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#9 To Dream in the City of Sorrows

My Rating: 10

A very involved story about the creation of the Rangers, and the preceding events. We get to see Marcus Cole and his brother, and how they are brought together only to be tragically separated. Catharine Sakai continues her work as a surveyer while Jeffrey Sinclair finds out his promotion was something else he expected. Of course a lot more happens, but you can read about it yourself. The events in the book are mainly taking place during the time from "Chrysalis" upto "Matters of Honor". While the events are happening on Minbar (revealing a lot of the Minbari culture), they seemlessly fit into the 'grand' picture happening on Babylon 5 simultaneously. Although in style different ('traditional' written prose style) than the previous book Personal Agendas (with its 'filmy' atmosphere), the very involved story, totally built on 'actual' events, keeps the interest up very well and there is nothing unimportant you could leave out. With its 337 pages the book is more than worth its price. There is also a 4-page introduction to the book by jms.

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