geoZip - ZIP file handling for the Wheels (GEOS) operating systems.
By Pasi Ojala, Maurice Randall, Todd Elliott, and Werner Weicht
Last Updated 30.3.2004

MegaPatch V3 version available from

Version 0.9 14.10.2003

Quick Change list:

Version 0.8 1.2.2002

See also: GunZip -- C64/C128 GZ/ZIP decompressor.
See also: PuZip -- C64/C128 ZIP archiver/compressor.

Thank you for your interest in trying out the GunZIP GEOS beta. However, there are some warnings and as well as important information you need to know before you use the program.

GunZIP GEOS requires a SuperCPU running either Wheels 64 or 128 with at least 128kB free of SuperRAM. You can use it on any ZIP archive, files that usually end up with a .ZIP or .GZ extension. Use it on any drive of your system, etc. Just give it an ample workout.

While this is not required, hopefully you can contribute your beta testing efforts by:

Unfortunately, I have to issue some WARNINGS:
This is a beta version. This is a disk-intensive utility. There may be a possibility, however remote, that the GunZIP GEOS program will trash your disks, partitions, directories and files. I have taken every steps which I believe will promote the safety and integrity of every users' GEOS systems that it will eventually run under. You may be very well advised to try out the GunZIP GEOS program on partitions, directories and files that you can 'afford' to lose. The *old* caveat, even true during the heyday of Berkeley Softworks, is to always BACKUP your important files.

With this in mind, you agree to not to hold me, Pasi Ojala, Maurice Randall, or Werner Weicht liable for any losses that you may have incurred as the result of using the GunZIP GEOS utility. The losses may include actual loss of file(s), loss of labor, loss of time, actual monetary losses and any possible loss that may arise from such use of the GunZIP GEOS utility. Creating this GunZIP GEOS program is truly a labor of love for our Commodore machines and is not a money-making endeavor, and let's not tarnish it with any unnecessary unpleasantries.

Please do not ask for support from Pasi Ojala. To the extent that I have practical time for, I will provide support for GunZIP GEOS. If there is a specific question or concern regarding the actual compression routines, I will pass it along to Pasi Ojala. Otherwise, I will try to cater to the support needs for the GunZIP GEOS program.

If you accept the conditions and warnings that comes with the GunZIP GEOS program, please feel free to download the program and documentation. I thank you for your time and willingness to fully test out this program. For the more adventurous, source code is included for GunZIP GEOS in the standard geoProgrammer format. I will look forward to your input, feedback, questions, comments, etc. which allows me to further refine and improve GunZIP GEOS to be the premier archiving utility for the Wheels (GEOS) OS platform.

Version 0.7 5.1.2002

Version 0.6 4.6.2001