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"They say food digests better if you chew it first."
"Don't talk, I've seen you eat. Does the term Doppler-effect ring a bell?"
	-- Sinclair and Garibaldi in Babylon 5:"Grail"
"Why is it Ombuds Zimmerman never gets these cases? Only me."
	-- Ombuds Wellington in Babylon 5:"Grail"
"On Earth the Grail is nothing but a myth. It's a nice story to tell your kids. For someone who spends his entire life looking for it .. is .. well, is not often taken very seriously."
"How sad. He is a holy man, a true seeker. Among my people a true seeker is treated with the outmost reverence and respect. It doesn't matter that his Grail may or may not exist, what matters is that he strives for the perfection of his soul and the salvation of his race and that he has never wavered a lost faith."
"I wish him luck. He's probably the only true seeker we have."
"Then perhaps you don't know yourself .. as well as you think."
	-- Sinclair and Delenn in Babylon 5:"Grail"
"Make me a happy man. Let me clean out down-below. If I put all my teams out, I can wipe 9/10 of the crime rate in one sweep."
"Most of them are just people with nowhere else to go. They come here looking for a new life, a new job, and when they don't find it, they can't afford transport back. What are you gonna do, Mr. Garibaldi? Shove them out an airlock?"
"Don't tempt me."
	-- Garibaldi and Sinclair in Babylon 5:"Grail"
"My brother's burdens are my own. What I want to know is why you believe you can't leave the station."
"Because if I do, it'll blow up, or disappear, or something else awful like that will happen. Come on, laugh. Everyone else does. It's real, the Babylon curse."
"I'm not laughing, Thomas. I understand obsession very well. I've spent the better part of my life searching for something that no one else believes in. And I will continue searching until I die."
	-- Aldous Gajic and Jinxo in Babylon 5:"Grail"
"I'd say you have the wrong nickname. They should've called you Lucky."
"How do you figure?"
"To have escaped the worst each time, that's a blessing. You are a very lucky man. Perhaps each time you were exactly where you were meant to be."
"I've never thought of it like that."
"We never do."
	-- Aldous Gajic and Jinxo in Babylon 5:"Grail"
"You need to find another witness."
"When the word gets out about Miriam, I've got as much chance of doing that as seeing a Vorlon doing strip-tease."
	-- Sinclair and Garibaldi in Babylon 5:"Grail"
"Hideous creatures, hideous. We came across them in our colonizing days. We lost an entire colony before we threw up a quarantine. The only good na'ka'leen is a dead na'ka'leen. .. This is of course a purely theoretical question? A whim of yours that .. that you might ask? Yes?"
"Well, not really."
"They're not. They couldn't be, here? I'll have the files transferred to you immediately. If you want me, I'll be in my quarters, under top security. I strongly suggest you do the same."
	-- Londo and Sinclair in Babylon 5:"Grail"
"There are two castes of Minbari. The warrior caste and the religious caste. The warrior caste would not understand. It is not their way."
"So we will not tell them, and spare them the confusion."
	-- Lennier and Delenn to Jinxo in Babylon 5:"Grail"
"These two sides of your culture, do they ever agree on anything?"
"Yes. And when they do, it is a terrible thing. A terrible power, as recent events have shown us. Let us hope it never again happens in our lifetime."
	-- Aldous Gajic and Delenn in Babylon 5:"Grail"
"You think he's genuine."
"Aldous? Yes. Question is: a genuine what? One man's lunatic is another's true seeker."
"You have been hanging around Delenn too much."
	-- Garibaldi and Sinclair in Babylon 5:"Grail"
"Vir! What are you doing?"
"Why, I'm being efficient, sir."
"A few more like you, Vir, and the entire Centauri Republic will efficient itself to extinction."
	-- Londo and Vir in Babylon 5:"Grail"
"Fools to the left of me, feeders to the right. I need to find a real job."
	-- Londo in Babylon 5:"Grail"
"And then I met a man. He said he was the last of his kind. He told me that I was a man of infinite promise and goodness. When he was dying, he gave me this staff. Now I am the last. The numbers add up again, Thomas. The numbers do add up."
	-- Aldous Gajic to Jinxo in Babylon 5:"Grail"
"Hey, can I learn to do that?"
"You can learn whatever you want to learn, because you are a man of infinite promise and goodness."
	-- Jinxo and Aldous Gajic in Babylon 5:"Grail"
"See yourself for what you are, not what others try to make you."
	-- Aldous Gajic to Jinxo in Babylon 5:"Grail"
"Deuce wanted the people to think that he had the Vorlons working for him. Figured it would add to his image and intimidate people."
"Well, after all, no one knows exactly what you look like. That makes some people .. a little nervous."
	-- Kosh and Sinclair in Babylon 5:"Grail"
"It's a hard thing to live your life searching for something and never find it."
"Are you speaking of Aldous .. or someone else?"
".. Aldous."
"But there you are wrong. He found what he was looking for. What we're all looking for: a reason."
"For what?"
"Everything, Commander. Everything."
	-- Sinclair and Delenn in Babylon 5:"Grail"
"Are you sure it's dead?"
"I'm positive. It's dead as a rock. I saw it with my own eyes."
"How do you know it's not just resting? Feeders are sneaky, you know."
"Londo, trust me."
".. Hah. Well, there you are, Vir. I told you there is nothing to worry about. He's young, sometimes he panics, you know how it is."
	-- Londo and Garibaldi in Babylon 5:"Grail"
"The doc's dissecting it, wants to try to figure out how it can move so fast. He's learning all kinds of things about it."
"Such as?"
"Well, when they are about to attack they get quiet, so the key is: as long as you can hear them, as long as there is noise around, you're safe. But if you ever hear nothing, .. worry."
	-- Garibaldi and Vir with Londo in Babylon 5:"Grail"
"No boom?"
"No boom."
"No boom today. Boom tomorrow. There's always a boom tomorrow. What? Look, somebody's got to have some damn perspective around here. Boom, sooner or later. BOOM!"
	-- Garibaldi, Sinclair, and Ivanova in Babylon 5:"Grail"

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