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"At least you don't have to spend your day in the Triangle."
"Grey sector. Ever since B5 went online, there've been all kind of stories about the place. Strange lights, weird noises, people vanishing. Maintenance nicknamed it the B5 Triangle. Now they swear that something's making their scanners go haywire."
"Anything to the stories?"
"Nah, every station has its phantoms."
	-- Garibaldi and Sheridan in Babylon 5:"Knives"
"I have been attacked by aliens before, but never by dead ones."
	-- Sheridan in Babylon 5:"Knives"
"Every generation of Centauri mourns for the golden days when their power was like unto the gods. It's counterproductive. I mean, why make history if you fail to learn by it?"
"You know, Vir, you have what the earthers call a negative personality."
"No, I don't."
"There. You see?"
	-- Vir and Londo in Babylon 5:"Knives"
"Centauri have bowed to the whims of other races for too long. Now we will show the galaxy our true spirit, beginning with those .. those thrice-damned Narn."
"Emperor Turhan, may the gods comfort him, never wanted another war with the Narn."
"The emperor was a good man, but he was wrong about the Narn. War with them was inevitable. They have given us little choice in the matter."
"The Narn did not start this conflict. They were forced into it by a faction within our own midst, the same faction who murdered Prime Minister Malachi and put that infantile puppet Cartagia on the throne!"
	-- Londo and Urza in Babylon 5:"Knives"
"Commander, everything in order?"
"Remarkably so. It is beginning to worry me."
"Do you always worry when things are going well?"
"I don't have time to worry about them when they are not."
	-- Sheridan and Ivanova in Babylon 5:"Knives"
"I thought you said the .. records were all confiscated."
"I made a copy. You never know when I might want to write my memoirs."
	-- Sheridan and Garibaldi in Babylon 5:"Knives"
"Knowledge is a basic tool of politics. Mine is considerable."
	-- Urza Jaddo to Londo in Babylon 5:"Knives"
"You cannot build an empire based on slaughter .. and deceit."
	-- Urza Jaddo to Londo in Babylon 5:"Knives"
"Disgrace is preferable to death."
"There was a time when I would've agreed with you. That time has passed."
"Londo, this is insane."
"Insanity is part of the times! You must learn to embrace the madness, let it fire you."
	-- Vir and Londo in Babylon 5:"Knives"
"Londo.. You had no choice. He would've killed you."
"He could've killed me any time. He was right, you know. I never could best him with a kutari. But my death would not have saved his family."
"I don't understand."
"By the laws of the morago, the victor must accept the loser's family as part of his own. They're House Mollari now. They cannot be harmed by the resolution passed against Urza. He sacrificed himself. I have made many choices lately, Vir. And today, for the first time.. I'm not sure those choices were right."
	-- Vir and Londo in Babylon 5:"Knives"
"It's not too late to make some new choices."
"No. The blood is already on my hands. Right or wrong, .. I must follow the path .. to its end."
	-- Vir and Londo in Babylon 5:"Knives"

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