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"No traffic, no complaints, no noise. Traders, troublemakers, and ambassadors, all tugged snuggly in their little beds. I love this time of night."
"There is no night in deep space. And time is a meaningless concept when you stop to think about it."
	-- Ivanova and Corwin in Babylon 5:"GROPOS"
"I had an Alfredo Garibaldi under my command during the Dilgar invasion. Excellent soldier."
"That's my dad."
"So much for genetics."
	-- General Richard Franklin and Garibaldi in Babylon 5:"GROPOS"
"Few days, long enough for us to get our gifts in place."
"New weapon systems for your defense grid. The very latest of Earth Force R&D. When they are on line, Babylon 5 will have enough firepower to take on a warship."
	-- General Richard Franklin and Ivanova in Babylon 5:"GROPOS"
"The galaxy is changing and Babylon 5 must change with it."
	-- General Franklin in Babylon 5:"GROPOS"
"I'm a doctor. My duty is to heal."
"Then heal humans. Stephen, I know you are fascinated by these alien creatures, but they are a threat to humanity. And they always will be. Help your own kind."
"Life is life. Whether it's wrapped in skins, scales, or feathers. Now, if you respected these beings instead of constantly trying to murder them, you would appreciate that."
	-- Stephen Franklin and Gen. Richard Franklin in Babylon 5:"GROPOS"
"We are all slaves to our histories. If there is to be a .. bright future, we must learn to break those chains."
	-- Delenn to Garibaldi in Babylon 5:"GROPOS"
"If you'll excuse me, the natives are restless."
	-- Garibaldi to Delenn in Babylon 5:"GROPOS"
"A man who won't stand up for his own principles is not really a man at all."
	-- General Richard Franklin in Babylon 5:"GROPOS"
"For a security-slug you are a lousy liar."
	-- Dodger to Garibaldi in Babylon 5:"GROPOS"

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