Star Wars: Imperial Assault Campaign Module

Updated 2019-08-10

This is the Star Wars: Imperial Assault Campaign module you are looking for!

Welcome to Imperial Assault, the Campaign Game!

I love the game. I took over bringing the campaign module upto speed when Twin Shadows came out. Thanks to JamesManhattan, Kezerk and sithbunny36 for the base work and Thereisnotry for the Skirmish module.

You need a physical copy of the game to be able to play the campaign. You will need the Rules, the appropriate Campaign book and any side mission campaign sheets you want to include as agenda sets or ally missions.

If you want to play the Skirmish mode, this is not the module you're looking for. Get the Skirmish module from above ( ).

If you have suggestions or requests to improve this module, or questions about the use (the documentation is still lacking), feel free to send me a private message. My screenname is "a1bert" on (and elsewhere).

This module supports Imperial Assault campaign mode, with figure expansions and boxed expansions upto and including Tyrants of Lothal.

Star Wars: Imperial Assault and its expansions are and TM Fantasy Flight Games, Inc. Star Wars is and TM Lucasfilm Ltd.

No challenge to the legal status of this content is intended. You need the corresponding Campaign Guide to be able to play campaigns with this module, so go and buy the products!

Thanks to Kezerk for getting me into PBF and continuing the modification of this module from the JohnManhattan version. Sithbunny for starting to add Twin Shadows before I highjacked the project from him. Thereisnotry for the great skirmish module and the dice roller.

For more information visit Star Wars: Imperial Assault at FFG.

This module was originally intended for Play By Forum games in and to be only used by the imperial player. Only minor effort has been made to allow hiding things from the rebels. This will be improved if needed. The module has not been tested for online play.

You will see at the very top of the screen 'File, Tools, Help' buttons. These are self explanatory and you will probably not be using them very often besides for standard actions. The next line down contains the 'bread & butter' of the module. You will see Undo, Step, Double Arrows, Retire, Player Area, Markers, Tiles, Rebel, Imperial, Rewards & Misc. , Deck Building, Imperial Hand, Dice, Campaign Maps, and Game Notes. (Some of them appear only when you start a game or load a saved game.)

Top Row Explanation

Player Area Button

The Player Area button opens the Player Area map window. The window contains locations to place hero sheets, class and items cards, and optionally supply cards into.

The Player Area also contains several decks:

The bottom of the Player Area window can be used to hold the active missions.

Markers Button

The Markers button toggles the Markers / Conditions tab on and off from the left side of the chat window. You can resize it by moving the vertical dividing bar by mouse. The subwindow contains tabs: Markers and Conditions.

Note that each figure has a condition menu which can be used to set and clear conditions and other markers associated with the figure, so there is less use for the damage, strain, device, recon, mission and condition tokens now.

Key 1 for focused, 2 for hidden, 4-6 for stunned, bleeding, weakened, 7 for bounty / wanted, shift R - Recon, ctrl R - retrieve. Also 0 for activated. 0 works best with exhaustible class cards. You can ready all exhausted imperial class cards with one press of the Ready button at the top bar of the map.

Keys A and T can be used to invoke attacker marker and target marker, respectively. They are cleared also when conditions are changed or the figure ends activation (key 0), and the target figure's damage counter is adjusted.

Keys O and P cycle through power tokens, shift-O and shift-P for quick clear. If you ever need a third power token, use B and shift-B.

To support the Legends of the Alliance app, shift-C can now be used to change the color of the small regular imperial figures.

All features work only with figures that have been created after the feature has been added. Also note that there are copies of some of the markers and additional map-related objects in the Tiles window.

Tiles Button

The Tiles button opens a window containing the terrain tiles, sorted according to expansion: core set, Twin Shadows, Return to Hoth, Besbin Gambit, and Jabba's Realm tiles. There some mission-specific tiles also (Loose Cannon, Gunrunner).

In the second tab you will find doors (now with two shapes) and deployment point markers (now also special rebel deployment point markers for the FaFCM campaign). You can change the color of the doors and deployment points with Shift-C or from the right-click menu. The same command to change color is available for other objects that can change color, like the generic, rebel, and imperial mission tokens, and gray terminals.

You also see the text button, generic terminal, multifunction mission tokens and multiple terrain markers. You can make missions more readable by using the impassible, blocking and difficult terrain markers to mark the spaces specified by mission rules. There are a couple of special terrain graphics for missions that remove walls. Also a neutral figure token is included. Using this token instead of the neutral mission token helps you remember that neutral figures block line of sight. Counters and label are available, and shift-C to change the color of the neutral figure.

Heart of the Empire introduced Rubble and Energy Shield tokens. You can find them from here as well.

