"Rising Star"

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"Only a sane and careful study of the facts will allow us to separate those who were willing partners in President Clark's reign of terror from those who co-operated only in fear of their lives."
	-- President Susanna Luchenko in Babylon 5:"Rising Star"
"You're late!"
"No, no, no, you're early."
"I'm never premature."
"Oh, well, that is a surprise, given what I've heard. I'm sure it's a matter of perspective, really. But for a Narn, two minutes must be a long time, so if you go the duration, it's an accomplishment. But for the Centauri, hours can go by before you even get to the good parts."
	-- G'Kar and Londo in Babylon 5:"Rising Star"
"You're going to be Emperor, Londo. Isn't that wonderful?"
"Yes, Vir, wonderful news."
	-- Vir and Londo in Babylon 5:"Rising Star"
"I find it amazing that you think that threats still mean anything to me. 'Do this or you're a dead man.' Death: been there, done that."
	-- Sheridan to Bester in Babylon 5:"Rising Star"
"I know, I know what it's like to lose someone, only to find her and then lose her a second time. I wouldn't wish that on anyone, not even you, as much as I might want to."
	-- Sheridan to Bester in Babylon 5:"Rising Star"
"I see nothing amusing in this situation, Londo."
"No, no. You are right, there isn't. It's just that..[giggle] I'm so rarely in the presence of living history. It.. it thins the atmosphere, makes you giddy. [giggle] You realize that you are quite mad for even considering this?"
	-- Delenn and Londo in Babylon 5:"Rising Star"
"As you were. Well, Captain, you caused quite a stir. Half of Earth Force wants to give you a kiss on the cheek and the medal of honor. The other half wants you taken out and shot. As a politician you learn how to compromise. Which by all right means I should give you the medal of honor then have you shot. I confess the idea had a certain appeal when I mentioned it to the Joint Chiefs two hours ago."
	-- President Susanna Luchenko to Sheridan in Babylon 5:"Rising Star"
"So, morally I was right, but politically I'm inconvenient."
"Inconvenient doesn't even begin to cover it. Now we have to clean up the mess."
	-- Sheridan and President Susanna Luchenko in Babylon 5:"Rising Star"
"The bitch of it is that you probably did the right thing. But you did it in the wrong way. In the inconvenient way. Now you have to pay the penalty for that. I know it stinks, but that's the way it is."
	-- President Susanna Luchenko to Sheridan in Babylon 5:"Rising Star"
"I learned about choices and consequences and responsibility. I learned that we all have choices, even when we don't recognize them, and that those choices have consequences, not just for ourselves, but for others. We must assume responsibility for those consequences."
	-- Sheridan in Babylon 5:"Rising Star"
"For many years all of us here have priced our good relations with Earth. You have shown through your example that strength comes from a multitude of voices brought together for a common cause. Humans form communities. In that spirit we have voted to dissolve the League of Non-Aligned worlds and create a new alliance, based on mutual co-operation and respect. An alliance, born in the diverse voices of many worlds, joined by their desire to build a better future and their decision to voluntarily recognize a common authority."
	-- G'Kar in Babylon 5:"Rising Star"
"Their [Rangers] goal is to create the peace, not enforce the peace."
	-- Delenn in Babylon 5:"Rising Star"
"I fully understand, Madame President. No one in this room is more suspicious of these things than I am, no race more prideful than the Centauri. But we are tired of war and believe that this will help to create peace between us."
"Peace is a concept. If I'm going to sell this to my Generals and the public, I'm going to need something a little more tangible."
	-- Londo and President Luchenko in Babylon 5:"Rising Star"
"Funny thing about retiring: you no sooner pick out the places you want to go on vacation and someone comes at you with another job offer."
	-- General Foote and Sheridan in Babylon 5:"Rising Star"
"Mister President?"
"It's a--"
"--another long story."
	-- David and John Sheridan in Babylon 5:"Rising Star"
"Don't. Don't do that, no, come on. The sun's almost coming up. I've got to get some sleep .. eventually."
	-- Garibaldi to Lise in Babylon 5:"Rising Star"
"So, how does it feel to make history?"
"You do not make history. You can only hope to survive it."
"G'Kar, you are a depressing person."
"Thank you."
"And stop eating that. We don't even know what it is."
"Something called 'rice'."
"Yes, and if it were any good, do you think they would be standing there throwing it at people? As marriage ceremonies go, the humans are very strange indeed. Still, they're quite a couple, aren't they?"
"Yes, they are."
"Almost makes you wish that you could peek in on them. See how's it going. G'Kar, the artificial eye that doctor Franklin gave you. Where is it?"
	-- Londo and G'Kar in Babylon 5:"Rising Star"
"It was the end of the Earth year 2261 and it was the dawn of a new age for all of us. It was the end of one chapter and the beginning of another. The next 20 years would see great changes, great joy and great sorrow. The telepath war. The Drakh war. The New Alliance would waver and crack, but in the end it will hold, because what is built endures, and what is loved endures. And Babylon 5, .. Babylon 5 endures."
	-- Delenn in Babylon 5:"Rising Star"

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