"The Long Night"

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"There is no choice. By the end of this day, either Cartagia is dead or Centauri Prime will be destroyed."
	-- Londo in Babylon 5:"The Long Night"
"I've decided to take you with me."
"A god must have a high priest, must he not? And when the Shadows rise from the ashes of Centauri Prime and reward my loyalty with godhood, I want you to be the first one in my temple. I haven't decided where to build it yet, but I.."
"Then you will not be on Centauri Prime when the Vorlons come?"
"Of course not. You and I will watch from a distance."
	-- Cartagia and Londo in Babylon 5:"The Long Night"
"G'Kar. Great Maker! Your eye? Cartagia?"
"My eye.. offended him. Doesn't matter. I can see things now.. that were invisible to me before. An empty eye sees through to an empty heart."
	-- Londo and G'Kar in Babylon 5:"The Long Night"
"Humor is such a subjective thing, don't you think, Mollari?"
	-- Cartagia to Londo in Babylon 5:"The Long Night"
"How fast does the poison work?"
"Very quickly, he said almost instantaneously."
"'Almost'? How fast is almost? Time enough for him to stagger back into the main room and cry out: 'Londo killed me'? Or maybe just enough time for him to say: 'Londo kill..aargh'?"
"And then he won't even get that out, I mean, maybe he just go: 'Lon.. arrgh'. Or maybe he's totally delirious and then say everything backwards and say: 'Kill Londo! Arrgh'. .. I was just making a play on.."
"Well, it's time."
	-- Londo and Vir in Babylon 5:"The Long Night"
"The Emperor believed in heeding the wisdom of the gods. Well, twice the Emperor of the Centauri Republic has died while acting in relation to Narn. Emperor Turhan were trying to make peace, and now Cartagia. I believe Cartagia would say that this is a sign from the gods. A sign to leave this place forever."
	-- Londo in Babylon 5:"The Long Night"
"We do not have time for games, Vir. The ship is waiting."
"I was toasting Emperor Cartagia. And since he was not here, I drank for him. And then I couldn't be rude, so I had to drink with him. And so, first it was me drinking for him. And then him drinking for me. And then I kind of got into this kind of cycle."
	-- Londo and Vir in Babylon 5:"The Long Night"
"I can not tell you that your pain will ever go away. I can not tell you that you'll ever forget his face. I can only tell you that it was necessary. You may have helped to save our people. You did a hard thing. But you still have your heart, and your heart is a good one. You would not be in such great pain otherwise. That means there is still hope for you. And for that.. I find that I still envy you."
	-- Londo to Vir in Babylon 5:"The Long Night"
"Then, G'Kar, you will lead us against our oppressors. You will be the instrument of our vengeance. With you directing us, we will finally destroy the Centauri."
"You have just tossed someone off that throne. Would you put another in his place so quickly? The Kha'Ri spoke with many equal voices, not the one voice of a single leader."
"We need strength to lead us, fire to forge us. We saw that in the Centauri, learned that from them."
"Then you have learned the wrong lessons. I will not take the throne. If the Kha'Ri is restored, I will take my place among them, but that's all. I did not fight to remove one dictator just to become another myself."
"But the Centauri--"
"--are a lost people! They ought to be pitied. They are already on a course for self-destruction. They do not need help from us. We need to redress our wounds, help our people, rebuild our cities."
	-- G'Lorn and G'Kar in Babylon 5:"The Long Night"
"We must strike back!"
"I never thought you were a coward, G'Kar. We suffered and died during their occupation. Where were you? What have you endured?"
"What have I endured? Hahahahaha.."
	-- G'Lorn and G'Kar in Babylon 5:"The Long Night"
"Tho' we are not now that strength which in old days"
"Moved earth and heaven, that which we are, we are"
"One equal temper of heroic hearts,"
"Made weak by time and fate, but strong in will"
"To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield."
	-- Sheridan in Babylon 5:"The Long Night"

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