You can select tiles, coordinates and deployment points by shift-clicking them. Some maps in the save file have impassible, blocking and difficult terrain markers. When it is time in the mission to remove them, shift-click on each and delete using ctrl-D.

Tiles and deployment points can be made invisible and back to visible with Ctrl-I. When invisible only the imperial player / overlord sees them. If you want to screen-grab a picture without them, resign from the game and join as the imperial player again after taking the screen capture.

In the third tab you will find letters and numbers to use for coordinates or to add short texts. These will show below on the 'tile' layer, which is the lowest one. In the fourth tab you will fing letters and numbers that will appear on the top layer.

I could write a whole sections about building maps, but you can probably figure it out if you just know one thing: to add a tile, drag it tile from the Tiles window to the map. After that you can rotate and move the tile, but once unselected, you can't select a tile with a normal left-button click. You can select a tile using shift-click, and can then manipulate it again.

Rebel Button

Almost all Rebel-specific items can be found from this window. (Restructured for version 1.4)

Imperial Button

Almost all Imperial-specific items can be found from this window.

Rewards / Item / Supply Button

This window contains the Reward, Item and Supply cards grouped by expansion. If you delete a card accidentally (and can't or don't want to undo), want to customize the supply or item decks, or need to update an old save file with new cards, you can get the cards from this window.

The RAIV tab contains cards needed for Redjak7's Automated Imperial Variant. See basic RAIV instructions from here. This module contains RAIV version 1.0.6, which includes expansions upto wave 7.

One tab contains assets to play FOR A FEW MORE CREDITS: Fanmade Scum Campaign for Imperial Assault by Darth Jawa. (Included with permission.) You will need the For a Few More Credits campaign book to play, see the discussion thread for the link. You probably need the Scum sheets and class cards printed out as reference. You need a specific FaFMC save file to get pre-built maps. The map windows can be found from the Map menu.

In the next tab you find the material for fan-made campaign For a Few Credits More. See FOR A FEW MORE CREDITS: Fanmade Scum Campaign for Imperial Assault.

There are also other miscellaneous cards and tokens that are required to update save files, and the original versions of cards that have received an errata.

Deck Building Button

The deck building window tries to make the setup of a campaign easier.

Imperial Hand Button

This button is only available if you're in the game as Imperial or Overlord.

The Imperial Hand window provides a private place for the imperial player to store the agenda deck and the purchased agenda cards, including those that are kept secret before use.

The Agenda deck is built at the beginning of a campaign. See Imperial upgrade stage for details on how to use it. Unpurchased cards are returned to the agenda deck, used agenda cards can usually be selected to be shuffled back into the agenda deck or to be discarded. There is a function to send an agenda card to the agenda discard.

Dice Button

This button opens the dice roll window, appropriated from the Imperial Assault Skirmish module, which adapted one from the X-Wing module.

Note that the full functions are only available on new game or new save files, but you can fairly easily update old save files to use the new dice roller as well. Open the dice window and the last tab of the Rewards & Misc. window that shows Dice. Then drag each die in the correct order to the empty slots at the left side of the dice roll window.

Campaign Maps Button

Here lie the campaign map windows. When you start a new game, each map is empty. You need the correct save file to get the maps, or build the maps yourself.

Each map window has some buttons at the top

Game Notes Explanation

The Game Notes button allows you to add notes about the scenario, public, private and delayed notes. Delayed notes are created by you and it's probably a way to add conditional orders if you're playing my email. Delayed messages can then be revealed at a later date when your conditions are met or for other reasons.

Redjak7's Automated Imperial Variant

To play Imperial Assault solo, but are not interested in playing both sides, you can use [a href=""]RedJak's Automated Imperial Variant (RAIV) V1[/a]. You can get the rules from the link.

To use RAIV with the Imperial Assault Vassal module you'll need to misuse some of the existing decks for the RAIV decks. I won't be recreating the maps just to make RAIV look better.. Most decks are set to always shuffle, i.e. return random cards. The item decks in the Deck Building window are not, so they can be used for the RAIV Deployment Deck. When you draw a card that isn't usable, add it to another deck, and when you run out, drag and drop cards back to the Deployment deck to keep the order.

RAIV 1.0.6 Setup

You need to remove the initial and reserved groups from the Deployment Deck depending on each mission. You can use the "draw specific cards" menu option to select a card, then draw the top card out and it will be the selected card. Alternatively you can create the Deployment Deck after seeing which initial and open groups the mission uses.

Tips & Tricks

In this section you can find some useful tricks.

Index of Terms:


20150914 POj - a1bert

Player Area needs cleanup.

How to build item and supply decks after loading the save file:
Open Deckbuilding, press ctrl-X on top of the decks to send them to Player Area. If you play with Twin Shadows, go to Rewards&Misc, and Drag the cards to the appropriate decks in the Player Area.


















