"Divided Loyalties"

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"I didn't know you read Universe Today."
"Aah. After my last encounter with your reporters, I felt that I should be more prepared in the future. I find this notion of the press .. a fascinating, sometimes troubling concept."
	-- Sheridan and Delenn in Babylon 5:"Divided Loyalties"
"Back home, if there is something you need to know, you are told just what you require and no more. It's tradition."
	-- Delenn to Sheridan in Babylon 5:"Divided Loyalties"
"You know, ah, while this incessant curiosity may seem necessary to you, Minbari respect the privacy of others by not prying into their affairs. To express undue curiosity--"
"Unable to insert 'Eye on Minbari' section. Do you wish to accept edition anyway?"
"Uh. Yes, yes I do."
"'Eye on Minbari'?"
"It is good to know what your people are thinking and saying about my people. .. And, uh, I often learn things about my own world before I'm told what 'I need to know and no more'."
	-- Delenn, Computer and Sheridan in Babylon 5:"Divided Loyalties"
"Pakmara use only. Do not enter."
	-- Toilet sign in Babylon 5:"Divided Loyalties"
"I have been nothing but compassionate and understanding. I mean, all you had to do was to admit you were wrong and I was right and everything would've been fine."
	-- Ivanova to Winters in Babylon 5:"Divided Loyalties"
"Lyta Alexander. She was the first commercial telepath assigned to Babylon 5 little over two years ago. She arrived January 3, 2257. She left about six weeks later."
	-- Garibaldi to Sheridan in Babylon 5:"Divided Loyalties"
"Tell him that someone here, one of you, is a traitor. And I can prove it."
	-- Lyta Alexander in Babylon 5:"Divided Loyalties"
"What I'm about to tell you cost two good men their lives. It nearly cost mine. This place is important to a lot of people. More important than you could possibly know. So, I had to come back, to warn you."
	-- Lyta Alexander in Babylon 5:"Divided Loyalties"
"Seven days ago .. One of our best people was murdered on his way back from an intelligence-gathering operation in Syria Planum."
"That's interesting. Psi-corps has a research center there."
"Our agent found out about a secret Psi-corps program, a sleeper program."
	-- Lyta Alexander and Garibaldi in Babylon 5:"Divided Loyalties"
"Our guess is that it's someone on the command staff, or close to it, since the mole would be looking for vital information. All we have is a code name: Control."
	-- Lyta Alexander in Babylon 5:"Divided Loyalties"
"Why is it, every time you finally get things calmed down and everything is going great, life decides to .. kick you in the butt."
"But what?"
"You said that life decides to kick you, but?"
"No, no. It's a .. it's a part of the body. It's a .. Oh, you have the damnest gaps in your vocabulary."
"Preparing to come here, I was not taught the more .. colorful aspects of your language. It was considered inappropriate for one of the religious caste."
"You're missing out on a lot."
"So I gather. Butt. Butt. I butt, you butt, he or she butts."
"No. No, it's--"
"Butt butt. Butt butt?"
"You sound like a motor boat."
"Motor-butt? I don't think I like the sound of that."
"Well, I don't blame you. I'm against the whole idea."
"Then we are in agreement."
"Well, there you see."
"Something's gone your way today. It's the way the universe works. Wait just a little while, and the wheel turns."
	-- Sheridan and Delenn in Babylon 5:"Divided Loyalties"
"That's one cabinet that will never threaten us again."
"I'm sorry, I just-- it's been one of those days."
	-- Talia and Ivanova in Babylon 5:"Divided Loyalties"
"You said you both interned with the corps. Which department did she intern with?"
"Psi-cops. When she found out she didn't like it, she changed departments and became a commercial teep like me. Oh, 'teep'. It's sort of an in-joke around the corps. Teeps for telepaths, teeks for telekinetics."
	-- Ivanova and Talia in Babylon 5:"Divided Loyalties"
"I told you that my mother was a telepath, and ever since I was born she could slip into my thoughts in a way that I could never even describe to you. What I didn't tell you .. is that I learned how to keep her out when I wanted to and that every once in a while .. I was the one who touched her mind. .. I'm a latent telepath."
	-- Ivanova to Sheridan in Babylon 5:"Divided Loyalties"
"Garibaldi believes her."
"Garibaldi doesn't believe anyone."
	-- Sheridan and Ivanova in Babylon 5:"Divided Loyalties"
"That's enough! Now, look at us. This is exactly what Psi-corps wants. They want us paranoid and afraid of each other. 'Divide and conquer.' It's the oldest rule in the book, you know that."
"I guess this wouldn't be a good time for me to suggest we all join hands and sing Kumbaya?"
	-- Sheridan and Garibaldi in Babylon 5:"Divided Loyalties"
"The corps is mother! The corps is father! You're dead, Lyta Alexander! We'll find you! The corps will find you!"
	-- Talia Winters in Babylon 5:"Divided Loyalties"
"And what was on that data crystal he gave you?"
"Reflection. Surprise. Terror. For the future."
	-- Talia Winters and Kosh in Babylon 5:"Divided Loyalties"
"Always the romantic. The program is complete. The Talia you knew no longer exists. There's just me. .. You don't know what it's like living only in the shadows of her mind, watching, laughing at all of you out here: foolish, petty, stupid. There I was, trapped inside, able to come out only at night when she was asleep. Her invisible sister. And you believed everything she said to you, all the things you wanted to hear, all the words I whispered in her thoughts while she lay sleeping, the words that would get her closer to you .. and to what you knew. You should see the look on your face .. my good .. and dear friend Susan."
	-- Talia Winters to Ivanova in Babylon 5:"Divided Loyalties"
"Only at night .. alone .. would I open that small door in my mind where I kept the memory of you and listen to your voice, listen to you sing me to sleep. I hope I can come back again .. but I don't know. Until then .. Kosh .. I want to see you again .. just one more time before I go."
	-- Lyta Alexander to Kosh in Babylon 5:"Divided Loyalties"

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