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The Beginning of Pu-239

Back in 1988 I was quite active in the small, but fun BBS scene in Tampere, Finland. I had my own BBS, running on a C64, with a software of my own making. I started writing it in basic and then added bits and pieces of assembly code to make it tolerable. As my assembly-coding abilities increased, I started writing demos. Also, I found another demo coder (Karri Ranta-aho) from one of the BBS's and we just started to compete with each other.

I was also a good friend with another BBS sysop, Jussi Salo, who was running his BBS on a VIC20, and Juha Tuominen, running his BBS on a C128.

In 10.1.1989 we decided to form a demogroup. A name was decided almost immediately: Pu-239, after the hype about the perceived 'dangers' of atomic energy. We were an intelligent pro-nuclear group. The demo named "Founder" was released. The founding members were:

Later 7373 (Karri Ranta-aho) also joined the group.

We were more a group of friends doing all kinds of crazy things together than a 'real' demo/cracker group. We never really got many contacts, never cracked anything (except Secundus, who cracked a myriad of VIC20 cartridge and tape games) (but then again, that has never been a requirement), but founding a group sounded like a good idea anyway.

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