"The Coming of Shadows"

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"You have always served me well, old friend. And sometimes I think I do not thank you as much as I should. .. Goodbye."
	-- Emperor to Prime Minister in Babylon 5:"The Coming of Shadows"
"So, you are going to allow this, even over my objections?"
"What? Did I somehow turn invisible or something? Yes, Ambassador. The Emperor is allowed to come aboard. Now, if this bothers you, I suggest you stay in your quarters, stick your fingers in your ears and hum real loud until it's over. Unless you'd like to try something as breathtakingly rational as trying to open up a dialogue. G'Kar, you are in a position to negotiate directly with the head of the Centauri Republic, and you are wasting it on a .. tantrum."
	-- G'Kar and Sheridan in Babylon 5:"The Coming of Shadows"
"We've taken the liberty of writing your speech for you. I've had experts in psycholinguistics working on it for weeks. It's perfect; fiery, but dignified; elegant, but strong."
	-- Refa to Londo in Babylon 5:"The Coming of Shadows"
"Yes. It's a strange feeling, Kha'Mak, to know suddenly that all the decisions in your life have brought you to this place. There is no longer doubt or uncertainty. The future now consists of only three probabilities. .. In the moment that I strike, the Emperor and I will both die. Or he will die and I will spend my life in prison. Or I will fail and be killed. For the first time in my life, the path is clear."
	-- G'Kar in Babylon 5:"The Coming of Shadows"
"It has occurred to me recently that I have never chosen anything. I was born into a role that had been prepared for me. I did everything I was asked to do, because it never occurred to me to choose otherwise. And now, at the end of my life, I wonder what might've been."
"That's why my father taught me to live each second as though it would be the last moment of my life. He said: 'If you love, love without reservation. If you fight, fight without fear.' He called it the way of the warrior."
"No regrets then?"
"A few. But just a few. You?"
"Oh, enough to fill a lifetime. So much has been lost, so much forgotten. So much pain, so much blood. And for what, I wonder. The past tempts us, the present confuses us, and the future frightens us. And our lives slip away, moment by moment, lost in that vast terrible inbetween. But there is still time to seize that one last fragile moment. To choose something better, to make a difference, as you say. And I intend to do just that."
	-- Centauri Emperor and Sheridan in Babylon 5:"The Coming of Shadows"
"Londo, don't do this."
"I have no choice."
"Yes, you do. Londo, please, please, please, I know you don't listen to me, but I'm asking you just this one time. Don't do this. There is no turning back once you start down that road."
	-- Vir and Londo in Babylon 5:"The Coming of Shadows"
"I understand .. just fine. .. By this time tomorrow we will be at war with the Narn. May the Great Maker forgive me."
	-- Londo to Vir in Babylon 5:"The Coming of Shadows"
"I was ready. I had prepared myself. I had made my peace with the universe, put all my affairs in order. I had the dagger in my hand! And he has the indecency to start dying on his own. Never in my life have I seen a worse case of timing."
	-- G'Kar in Babylon 5:"The Coming of Shadows"
"Maybe it's good news. With luck he's feeling better. All they have to do is to prop him up for two minutes and-- I'll call you back."
	-- G'Kar in Babylon 5:"The Coming of Shadows"
"Hello, old friend. It's been a while. I'm entrusting this message to an associate of mine who has sworn to bring it to you at any cost, including his own life. My job on the Minbari homeworld is more than just representing Earth. The president doesn't know about that part yet and .. I don't think it would be wise of you to tell him. There's a great darkness coming, Michael. Some of the Minbari have been waiting for it a long time."
"The bearer of this message is one of my Rangers. Some are Minbari, most are humans. They've been drawn here to learn to work together and prepare for the fight ahead."
"Their job for now is to patrol the frontier, to listen, to watch, and return with reports too sensitive to entrust to regular channels. They are my eyes and ears. Where you see them, you see me."
"In the name of our friendship I ask that you give them every courtesy and co-operation. I wish I could tell you more. I wish I could warn you, but the others don't think it's time yet. Stay close to the Vorlon and watch out for the shadows. They move .. when you are not looking at them."
	-- Sinclair to Garibaldi in Babylon 5:"The Coming of Shadows"
"How will this end?"
"In fire."
	-- Centauri Emperor and Kosh in Babylon 5:"The Coming of Shadows"
"Sheridan's rule number 29: Always make your opponent think you know more than you really know."
	-- Sheridan to Ivanova in Babylon 5:"The Coming of Shadows"
"Mollari. What did he say, really?"
"He said .. that we are both damned."
"Well. It's a small enough price to pay for immortality."
	-- Refa and Londo in Babylon 5:"The Coming of Shadows"
"For a hundred years the Centauri occupied our world, devastating it. We swore we would never let that happen again. This attack on our largest civilian colony has inflicted terrible damage and loss of life. They've crossed the line we can not allow them to cross. As a result two hours ago my government officially declared war against the Centauri Republic. Our hope for peace is over. We are now at war. .. We are now at war."
	-- G'Kar in Babylon 5:"The Coming of Shadows"
"No, I have no desire to become Emperor. No, I prefer to work behind the scenes. The reward is nearly as great .. and the risk far, far less."
	-- Londo to Vir in Babylon 5:"The Coming of Shadows"
"Hello, old friend."
	-- Sinclair to Delenn in Babylon 5:"The Coming of Shadows"

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