Mary Kirkish in Babylon 5:"Messages from Earth"
"Then we heard it. .. A sound that just reaches right into your brain and rips it apart. .. The sound of something terrible being born."
	-- Dr. Mary Kirkish in Babylon 5:"Messages from Earth"
"How can you sleep in these things?"
"It's quite simple with proper meditation. Because we consider sleeping in horizontal to be tempting death."
"Yeah, if I'm sleeping in this, I'm tempting fate .. all night."
	-- Sheridan and Delenn in Babylon 5:"Messages from Earth"
"And according to one of our units on the border of Centauri space, they've continued massing their fleet. We don't know why. Maybe they expect a counter attack, it's hard to say. And they have much to be concerned about. There's always the threat of an attack by say, a giant space dragon, the kind that eats the sun every thirty days. It's a nuisance, but what would you expect from reptiles. Did I mention that my nose was on fire? That I have fifteen wild badgers living in my trousers? I'm sorry, would you prefer ferrets?"
	-- Marcus to Ivanova in Babylon 5:"Messages from Earth"
"The shadow vessels use living creatures as their central core. Whoever steps inside merges with it, becomes one with the ship. After that it's fully functional. They must be sending one in right now."
	-- Delenn to Sheridan in Babylon 5:"Messages from Earth"
"In Valen's name. It's awake."
	-- Delenn in Babylon 5:"Messages from Earth"

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