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Pictures of the Sun / Aurinkokuvia

Pictures taken with Sony DCR-TR7000E Digital-8 camera (Sun pictures with 20x zoom and a mylar filter).
Sunspot pictures post-processed from upto 50 frames for temporal filtering and additional 2x digital zoom with some actual added resolution.

Click the pictures to see the full-resolution versions.

Total Solar Eclipse 4.12.2002

Some sunspots just before the first contact:

Actual Eclipse Pictures

Sunspots 4.5.2003

Multiple sunspots 2003.05.04_11-29-31

Mercury Transit 7.5.2003

Sunspots have moved in three days: one big one, which actually contains two smaller ones is clearly visible. Do not confuse Mercury and sunspots. Mercury is really small and right at the limit of my DV camera.

Mercury at the north-west edge 2003.05.07_08-23-45

Mercury approaches the center line 2003.05.07_10-25-15

The following AVI (120KiB) shows some of the Solar activity and atmospheric interference.

A small video (DIVX, 3469 KiB) of the event at Tampere : Taursa-Merkurius20030705.avi.

Sunspots 30.5.2003

Compare these spots in the evening sun to the spots in the next morning sun.

Partial Solar Eclipse 31.5.2003

Actual Eclipse Pictures

Sunspots 7.7.2003

It almost seems like Don Rosa had hidden a Mickey Mouse figure in the sun.

Total Lunar Eclipse 8.11.2003

Venus Transit 8.6.2004

Total Solar Eclipse 29.3.2006

Holmes17P 4.11.2007

Well, not very sunny picture, but anyway. Taken with Sony DCR-TR7000E Digital-8 video camera (20x zoom).

Midsummer Lightning Strike 22.6.2008

Another sunless picture.

Total Solar Eclipse 22.7.2009

Hangzhouwankuahai Bridge, Nan'an Service Area
N3919'37.9" E12110'46.6"
(c)2003-2010 Pasi Ojala