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#7 The Shadow Within

My Rating: 9

This book was the first one I read of the series. The story alternates between the two Sheridans, elaborating the scenes seen in "Revelations", adding the background and telling about what went before. We hear about John's command on Agamemnon and Anna's exploration mission on the rim. The signifigance of the snow-globe and Morden's pendant come clear. I read the book in one session, but then again, I kept hoping for more 'action' on Agamemnon, which made me read 'just another' chapter. Some have said that Morden doesn't act like him, but they might not remember that no-one has seen how Morden really acted before he went to Z'ha'dum. The only thing that managed to bother me was that John Sheridan seemed to be all too forgiving for Spano & co. A more fitting punishment would've been in order. Can't really talk about people being in-character or out of it, but I can certainly imagine how these events molded them over time. The events take place before "Shadow Dancing".

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