Updated for RAIV 1.0.6.


Changed the token borders so walls and other edges are not obscured.


Added a 'Ready' button to maps to switch off all activation tokens. (Works only for newly created figure tokens.)


The third preview for Jabba's Realm, more content added to the module.


Fixed RAIV card backs.


Added more Jabba's Realm content.

If you adjust Speed or Endurance of hero sheets, they get -1 on the wounded side automatically.


Added For a Few More Credits assets by Darth Jawa. You can find them from the Reward/Item/Supply tab and the map windows in the Map menu. You will need the For a Few More Credits campaign book to play. You probably need the Scum sheets and class cards printed out as reference. You need a specific FaFMC save file to get the maps. See FOR A FEW MORE CREDITS: Fanmade Scum Campaign for Imperial Assault for discussion and link to the campaign book.

I also added Bounty token functionality to figures (key "7"). It will be used in both the Jabba's Realm with the Nemeses class deck, and FaFMC can use it for Wanted. (Bounty/Wanted graphics will be updated when Jabba's Realm is released.)


I have added more Jabba's Realm content from the preview articles, but need to wait for my own copy to add the rest.

Added the skirmish deployment cards of the heroes for reference. Note that the deployment cards of the heroes from Jabba's Realm are mercenary but skirmish-only, so they are not Villains and the imperial player cannot use Nemeses to bring them on his side in the campaign. If you have house-rules about going above 4 rebel player by introducing the skirmish versions of heroes, you need to take their mercenary affiliation into account.

Reward cards use the regular ctrl-D for delete now. If you delete one by mistake, you can undo or get a new copy from the reward tabs.


Added the rest of the stuff and updated the save file. I removed the deployment cards from the maps to a) make the save file smaller, and b) the layer the deployment cards are on has changed.


Added RAIV 1.0.8 - i.e. Jabba's Realm AI and Mission cards. Does not include the wave 8 figure packs.

Fixed a few of the 'create figure from card' mistakes.


Figures now have T for target marker - or use the targeting tokens directly. Automatically cleared when damage adjusted. *)

Figures now have A for attacker marker - or use the targeting tokens directly. Automatically cleared from condition and activation token keys. *)

Keypad movement also for imperial figures (rebel figures already had it). *)

Keypad-5 for clockwise rotation. *)

Added the regular + and - for the damage counter.*)

*) Only works for newly created figures.


Added Once Upon a Time in the Western Rim by Darth Jawa. See FOR A FEW MORE CREDITS: Fanmade Scum Campaign for Imperial Assault for discussion and link to the campaign book.


Added some wave 10 stuff (Heart of the Empire) from the FFG announcement articles.

O and P to cycle through power tokens, shift-O and shift-P for quick clear. As always, works only for newly created figures.


Added the rest of wave 9.


Added the rest of Heart of the Empire and wave 10.

N switches the Clawdite Shapeshifter forms on their deployment cards (or use the menu). N also switches a form indicator on the Clawdite figure.

Some Heart of the Empire missions use multiple submaps, so there are two map windows for them for managing them more easily. Some also use tiles that are hidden/invisible at setup. Imperial should be able to de-invisible them (select with shift-click, then use ctrl-I to toggle invisible.)

Rubble and Energy Shields are found in the Tiles / Doors,Misc. window.


Added a bonus power token (B and SHIFT-B).

Integrated the Dice roller changes from the Skirmish module, then modified quite a bit. With a few false starts was also able to add power token support. Use CTRL-O, CTRL-P, or CTRL-B to spend the corresponding power token. (If you don't remember, O/P/B rotates between power tokens, SHIFT-O/P/B clear the corresponding power token.)

If you use the Attacker and Target markers, hidden and weakened are automatically added to the symbols in the Dice window. You need to clear the Dice window before doing that though.


Added more ToL stuff from the preview.

Deployment cards can have up to power tokens. (Use actual tokens if you need more.)


Added ToL boxed expansion stuff.

Small regular imperial/mercenary figures can be colored (Shift-C) to differential the regular groups for the Legends of the Alliance app.


Added ToL figure pack stuff from some spoiler pics. Will update the graphics to better versions later.

Can rotate through Spectre allies with ctrl-N.


Color-corrected the previous tile sets for a better match between them.

20190404 1.12

Power tokens for cards - Keys i o b for 3 tokens. (Cannot use p because it's already for Peeking masked cards.

Added deployment and figure cost options to deployment cards.

Added item cost option to item cards.

Added influence cost option to agenda cards.


Updated RAIV from RAIV Expanded, now includes all AI for all figures and mission cards for all missions.