"Matters of Honor"

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"Ambassador. I've been looking for you. Last week, after you saved my life, I didn't really get a chance to thank you properly. I've tried to reach you since then, but .. you haven't answered my calls. Is everything all right?"
"Being seen by so many at once was a great strain. I returned to my ship to rest. You have a question?"
"Nobody knows it was you. Everyone saw something .. different, something from the legends of their own world. But it was still a terrible risk. After taking such .. such care to hide what you really are, why take that chance?"
"It was necessary."
"Well, as answers go, short to the point, utterly useless and totally consistent, what I've come to expect from a Vorlon."
	-- Sheridan and Kosh in Babylon 5:"Matters of Honor"
"You know, I just had a thought. You've been back and forth to your homeworld so many times since you got here, how do I know you are the same Vorlon? Inside that encounter-suit you could be anyone."
"I have always been here."
"Oh yeah, you said that about me too."
"I really hate it when you do that."
	-- Sheridan and Kosh in Babylon 5:"Matters of Honor"
"The Babylon project was our last, best hope for peace. .. It failed. .. But in the year of the Shadow war it became something greater: our last, best hope .. for victory. The year is 2260, the place: Babylon 5."
	-- Commander Ivanova in Babylon 5:"Matters of Honor"
"You know, I'm getting little tired of these unannounced visits by VIPs who will not tell us why they are coming or what they are going to do when they get here."
"I'll leave it to you to try take all the fun out of life. I mean, come on, where's your sense of mystery, adventure?"
"Are you trying to cheer me up?"
"No, sir. Wouldn't dream of it."
"Good. I hate being cheered up. It's depressing."
"Well, in that case, we all are going to die horrible, painful, bleeding deaths."
"Thank you, I feel so much better now."
	-- Sheridan and Ivanova in Babylon 5:"Matters of Honor"
"We have danced our last little dance, Mr. Morden. Now it is time for you to go away."
	-- Londo to Morden in Babylon 5:"Matters of Honor"
"It's hard to gauge size in hyperspace, but it's big and it's powerful, and it's totally unknown to us. It attacked and killed one of our pilots. It's clearly from a highly-advanced civilization. We are down-playing this at home, trying to convince the public we know what it is, where it's from and that we are not worried. We don't have a clue."
	-- David Endawi in Babylon 5:"Matters of Honor"
"These ships, once they target you, they never stop, never slow down, never give up, until they have destroyed you. They are nearly invincible."
"I don't believe that. Every ship has a weakness."
"Believe what you will, then experience changes your mind. Take a good look, John, and remember it well. That is the face of our enemy."
	-- Delenn and Sheridan in Babylon 5:"Matters of Honor"
"Can you tell me if you have seen this before?"
"Yes. In a dream."
"In a dream?"
"I'm standing .. somewhere, on Centauri Prime, I think. And I am .. looking up. And there are ships, just like this, passing .. overhead. First a few, and then more, a thousand, two thousand, so many that they blot out the sun. Terrible sight, terrible."
"That's all?"
"It is enough. .. No, that's all I know."
	-- David Endawi and Londo in Babylon 5:"Matters of Honor"
"I haven't had chance to fill you in on everything until now. And I apologize for that. But from what I've just heard we don't have a lot of time. This is Marcus, he's a--"
"A Ranger. They've been trained to fight the Shadows and keep an eye on what is happening outside Babylon 5. The Rangers in this area are in the direct control of you, Ambassador Delenn, and Garibaldi is functioning as your liaison. Did I leave anything out?"
"When did you..? How did you..?"
"Captain, the day something happens around here and I don't know about it, worry."
	-- Sheridan and Ivanova in Babylon 5:"Matters of Honor"
"I thought the Rangers will be trained on Minbar."
"Many of them are, yes. But there is a wisdom in, as you say, not putting all of your eggs in one basket."
	-- Garibaldi and Lennier in Babylon 5:"Matters of Honor"
"We've spent too much time reacting when we should have been acting. Let's take the offensive for a change. Fire up the shuttle, Commander, we've got work to do."
	-- Sheridan in Babylon 5:"Matters of Honor"
"What guarantee do we have that your forces do not decide to turn around and attack us?"
"None. Ambassador, we both know what promises and treaties mean. All I can say is that we have what we want. The rest is no concern to us."
	-- Londo and Morden in Babylon 5:"Matters of Honor"
"I'm not authorized for that kind of information."
"But you are the head of security."
"Then what kind of head of security would I be if I let people like me know things that I'm not supposed to know? I know what I know because I have to know it. And if I don't have to know it, I don't tell me, and I don't let anyone else tell me either. Now look, we have tried most of the other ambassadors, why don't you speak to G'Kar, maybe he knows something about this ship."
"Under the terms of our recent treaty, I am not authorized to have any official conversation with the Narn without Centauri approval."
"So you'll ask unofficially. And I can give you reasonable assurances that the head of security will not report you for doing so."
"Because you won't tell yourself about it?"
"That's right. I never get involved with my own life. It's too much trouble."
"This is a very strange place you have here, Mr. Garibaldi."
"Thank you."
	-- Garibaldi and David Endawi in Babylon 5:"Matters of Honor"
"They came to our world over a thousand of your years ago, long before we went to the stars ourselves. They set up a base in one of our southern continents. They took little interest in us. G'Quan believed they were engaged in a war far outside our own world."
"One of our greatest spiritual leaders. The book of G'Quan is copied by hand from the original with every note and line precisely drawn. This ship and your ship are the same. I tried to warn the others that the ancient enemy was returning, but no one listened. Perhaps now they will."
"But if this is correct, why would they just disappear for a thousand years?"
"To all things there is a time, Mr. Endawi. Perhaps this is theirs."
	-- G'Kar and David Endawi in Babylon 5:"Matters of Honor"
"They missed!? They never miss!"
	-- Delenn to Sheridan in Babylon 5:"Matters of Honor"
"Not that I can see. The ship is a complete mystery to all of them."
"Good. My associates will be very happy to hear that. There's no need to rush things. Your government can dismiss this as an isolated incident."
"I don't know. There's something about this idea of a threat to planetary security I find very appealing. As long as we keep the real truth to ourselves, there's no reason we can't use this situation to speed up the program here at home."
	-- a Senator, Morden and a Psi Cop in Babylon 5:"Matters of Honor"
"Well, then, I have a question. I mean, granted, I am stuck in medlab most of the time, and granted, I'm usually the last one to know anything around here, and granted, we've all been pretty busy lately, but could someone please tell me what the hell these Shadows are?"
	-- Dr. Franklin in Babylon 5:"Matters of Honor"
"There are beings in the universe billions of years older than any of our races. They walked among the stars like giants, vast, timeless. They created great empires, taught the new races, explored beyond the rim. The oldest of the ancients are the Shadows. We have no other name for them."
	-- Delenn in Babylon 5:"Matters of Honor"

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