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"Antique. Mint condition. The Kawasaki engine ZX-11, vintage 1992. And we are talking liquid-cool dual-overhead-cam 16-valve 1052-cc inline-four, twin-ram air induction, six-speed gear-box and 320-millimeter front disc with four-piston calibers. It's the best-performance bike of its time. Or it will be when I figure out how to put the damn thing together."
"Well, sounds most impressive. What exactly does it do?"
"What does it do? It's a motorcycle. You ride it. Wrooom!.."
"Ah, a vehicle."
"Oh, it's more than just a vehicle. This baby's a piece of Earth history."
"History? That is an interest of mine."
	-- Garibaldi and Lennier in Babylon 5:"Eyes"
"You're starting to irritate me, Mr. Franks, and I don't like being irritated. It gives me gas."
	-- Garibaldi in Babylon 5:"Eyes"
"I will not submit to a telephatic scan, Commander. It's against my person and my principles.
"I don't like it any better than you do. Enough people have played with my brain already this year."
	-- Ivanova and Sinclair in Babylon 5:"Eyes"
"Mr. Gray, I'm grateful the Psi Corps give you purpose in life, but when that purpose includes scanning my mind to prove my loyalty, it's not only an invasion of my privacy, but my honor. As for fear, if you enter my mind for any reason I will twist your head off and use it for a chamber pot. If you'll excuse me."
	-- Ivanova to Mr. Gray in Babylon 5:"Eyes"
"Protests are as much useful with the Vorlons as fairie-wings on a cement-truck."
	-- Garibaldi to Colonel Ari Ben Zayn in Babylon 5:"Eyes"
"If I knew who God was, I would thank her."
	-- Garibaldi to Ari Ben Zayn in Babylon 5:"Eyes"
"It looks like you and Ben Zayn have something in common."
"You were both considered for command of Babylon 5. Now, he was in the top ten, you were .. well, somewhere below that."
	-- Garibaldi and Sinclair in Babylon 5:"Eyes"
[Sinclair knocks out Colonel Ben Zayn.]
"I assume the investigation is concluded."
	-- Ivanova in Babylon 5:"Eyes"
"Behold. The Ninja ZX-11."
"What have you done?"
"You are not pleased?"
"I said you could work on it a little, not .. finish it."
"I do not understand."
"I wanted to build it myself. It was kind of a purpose in my life. Now it's .. done."
	-- Lennier and Garibaldi in Babylon 5:"Eyes"
"Too bad we can't ride it."
"Oh, it's quite ridable."
"Don't tell me you came up with some gas too."
"Gasoline is harmful to both living beings and the atmosphere, as your people discovered. I have installed a Minbari power source instead. Clean, and efficient."
"Get out of here."
"Yes. Of course."
	-- Garibaldi and Lennier in Babylon 5:"Eyes"
"And Mr. Bester?"
"Mr. Bester is not the type to come too far out of the shadows and there are bound to be some questions raised over this."
	-- Ivanova and Sinclair in Babylon 5:"Eyes"
[Garibaldi and Lennier driving a motorcycle in the Central Corridor.]
"It's good to have things back to normal."
	-- Ivanova to Sinclair in Babylon 5:"Eyes"

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