AXsh 1.32 - Amiga external shell

AXsh - Amiga external shell

AXsh1_32.lha - release 1.32 with sources
AXsh1_32.readme - 'product info'

AXsh's main purpose is to let other users have access to your Amiga and still be sure that nothing inappropriate can happen. AXsh ensures this by allowing access only to directories that are defined accessible and only accepting commands and arguments that are defined legal.

AXsh supports multiple lines, multiple users logged in simultaneously and 8 different user levels. User actions can be saved into a log file. Each user has his/her own home directory, and the used disk space can be/is restricted.

AXsh can be used as a bulletin board system with or without UUCP or as a door program in a 'normal' BBS. It has its own mail, news and file transfer programs. However, AXsh is not restricted to remote access, it can be very well used as a local shell.

The shell itself has command line editing, function key macros, history, aliases, variables and scripts. It also has filename and commandname completion assigned to the TAB key. VT100, Ansi and dumb terminal modes are currently supported.

Many useful programs are included in the packet and any CLI-based programs can easily be added.

AXsh systems can be connected together to form a network, so that mail and news are exchanged between systems. You can also use UUCP instead of the native AXsh net system or you can use another transport mechanism like Fidonet (TrapDoor) to transfer AXsh net packets. News and mail programs are configurable to fully interface with UUCP or CNews.

If you have WB2.1, you can choose the used language from English, Finnish, Spanish, French, Danish, Swedish and German. New 2.0 features are also used, but you can still use AXsh with ks1.3 if you have arp.library.

arp.library (v39) OR ks2.0

LhA (or Lx) to unpack the archive

C= Installer in the WorkBench command path to use the installation script (usually SYS:System/Installer)